Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 53

A hearing of broken limbs, Yang Feng and Quan Qiang, both legs are weak, there is a feeling of not being able to stand.
Quan Qiang’s voice is a bit trembling said: “You …… you do not go too far ah, know who my brother Cheng is it! He is the son of the president of the Chengda Group, you moved him, there must be no good consequences to eat!”
“Chengda Group? That third-rate company?” The middle-aged woman smiled indifferently, “Little brother, today is your father standing here, do not kowtow a few heads, do not want to leave, a minute later, this is your own choice Yo, abolish them!”
Middle-aged female hand waved, these dozens of large men in suits towards Zhang Cheng and others went over, squeezing fists, bone joints emitting loud sounds, the sound stopped in the ears of several people in Quanqiang, as if the sound of their own bones broken.
At the entrance of the casino bathroom, Zhang Xuan carried his pants and just walked out, he saw that there were more than 40 big men in suits gathered in the hall.
“Tsk.” Zhang Xuan found a sofa and sat down, “There are still people causing trouble in the casino?”
He had just sat down when he heard Xu Wan’s screams ringing out from the crowd.
Zhang Xuan’s face changed and he searched around, but he didn’t see Xu Wan’s figure. He didn’t hesitate anymore and walked towards the group of strong men in suits.
This group of people bustling together, Zhang Xuan could not squeeze in, listening to the crowd Xu Wan’s screams from time to time, Zhang Xuan heart anxious, let out a yell.
“All fucking stop!”
This yell, issued from Zhang Xuan’s mouth, but let people feel like thunder in the ears, stinging the eardrums pain.
The bustling crowd, because of Zhang Xuan’s yell, actually all subconsciously stop moving, just because, this yell, too powerful, like the oppression of the superior to the inferior, so that people have to obey.
Seeing this, Zhang Xuan breathed a sigh of relief, left and right hands open, pushing aside the strong man squeezed in front of him and rushed to the crowd.
Zhang Xuan saw that Zhang Cheng’s two little brothers, already lying on the ground, clothes are all trampled on the footprints, the face is also a bruise, Zhang Cheng’s left eye black piece, think it was a heavy punch.
Zhang Cheng two little brother’s girlfriend, clothes are a little tattered, shoulder and neck of the clothes are torn open stripes, Xu Wan three, holding the group squatting together, the body clothes are a little wrinkled, the good thing is that the three women to protect the key parts of the body are very tight, not taken advantage of what.
The girl’s sobbing sounded, listening to Zhang Xuan anger.
The three Xu Wan seemed to feel the people around them scattered, they slowly looked up, with tear marks on their faces, when the moment they saw Zhang Xuan, Xu Wan was like finding reliance on the general, crying and jumped into Zhang Xuan’s arms, let out a loud cry.
Zhang Xuan saw that all of Xu Wan’s hair was scattered, and the neat white body shirt was scratched and wrinkled.
Zhang Jie and Sun Lan two women likewise, clothes are with wrinkles.
“Yo, here comes another nosy one?” The middle-aged woman saw Zhang Xuan and smiled gently.
“Well, I’m here.” Zhang Xuan patted Xu Wan’s back gently as if he hadn’t heard the middle-aged woman’s words, calming her down.
Probably because Zhang Xuan appeared and gave Xu Wan something to lean on, her sobbing voice became less and less.
“Little Wan, tell me, who all touched you just now?” Zhang Xuan’s voice was very soft, afraid to startle Xu Wan like.
Xu Wan slowly raised her head buried in Zhang Xuan’s arms, her face covered in tears, her long eyelashes still laced with teardrops.
“Brother-in-law …… I …… I don’t know, I …… scared ……” Xu Wan’s voice was very soft and still trembling, just now really scared her, she could hardly imagine what she would be like now if Zhang Xuan hadn’t suddenly dared to come.
“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Zhang Xuan gently stroked Xu Wan’s soft hair, “Brother-in-law help you find out.”
Zhang Xuan waved his hand at Zhang Jie who was standing at the side, although Zhang Jie was also scared, she was quite stronger than Xu Wan and Sun Lan.
“Take care of her for me.” Zhang Xuan grabbed Xu Wan’s shoulders and handed her into Zhang Jie’s arms, then turned around, scanned the circle, and spoke, “Who just did it?”
Zhang Xuan’s voice was not loud and his tone was heavy, as if he was questioning.
“Little brother, you don’t seem to have figured out the situation, do you?” The middle-aged woman stretched her waist lazily, “This should not be the time for you to question us.”
“Who moved the hand?” Zhang Xuan didn’t even glance at the middle-aged female, his gaze locked on the large man in a suit who was closest to Xu Wan.
In Zhang Xuan’s gaze, with ruthlessness, with a kind of slaughter, but also with, a kind of contempt for life, there are many warlords predators, under Zhang Xuan’s gaze, will be scared body tremble, kneel down and beg for mercy, this black-clad strong man, simply can not look Zhang Xuan’s gaze directly.
This suit strong man subconsciously took two steps back, and then reacted, this scene of being scared back by someone’s gaze made him feel extraordinarily humiliated, and shouted out at Zhang Xuan, “It was Laozi who moved, how can you …… ah!”
Suit strong man did not finish his words, he let out a painful scream, this scream is harsh, piercing people’s eardrums pain.
Suit strong man’s arms, was Zhang Xuan broke raw, two sharp bone spikes from the skin of the small arms at the stab, blood sprayed suit strong man all over, this scene, spare these often fire fighting strong man also subconsciously closed his eyes, not dare to see, timid Sun Lan is a scream.
Zhang Xuan’s hand just let go, was broken arm suit strong man fell to the ground, pain backwards sucking cold air, rolling all over the ground.
The middle-aged woman who had been acting indifferent to everything could not help but take two steps back.
Zhang Xuan broke one person’s arm, as if he had done something insignificant, and turned his gaze to another strong man in a suit, “Who else moved his hand? You?”
Another suit strong man saw Zhang Xuan rushing to look at himself, so scared that he hurriedly lowered his head, the scene just now, has scared them out of their wits, when have they seen such a scene, breaking the arm alive?
“Did you do it?” Zhang Xuan asked in a very light tone.
The strong man in the suit who had lowered his head shook his head vigorously.
“I don’t believe it.” With a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, Zhang Xuan reached out and grabbed the other man’s arm, breaking it with force.
“Ah!” Another miserable scream rang out.
Zhang Xuan let go of his hand and walked towards the next person.
Sun Lan on the side really did not hold back, let out a vomit sound, and fell to the ground and dry vomited.
Zhang Cheng’s two little brothers, and the two little brothers’ girlfriends, now do not dare to look at Zhang Xuan, but they remember clearly, how they just mocked Zhang Xuan, this is not a person, this is clearly a devil! How dare you say that this kind of person is a loser?
If he is a loser, then what is he?
The middle-aged woman standing on the side now felt that the man in front of her, like a big mountain, kept releasing pressure on himself, if he was allowed to go on like this, he would definitely be crushed, she could not stand such an atmosphere, yelled, “Enough!”

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