Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 49

“Zhang Cheng, hurry up and wipe that eyeliner of yours, girly, look at brother-in-law, that’s the man.” Sun Lan, a long-legged beauty, came with a step and looked at Zhang Cheng with a contemptuous face.
Zhang Cheng grunted unhappily, did not speak, he looked at the back of Zhang Xuan’s healthy steps, thinking about how to wait to get the field back, strength and so what? Look at the clothes worn, the life of the poor!
With Zhang Xuan’s help, the original three women had to spend half a day to finish moving the gifts, a trip was done.
Xu Wan slightly cleaned up the room and said to Zhang Xuan, “Brother-in-law, I told my sister to invite you to dinner, you give me face.”
“Haha, good.” Zhang Xuan laughed twice and nodded his head.
He could see that this Xu Wan, and Lin Qinghan two cousins, compared to the heart and what is not bad, as Lin Qinghan’s cousin, Xu Wan’s family do not need to think, ten million or there, but look at her dress, is the kind of one or two hundred dollars a piece of ordinary clothes, and there is no high-profile show off rich, with Xu Wan’s family, BMW Mercedes-Benz or something said to buy, she really want to show off, there is that Zhang Cheng what matter?
Zhang Jie and Sun Lan have a good relationship with Xu Wan, Xu Wan called Zhang Xuan brother-in-law, these two beauties also followed Xu Wan called.
“Brother-in-law, you have such a good figure, it’s a pity that you don’t go to be a model, those male models in our company don’t have half as good a figure as you do! How did you practice this?” Sun Lan looked at the tendon meat exposed on Zhang Xuan’s arms, her pretty face slightly red.
“Me?” Zhang Xuan looked at his two arms, to be honest, he did not deliberately to train muscles, this well-proportioned muscles, are forced to practice, if another person, every day spent in life and death, he will also have such a muscle, the pursuit of the whole body strength, not like the models just want beauty, that kind of hormonal muscle, see more will make people a little repulsive, while Zhang Xuan body, will make people fascination.
“Okay, brother-in-law is a man with a wife, you ninny don’t be a nymphomaniac, let’s go eat!” Short-haired beauty Zhang Jie pulled a handful of Sun Lan and walked towards the school entrance.
Zhang Jie has a CRV parked across the street from the school district, she did not drive to the school, in Zhang Jie’s words, she does not like the feeling of being noticed, the car is the parents to buy a walking tool, not to show off.
Zhang Xuan sighed, people are really divided by groups, Zhang Jie this woman’s character, and Xu Wan is really the same, only, Xu Wan hid a little deeper than Zhang Jie, did not reveal their family, even his own sister, Xu Wan did not tell his roommate specific identity.
Xu Wan three women had booked a restaurant, but on the way there, Sun Lan received a phone call, which made several people change their destination.
“Sun Lan, are you saying that that manager of yours, every once in a while, picks a few models to accompany those bosses to dinner?” Zhang Jie, who was driving, had dissatisfaction on her face.
“Hmm.” Sun Lan shell teeth lightly bite lips, nodded, “before a few girls did not go, the next day was fired, the pressure of a month’s salary were not paid, but to go is what, we all know by heart.”
“This is simply bullying!” Zhang Jie a slap on the steering wheel, the car underneath a whistle, “go, I have to go today to see, in the end what the boss, so arrogant!”
“Or we better not go, the big deal is that I quit, these people have a mob background, before a girl sued them because of dissatisfaction, and finally the house was burned.” Sun Lan’s pretty face floated a touch of worry, you can see that she is still very afraid of her manager inside.
“Not to do it? Why not? You went through a lot of trouble to get into this modeling agency, and they haven’t paid you for the two shows yet? I’ll see what they can do today!” Zhang Jie was so angry that she stepped on the gas pedal, and the CRV sped down the road, which showed that this woman was also a hothead.
Xu Wan and Zhang Xuan sat in the back seat, Xu Wan smiled at Zhang Xuan and whispered, “Brother-in-law, Sun Lan’s family is not well off, she earns her tuition every year, so this job is very important to her, their company has been defaulting on their wages, and now they are threatening them with this kind of thing.”
Zhang Xuan nodded, “Then go and see, they are friends, help if you can.”
“Mm.” Xu Wan narrowed her eyes, the moment she saw Zhang Xuan nod, she felt like she had a backbone for this time.
Fresh Taste House, is a more famous seafood restaurant in Yinzhou, in Yinzhou, a city close to the great northwest, the price of seafood is extraordinarily expensive, can ask for a large package in the Fresh Taste House, and want a table full of seafood people, that pocket is not bad money.
A Honda CRV parked in the parking lot of the Fresh Taste House, Zhang Xuan with three women walked down from the car, striding into the Fresh Taste House.
The decoration of the Fresh Taste House, at first glance, gives a sense of glorious luxury, entering the door you can see in the hotel’s lobby stands a rockery, under the mountain there is water, there are some rare fish swimming in the water, if someone orders a meal, these ingredients are slaughtered raw on site, the more such a high profile, the more it means that the place is expensive.
Sun Lan’s manager had already sent the location of the box to Sun Lan, box 888 on the third floor, just by looking at this box number, you can see what status the people eating in it are.
Zhang Jie was furious and walked ahead of the others, and just as she reached the third floor, she could hear the women laughing and the men’s rude laughter coming from inside the box.
Zhang Jie heard the laughter inside the box, the fire in her heart became even more exuberant, she could even think, if Sun Lan alone came here today, what would happen, being forced to drink by this group of people inside, and then take away? If you don’t come, you’ll be fired, and you won’t get the wages you’ve been owed before, which is completely bullying!
Zhang Jie made a gesture, ready to push open the door of the box, but was stopped by Sun Lan.
Sun Lan looked at Zhang Jie with a cowardly face, shook his head and said, “Forget it, listen to the sound inside, there are quite a lot of people, I’ll go in and have a drink with them and then leave.”
“Don’t be silly, these scum can threaten you over so much, how can they let you just leave? I must help you get justice today.” Zhang Jie ignored Sun Lan’s advice and pushed Sun Lan away.
As Sun Lan’s best friend, Zhang Jie knows very well what kind of person Sun Lan is, with Sun Lan’s exquisite melon face and tall figure, there are too many people chasing her in school, there is no shortage of rich second generation, there are also big money outside the school, but never see Sun Lan get close to anyone, all along, she is making her own money [Pen Interest Pavilion], to support herself.
Because of this, Zhang Jie definitely does not allow Sun Lan to be bullied in this way.
Zhang Jie reached out and pushed open the door of the compartment in front of him, into the eyes of everything in the compartment, so that Zhang Jie eyes burst out in anger.

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