Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 61

Zhang Xuan sighed in his heart, it seems that tonight, this action can not be carried out.
Zhang Xuan sat down on a bench in the locker room and took out his cell phone, ready to kill time, waiting for when those associations finished negotiating and the woman named Han left, then he left.
This phone just took out, the screen automatically lit up.
Zhang Xuan took a look and it was a WeChat message from Han Gentleman asking himself where he was.
“Where? Not fucking across the street from you!” Zhang Xuan finger on the screen, fixed a plug on the water township location sent to Han tender, open the phone on the elimination, play up.
The time came around six o’clock, the silent Eight Immortals became noisy, apparently a lot of people came.
Zhang Xuan continued to play with his phone, not caring about anything.
“Go! Go upstairs and take a look! Nothing all let out!” A drink sounded downstairs, followed by a “thump” sound, apparently more than one person came upstairs.
The sound of footsteps on the stairs is ringing, Zhang Xuan heard the opposite box door “creak” was pulled open, the sound of rapid footsteps approaching the dressing room.
Zhang Xuan reached out and covered his head, “What the hell is going on here!”
Zhang Xuan looked at the left-hand side of a one-person high closet, pulled open the closet door and went straight in.
In the second after Zhang Xuan into the closet, the locker room door was pushed open by Han gentle, the woman’s face anxiously swept two eyes, locked his gaze on the closet, rushed over.
Zhang Xuan hid in the closet and watched as the closet was pulled open.
And Han gentle, who was on fire a second ago, froze in place the moment the closet was pulled open.
The two people looked at each other with all eyes, and no one spoke.
Zhang Xuan could clearly see that in Han gentle’s eyes, anger was rising!
The sound of footsteps ringing outside the door broke this silence between the two.
“Get out of the way!” Han Gentle reached out and pushed Zhang Xuan, squeezing into the closet.
“Hi, what a coincidence.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand at Han Gentle, with an unnatural smile on his face.
“Shut up!” Han gentle gave Zhang Xuan a no-sound gesture and closed the closet door with one hand.
This closet, in addition to a little high, the internal space is not very large, originally Zhang Xuan a person hiding inside, the space is crowded to the full, now Han tender once in, the two bodies ruthlessly squeezed together.
Han tender that proud upper body squeezed in Zhang Xuan’s chest, the thin summer uniform simply can not hide that has deformed the lofty.
The distance between the two people at this time, can clearly feel each other’s breathing, sensing each other’s body temperature.
Han tender subconsciously wanted to push Zhang Xuan away, arms just stretched up, not yet force, heard the locker room door was opened, this sound scared Han tender did not dare to move, she reached out hands, just wrapped around Zhang Xuan’s tiger waist, this action to be seen, as Han tender in the same embrace.
Several completely different footsteps came into Zhang Xuan and Han tender ears, this listen can be distinguished, definitely more than one person into the locker room.
“Have you finished checking? No one is left, let’s go!”
Outside the locker room, I don’t know who shouted, just listen to the sound of footsteps in the locker room again, gradually far away.
Zhang Xuan and Han tender almost at the same time a sigh of relief, Han tender just ready to push open the closet door, to end this embarrassing action, the feeling of being squeezed in front of her body makes her extra uncomfortable, but before she can put her hand on the closet door, and then listen to a voice.
“You, you, you, and you, you four watch here, nothing can go wrong today, you hear me?”
“Don’t worry boss!”
Han tender is about to push open the closet door to see, a tattooed club youth, standing in the locker room door, the locker room door is wide open, they want to go out now, is a blind man can detect.
Han tender helpless, can only continue to stay in the closet, but her current position with Zhang Xuan, is too ambiguous!
The noise downstairs is getting louder and louder, and a “clang” is heard as the door of the Eight Immortals building is closed, which proves that the negotiations between the two societies have completely started.
The time passed, a person, a long time to maintain a posture, will make the body stiff, Han gentle is no exception, she slowly twisted the waist, ready to stretch the sore arms, but feel their own body in front of the constant pressure, Han gentle slightly lowered her head, she saw with her own eyes, her body, because she just a small action, attached to Zhang Xuan’s body, squeezing, deformation, and because of this action, so that their own summer uniform collar is wide open, unlimited style.
Zhang Xuan’s body is facing Han gentle, now he, even the movement of turning his head is not convenient, except to close his eyes, he does not have any way, can refuse this style reflected in their eyes.
“Have you seen enough!” Han gentle tone vicious whispered.
Zhang Xuan glanced at his mouth, “It’s not my fault, I stood here without moving a muscle.”
“You!” Han tender looked at the man in front of him, the gas is not a place, just gave himself a position, the result is now appear in front of him!
“I said officer, you good reason, come to the eight immortal building to do ah?” Zhang Xuan now, is really speechless, he has never seen such a coincidence, himself looking for this green leaf society three times trouble, three times all met Han gentle.
“The two major associations negotiate, how can we police not watch?” Han tender glared at Zhang Xuan, very dissatisfied with Zhang Xuan’s approach.
“I say, Officer Han, society negotiation, this kind of thing you also want to manage? You hate association members so much?” Zhang Xuan asked, he found from the first day he met Han gentle, this woman, is absolutely cynical, treating those fighting, crowd trouble, from the bottom of his heart disgust, otherwise it would not be so against himself.
“Hate! Of course I hate!” Han tender gritted his silver teeth, “as long as I Han tender still as a police officer, will not let these community members do not care, this should be a law and order and peaceful society, not their gangster community to show off the society!”
Zhang Xuan stared at Han gentle eyes, he saw that in this woman’s eyes, filled with a hateful gaze, very strong.
“That …… I think ah, you are a little too extreme, in this world, if there is no these society members, only wrong.” Zhang Xuan tried to enlighten Han gentle, only to be glared back with a look from Han gentle.
“Cut the crap, what did you come for?”
“I ah, I came to ……”
Zhang Xuan was just about to bring out the excuse he had thought of, when he heard a woman’s scream from downstairs, as well as the sound of breaking curses.
“Cut them to death!”
Immediately after that, a clanging sound rang out.
The Han gentle face that was questioning Zhang Xuan changed, and at that moment did not care to ask Zhang Xuan what exactly he was doing here, kicked open the closet door and made a fierce leap out.

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