Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 52

“Can’t afford to play, right?” One of Zhang Cheng’s minions standing in front of the gambling table turned his head and said, “Look at his clothes, which add up to less than a hundred dollars, this gambling hand is 500 dollars, not who wants to play can play.”
“Exactly.” The young man’s girlfriend snuggled up to him, “A big man, no money, and timid, I do not know what can make women rely on.”
“Light a brute force, is a laborious life.” Another Zhang Cheng junior spoke up, “I say Xu Wan, your sister how to find such a husband, why not let our brother Cheng introduce your sister to a rich family and good, than this does not know how many times better.”
“You guys don’t talk nonsense here, my brother-in-law just doesn’t like this kind of occasion!” Xu Wan glanced at Zhang Cheng’s two younger brothers.
“Oh, people have their own aspirations.” Zhang Cheng laughed lightly, “Xiao Wan, standing there is no fun, I just bought you 10,000 chips, otherwise you also come to play two hands?”
“No need.” Xu Wan waved her hand and refused.
“I say Xu Wan, why are you always so reserved?” Zhang Cheng’s younger brother spoke up, “You should understand what kind of brother Cheng is to you, do you want to be like your sister and find a loser for a husband?”
“Who are you talking about? Watch what you say!” Xu Wan looked at Zhang Cheng’s little brother with a warning face.
Zhang Xuan stood there, listening to these students sneering at himself, his heart just felt interesting, he has experienced this era before, understand their thoughts, there is no bad intention, just simply want to degrade others, to find some face for themselves, if it is really the kind of social celebrities, or what business giants among deliberately denigrate Zhang Xuan, then Zhang Xuan will not be easily dismissed.
Although Zhang Xuan in age than these college students is not older than a few years, but in the degree of mental maturity, throw them do not know how many times.
Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan walked to the side and looked at the rest of the gambling games on the table.
“Xu Wan, this brother-in-law of yours, is also a bit too wimpy, right?” Zhang Cheng’s little brother spoke up here.
“Try saying one more word?” Xu Wan stared at this Zhang Cheng’s little brother with open eyes, she knew very well that her brother-in-law did not want to bother with these people.
Although Zhang Xuan is the son-in-law of the Lin family, he has done it several times, but Xu Wan saw it in her eyes, Xu Wan knows that this man is not the wimp that others say, he just does not like to be calculating with people, but once he is angered, the consequences are very serious, last time in the Cypress Water Village, Wang Wei is a good example.
Zhang Cheng little brother saw Xu Wan really angry, glanced at his mouth, did not dare to speak again, after all, this is his future sister-in-law ah, he was just about to turn back to press his chips out and bet two more, when he heard a sharp shouting and cursing sound beside him.
“Bitch! Who are you bumping into!”
Zhang Cheng Xiaobian twisted his head to see that his girlfriend had somehow cursed with a middle-aged woman face to face, and the voice that just came from his girlfriend, Weng Ni, was the mouth of his girlfriend.
“I say little girl, you and I are walking with our heads down, inadvertently touching, your mouth, also a little too unclean, right?” Middle-aged woman wearing a long purple dress, wearing a platinum necklace around her neck, looks quite elegant, at this time also with anger on her face.
“I’m talking about you, how about it bitch, apologize to me quickly!” Weng Ni reached out and pointed at the middle-aged woman, arrogant.
The quarrel over here also attracted the attention of Zhang Cheng several people, originally playing happily Zhang Jie and Sun Lan also put away the chips and came towards the place where the quarrel occurred.
Zhang Cheng frowned and asked, “What’s going on?”
“Brother Cheng, this bitch walks without eyes and doesn’t apologize for bumping into me.” Weng Ni had an unhappy face.
“Pop.” A crisp sound rang out as the middle-aged woman slapped Weng Ni’s face fiercely, imprinting red five-finger marks, the middle-aged woman raised her eyebrows, “Cheap mouth?”
“Ah!” Weng Ni let out an ear-piercing scream, her face twisted as she looked at the middle-aged woman, “You hit me? You bitch how dare you hit me, I’ll fight you!”
With that, Weng Ni lunged at the middle-aged woman.
“Okay.” Zhang Cheng pulled Weng Ni, signaling her to stand aside, while Zhang Cheng himself went up to negotiate with the middle-aged woman, “I’m afraid it’s not good to hit someone so directly, right?”
“Yo, little brother, to blame, can only blame your friend’s unclean mouth oh.” The middle-aged woman covered her mouth with a delicate smile, a slightly curly long hair gently trembling, although the year is almost forty, but Xu Niang half old, still charming, can also be considered a beauty.
“Then you can not do it, today, must give us an explanation.” Zhang Cheng will protect his people behind, Weng Ni at this moment has flung himself into the arms of his boyfriend and cried out, Quan Qiang looked at his girlfriend this sobbing look, the gas is not a place to come.
“Brother Cheng, we must make this bitch pay today!”
“Right!” Zhang Cheng’s other little brother Yang Feng and his girlfriend Fu Xi also nodded their heads forcefully.
The middle-aged woman with contempt swept the eyes of these college students in front of her, “Little brother, little sister, do not blame sister did not remind you, it is not too late to go, wait, there is no chance oh.”
“Joke, our brother Cheng is a member of the Green Leaf Society, you can still do anything to us?” Quan Qiang embraced his crying girlfriend, directly raised the name of the Green Leaf Society.
“Qing Ye?” When the middle-aged woman heard the name, her face froze for a moment, and in the next second, she once again let out a delicate laugh, laughing with her flowery branches and peaks, “Qing Ye? When did Qing Ye find these kids to smash the scene? Hmm?”
The middle-aged female mouth of the word um fall, in Zhang Cheng around them, briskly surrounded by dozens of strong men wearing black suits, all face is not good to stare at Zhang Cheng a few people.
The original just arrogant Weng Ni take a look at this battle, legs a weak, if not snuggled in Quan Qiang body, may be directly sat on the ground.
“Did the Green Leaf Society send you here to look for trouble, or did they send you here to get killed?” The middle-aged woman stretched out her right hand and looked at her slender fingers, “Little brothers, sister has just given you a chance, now, how about a few of you kneel down and give sister me a kowtow, and sister will let you go?”
Zhang Cheng and a few of them, completely surrounded by dozens of black-clad strong men, this battle, anyone can see that today this matter can not be good.
The four people around Zhang Cheng who were arrogant just now, now have fear on their faces, where there is still a little wild look.
Zhang Jie, Xu Wan, Sun Lan three women standing together, is also anxious face, thinking how to deal with the matter at hand.
Zhang Cheng frowned fiercely, “Do you really want to go against our Green Leaf?”
“Your Green Leaf?” The middle-aged woman laughed disdainfully, “Little brother, if you can really represent the Green Leaf, then this Green Leaf, will not exist for so long, and furthermore, you think, the Green Leaf will come to trouble me for a group of you little kids? I’ll give you a minute to think about it, either kneel, or break your limbs, think for yourself.”

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