Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 65

A large spray of blood came out, Zhang Xuan’s feet backward slightly, the body did not get a little blood.
Such a scene, so that some people who do not have enough tolerance, dry vomit on the spot, Tai Xing pair of eyes completely bulging, extraordinarily frightening.
When Zhang Xuan let go of his hand, Tai Xing was like a puppet with broken strings, limp to the ground.
Han tenderness held back the nausea in her heart and looked at Zhang Xuan incredulously, all along, she felt that Zhang Xuan was a borderline scoundrel, even she often threatened him by force, but now that the scene happened, Han tenderness, even if she was a fool, knew that she had never really understood this man before.
Zhang Xuan hands decisive, without a trace of hesitation, talk and laugh, directly want Tai Xing’s life, such ruthlessness, even these often killed the association personnel, but also by him scared to dare not move, just that black thunder double flower red stick against Han gentle, the same.
“None of them can run away oh.” Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes and gave a smile to the people of the Great Circle Society and those of Black Thunder.
A man was stared at by Zhang Xuan, could not bear the pressure of this fear, venting like a yell, lifting the machete towards Zhang Xuan.
Facing this man, Zhang Xuan aimed a kick at his chest, the man was unhindered by the kick backwards out, and then to fly out at the same time, the machete in his hand was seized by Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan waved his hand hard and threw the machete that he had just seized, “poof”, into the man’s chest.
Another human life!
This set of moves was fast, accurate and fierce!
“Devil! Devil!” Someone in the crowd of the Great Circle Society muttered this, and the look in Zhang Xuan’s eyes was full of fear.
“Death!” Black Thunder’s Double Flower Red Stick roared out and attacked from behind Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan didn’t even turn his head back, his right hand grabbed behind him like lightning, he didn’t even look at his opponent, he accurately squeezed his throat, in the eyes of outsiders, it was as if Zhang Xuan’s opponent took the initiative to let Zhang Xuan squeeze his throat.
The double-flowered red stick with horror in his eyes, he just did not face this man head-on, can only feel the other side of that killing aura, and contempt for life, but now a hand, he saw the gap, himself and the other side, that is an underground, a heaven.
Zhang Xuan squeezed his opponent’s fingers and broke the throat of this Black Thunder’s strongest fighter, then threw him to the ground like garbage, while he, himself, continued to walk towards the crowd of the Great Circle Society.
So many club members present, by Zhang Xuan alone, were so scared that they did not dare to move.
Today, the negotiations between the two gangs, the Big Circle Gang’s trickery, and Black Thunder’s surprise attack, all turned into his one-man show because of Zhang Xuan’s presence alone.
“Run! Run! He’s the devil! It’s the devil!” Among the crowd, I don’t know who roared first, a sound that was like the floodgate of a reservoir.
The club’s minions closest to the gate of the Eight Immortals Building frantically pushed away the people in front of them and pulled open the roll-up door.
Aoba’s boys tried to stop them, but they couldn’t stop these people who were already crazy, and the roll-up door was opened with a “clatter”.
The time is now 7:30 p.m., the light from outside the house shines in, giving hope to the disciples of the Great Circle Society.
Zhang Xuan stood in the hall, looking at the opened curtain door, and laughed: “I said, no one can escape, do it!”
The moment the word Zhang Xuan’s hand fell, those junior disciples who first rushed out of the Eight Immortals Building, all lay down in unison.
Outside the Eight Immortals Building, ten figures with devil masks appeared from all around, each of them, holding a sharp blade in their hands, flashing cold.
The masks carried fangs and were hideous.
They waved the sharp blades in their hands, like mowing grass, harvesting the members of the society who escaped out.
The scene that happened outside was seen by everyone’s eyes, and these ten people who came from all around were just like the hookers of hell, who took away a human life as if they were doing a very ordinary job.
“Who the hell are you?” Han tenderly turned to look at Zhang Xuan, she could not bear to look any further.
“A petty person.” Zhang Xuan stretched, “Whoever says my wife, I’ll exterminate his whole family.”
“You’re in contempt of the law!”
“The law?” Zhang Xuan laughed lightly, “For her, I can make enemies with the whole world.”
The scene outside the Eight Immortals Building was like the ashram of this world, if the Eight Immortals Building was not located in a remote location, it would have caused a riot and panic by now.
Lei Gong three Qing Ye Society’s leader looked outside the door, that suddenly appeared ten people, is the death from hell, ruthless, ruthless, powerful, let people can not resist.
Lei Gong and others now found that they were too ridiculous, in the first place, to deal with such a person, his power, his power, simply not understandable to themselves and others.
Those people from the Great Circle Society and Black Thunder were completely killed, they just ran out of the Eight Immortals Building, and rushed back in unison, none of them still hanging on to the so-called face, all kneeling on the ground, kowtowing incessantly and shouting for mercy.
Outside the door, ten masked gods of death, standing in front of the Eight Immortals building, and did not step into the Eight Immortals building.
Zhang Xuan looked at the association members kneeling on the ground and waved his hand at the door.
These Gods of Death, who despise life, bowed to Zhang Xuan in unison, and then without saying a word, silently disappeared at the entrance of the Eight Immortals.
Such a scene, let Lei Gong and other people in the heart of shock more, they just guessed that these ten people may be Zhang Xuan invited, but now it seems that is not the case.
The walkie-talkie on Han’s gentle waist emitted a sound at this time.
“Han team, Han team, received a report of a large-scale armed fight near the Eight Immortals Building.”
“Han team, Han team ……”
Such a voice, repeated three times in the intercom, the other tone are beginning to anxious.
“Han team, please reply when you receive, please reply when you receive!”
Han gentle hand holding the walkie-talkie, her gaze, hovering back and forth between Zhang Xuan and her own father, persistence flashed in her eyes, persistence flashed.
“Han team ……”
“Association armed fight, bring people over.”
The siren sounded in thirty seconds then rang in everyone’s ears, four will car drove to the door of the eight immortal building, when seeing outside the eight immortal building, the ground of blood, more than thirty bodies, these police officers, are also full of shock, this is definitely enough to sensationalize the country’s mega case.
“Get out of the way, all get out of the way!” Ten police officers holding explosion-proof shields pushed aside the association members at the entrance of the Eight Immortals Building and rushed in.
“Team Han, what is this situation?” A police officer issued a query.
Han gentle silence for a long time, spoke: “Black Thunder and big circle society clash, produce large-scale armed fight, the main suspects were killed in the armed fight, bring these people back, file a case ……”
“What about them?” The police officer reached out and pointed down in the direction of the Greenleaf Society.
Han gentle mouth lightly spit, “spectator.”

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