Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 62

The moment Han tenderly crossed out, the club member guarding the locker room door saw her.
“Han ……” the club member just opened his mouth, before he shouted out, he was knocked down with a sweeping leg by Han gentle.
Zhang Xuan closed his eyes hard, this woman, really violent ah!
“Officer Han, you …… you …… why are you here ……” the rest of the club members guarding the second floor, after seeing Han gentle, their faces are a little unnatural.
The last time in the night bar, Han tender a word, these people all obediently run to the police station to take a statement.
“What are you doing here!” Han tender frowned willow, questioned.
“We …… us ……” the club member compensated with a small face, and before he could speak, he was interrupted by a yell coming from downstairs.
“Brothers come on! This bunch of grandsons play dirty!”
Several members of the club heard this and did not care to answer Han’s question, casually copied the bench beside them and rushed towards the floor.
Han tender reached out to touch the gun hanging on the waist, also rushed downstairs, in a flash, the second floor was left alone Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan walked out of the closet unhurriedly, stretched hard, and slowly walked towards the hallway.
Standing at the mouth of the escalator on the second floor, Zhang Xuan could clearly see what was happening downstairs.
On the first floor, there were at least a hundred people, armed with sticks, benches, and machetes, engaged in a chaotic armed fight.
Zhang Xuan saw that the three dons of Qing Ye, whom he had met at the Night Bar that day, were also among the crowd of mixed fighters.
“Tsk, the swords are bloody.” Zhang Xuan slumped towards the second floor parapet and watched the drama below.
This kind of flesh and blood scene, if ordinary people, can not even bear to see, but in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, it seems too pedestrian, in his initial contact with the killer industry, the first thing he learned, is how to kill, as for cutting, their instructors do not even bother to teach.
The members of the Green Leaf Society who just rushed down from the second floor raised their hands and joined the fight.
Han tenderly looked at the situation in front of her with locked brows, the armed fight in the Eight Immortals Building had obviously exceeded her prediction.
“Boss, look!” On the side of the Green Leaf Society, Leopard Head pointed at the place where Han Gentle was.
Qing Ye boss Lei Gong’s face changed, “Why is she here?”
“Boss, what about this?” Leopard Head’s face became anxious.
In front of him, the scene of a hundred people in a melee, not just stopping.
Suddenly, a gunshot rang out, causing all the people who were mixing and fighting to stop the action in their hands.
Han tenderly stood at the entrance of the stairs, holding a five-four, the gun pointed at the ceiling, the sound of the gunshot, from her.
It was only at this time that the club members noticed that there was a police officer in the Eight Immortals building at some point.
Han gentle face like frost, sweeping the whole hall, “Lei Gong, surnamed Tai, you two, is not a little too much? Today in the eight immortal building can fight, tomorrow is not want to police station to go to the fire fight ah!”
The members of the association who were fighting and killing each other just now, are now afraid to look at Han tender.
“Yo, it’s Officer Han!” A middle-aged man with a beard laughed, “Aiyaya, I really did not expect that Officer Han is also here, really rude, rude.”
“Tai, don’t give me any more nonsense here, your big circle society has been acting a little too often lately!” Han looked at the other party with a warning in his eyes.
This bearded middle-aged man is the head of the Great Circle Society, Tai Xing.
The big circle society is second only to the green leaf society of Yinzhou gangster society, members of thousands, is also the key target of Yinzhou police.
Tai Xing let out a loud laugh, “Haha, Officer Han, this is where you misunderstand me, I, Tai Xing, have always been a law-abiding and good citizen, today, I was forced to do so.”
“It’s funny, you Tai boss was forced to do nothing?” Han snickered, “Who dares to force you Tai boss.”
“Of course it’s him!” Tai Xing reached out, pointing at Lei Gong, who was standing on the other side, Tai Xing’s face, at this point, showed a look of resignation, “Officer Han, you know what, he Lei Gong, completely does not leave us alive! What are we? We are a gangster! He, as the leader of the underground in Yinzhou, does not lead us to develop, even if it is not enough, but also restricts us, does not allow us to get involved in drugs, does not allow us to get involved in gambling, you tell me, there is no king’s law, eh?”
Han tenderly gave Lei Gong an unexpected look, she didn’t expect that the Green Leaf Society still cared about these things.
Han gentle asked Tai Xing, “Drugs and gambling, both are illegal, you can’t dabble in them yourself, otherwise what do you want?”
“What do I want?” The aggrieved look on Tai Xing’s face suddenly changed and converted into a grim smile, “Officer Han, what do you think I can do? I had to, kill them, ah, hahaha!”
“Lawlessness!” Han tenderly shouted angrily, “Tai surnamed, you simply don’t put our law enforcement officers in your eyes!”
“Don’t put us Qing Ye in your eyes either.” Lei Gong, who had not said anything, took over with a gloomy face, “Tai, what do you think you can do to me, Qing Ye, with just your big circle society?
“Is that so?” Tai Xing raised his eyebrows, “Lei Gong, Lei Gong, have you forgotten how your wife died back then?”
When these words came out, Lei Gong’s face changed violently.
“Tai Xing, what are you trying to say?”
Lei Gong’s body trembled slightly as he asked, he guessed something.
“I can’t exterminate everyone in your Green Leaf Society, can’t I still kill your Lei Gong’s closest relatives? Hmm? Hahahahahaha!” Tai Xing let out a wild laugh.
“It’s you!” Lei Gong gritted his teeth, “The person who killed my wife back then, it was you!”
“I’ll kill you!” The leopard head roared and charged towards Tai Xing, one could see that the leopard head looked very stiff as he waved his arms, the last time he had his arms removed by Zhang Xuan had made him not even slow down now.
“Kill me, with you?” Tai Xing gave Leopard Head a disdainful look.
Immediately after that, a clattering sound was heard, it was the locked roll-up door of the Eight Immortals Building, which was pulled open from the outside.
Outside the Eight Immortals Building, stood a black mass of people, all wearing uniform black clothing, swarmed into the Eight Immortals Building, at least fifty people.
The moment he saw these people, Lei Gong’s eyebrows wrinkled together, “Black Thunder’s people!”
Black Thunder! The underground leader of the entire Ning Province, its power, I don’t know how many times bigger than Qing Ye!
At the same time these black thunder society members appeared, Han gentle subconsciously looked upstairs, she probably guessed why Zhang Xuan is here, these black thunder people, with him also have a relationship!

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