Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 66

A long cordon, pulled in front of the Drunken Fairy House, the police ordered no one to approach the place, such a large-scale armed fight, more than thirty people died, will definitely cause towards a high degree of attention.
All the people of the Green Leaf Society dispersed, and some important members were taken away to make statements.
Silver State Police Station.
Dozens of society members were brought back, ready to be interrogated, but the police chief suddenly called, informing everyone that this case, there will be a special person to handle, no one is allowed to interrogate without authorization.
Capital Security Bureau, a helicopter took off and headed towards Yinzhou City.
Zhang Xuan followed the head of the leopard, came to the night bar, the head of the leopard to fulfill his promise to tell Zhang Xuan, who is trying to deal with him.
The lobby of the Night Bar was empty, with only one person, sitting on a card table, his hands resting between his legs in confusion.
“It’s him?” Zhang Xuan’s face was also quite surprised when he saw the other person.
“Hey, hey, sister, brother-in-law ……” Lin Chuan looked at Zhang Xuan with a flattering smile, and then looked at the head of the leopard, “Dad ……”
This time, Zhang Xuan understood why Lin Chuan would change his attitude towards himself so quickly.
The second leader of the Green Leaf Society, Paozi Head, is Lin Chuan’s father! It seems that what he did at the Night Bar last time, Lin Chuan also knew through his father.
“Kneel down!” Paozi Head shouted sternly.
Lin Chuan kneeled down in front of Zhang Xuan with a poof, “Brother-in-law, I …… have no eyes, I just want to teach you a lesson, there is nothing else.”
“All right, get up.” Zhang Xuan indifferent waved his hand, towards the card seat a seat, “are a family, a little misunderstanding normal, say clear.”
“Thanks …… thank brother-in-law.” Lin Chuan face is pleased, and nodded his head.
Leopard head face with some doubts plus surprise, with his understanding of Zhang Xuan’s tactics these two times, he really did not think that this person, is a generous character.
Zhang Xuan smiled faintly, if now, the Lin family is Lin Qinghan in charge, he will absolutely not hesitate to abolish Lin Chuan, but now, the Lin family is a scattered sand, Lin Qinghan wants to get control of the Lin family, with her alone is somewhat difficult, so, Zhang Xuan will not bother with Lin Chuan, in the back of the Lin family matters, Lin Chuan can give Lin please Han to provide a lot of help.
There is an artificial river in Yinzhou City, and in the evening, there will be many people walking along the river to enjoy the slightly cool summer evening breeze.
Lei Gong and Han Gentle walked side by side along this river with a slow pace.
“I really didn’t expect that you would, today, spill that panic for me.” Lei Gong lit a cigarette for himself and sighed.
“I also did not expect that you would be willing to give up your club for me, nor did I expect that you would not let Tai Xing touch gambling and drugs.”
Lei Gong took a deep breath of smoke and slowly exhaled, “We, father and daughter, have not spoken properly for how many years?”
“Five years, seven months and thirteen days.” Han tenderly said an exact number without thinking, “From the day my mother died.”
“Yeah.” Lei Gong sighed, “Do you know, when you applied for the police academy, why I stopped you?”
“You’re a thief, I’m a soldier.” Han gentle brow, with a touch of hate.
Under the sky, the person closest to you is also the person you hate the most, such emotions, it is easy to drive people crazy.
Lei Gong footsteps a beat, a bitter smile, put his hand into his coat pocket, take out the money clip, in the compartment, take out an old photo that has yellowed.
“Never told you before, this is a photo of your mother, your mother and I, met at the same unit interview.”
On the photo, it was a heroic female police officer.
Han gentle pupils dilated the moment she saw this photo, “My mother is a …… police officer?”
“Yes.” Lei Gong nodded, “At that time, your mother was a senior graduate of the police academy, while I, on the other hand, went to apply for a job as a police officer, and in the end, your mother succeeded in becoming a police officer, while I did not get what I wanted.”
“Why?” Han gentle puzzled.
“The interviewer at that time asked me what I should do if I met the association members.”
“How did you answer?”
“Beat them into submission, beat them into running and being afraid when they see me, beat them into listening to me!” Lei Gong handed this yellowed photo in his hand to Han gentle, “That interviewer told me that I am not suitable to be a police officer, more suitable to be a club boss, daughter, you and I, are the same kind of person, you should sit in my position!”
Zhang Xuan came out of the night bar and saw Han Gentle standing right outside the bar door.
Now Han gentle has shed a police uniform, wearing a navel tight black T-shirt, a pair of blue denim shorts, with a pair of red AJ sneakers, Yingqi short hair with her this dress, full of vitality, coupled with this beautiful face of hers, attracting a lot of people side eye.
“Drink with me.” Han tenderly leaned on a party motorcycle and hooked a finger at Zhang Xuan.
“Where to drink?”
“Cut the crap, just follow me.”
The black Paixai motorcycle sped along the highway, as if it was doing something cathartic.
Han tenderly parked the motorcycle in front of a nightclub called Lanno, this nightclub is located in the most prosperous part of Yinzhou, it can be said that the number of people is full every night, there are often bosses throwing a lot of money in it, opening tens of thousands of bottles of good wine, of course, there is no shortage of men and women who come here to hunt for sex.
The nightclub was filled with the deafening sound of music, Han tenderly twisted her waist with the music, came to the bar and asked for a bottle of foreign wine.
Han tender also does not talk to Zhang Xuan, picked up the wine glass, tilted his head and drank, in the blink of an eye has three cups down, the pretty face slightly red, slightly drunk.
“Zhang Xuan, what happened today, will you laugh at me?” Han tenderly placed the wine glass heavily on the bar, and poured himself full again.
“Laugh at you what?” Zhang Xuan’s face was full of doubts.
“I am a police officer, my father is a thief, huh.” Han tenderly tilted his head again and drank a glass of wine.
“Oh.” Zhang Xuan expression waveless response, shook his head, “did not laugh.”
“You know, for so many years, I’ve been very conflicted about whether to catch him or not.” The foreign wine is too strong, easy to head, Han gentle this a few cups down, sitting there are some left and right sway, suddenly, Han gentle body slant, fell into Zhang Xuan’s arms, she smiled at Zhang Xuan, “But today, I no longer contradictory, you know what, my father, has given me the position of president of the Green Leaf, he told me, want to promote good and eliminate evil, there are many kinds of way can do, green leaf banned the bar in silver state to sell drugs, ban gambling, they do things, the police can not do!”
Zhang Xuan nodded, poured himself a glass of wine, looked at the Han gentle in his arms and said, “I understand what you said, but what do you mean by lying in my arms?”

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