Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 72

Lin Qinghan pushed open the door and walked into the middle of the main house. There was no one in the hall of the main house, except for a wheelchair, which was left alone in the middle of the hall.
“Grandpa?” Lin Qinghan shouted tentatively.
“Come in.” Lin Zhengnan’s breathless voice rang out from the inner room.
A bad premonition rose in Lin Qinghan’s heart and he quickened his pace towards the inner room.
When Lin Qinghan walked to the door of the inner room, he could clearly see that Lin Zhengnan was lying on the bed, not moving, and speaking in a weak tone.
And Zhang Xuan, too, was sitting by the bed.
“Qing Han ah, you’re here, come here quickly.” Lin Zhengnan’s voice was very small.
Lin Qinghan was not at all in the mood to scold Zhang Xuan for his nonsense and walked towards the bedside with a concerned face.
“Grandpa, I’ve told you to keep quiet!” Zhang Xuan said from the bedside.
“I just can’t help it.” Lin Zhengnan smiled faintly.
“Don’t laugh either!” Zhang Xuan reminded again.
“Zhang Xuan, what are you yelling at, how do you treat grandpa he ……” Lin Qinghan couldn’t help but speak, but halfway through the sentence, she stopped, she saw that Lin Zhengnan was lying on the bed, putting on a mask?
“I have said, when putting on the mask, you laugh too much, too much movement on the face, this mask will be useless, why do not you listen!” Zhang Xuan a look of hatred and steel.
The scene in front of him made Lin Pleasehan a bit overwhelmed by the reaction.
“Grandpa, you are in ……”
Lin Zhengnan reached out and pointed to his face, “Ah, this ah, Xiao Zhang said my skin is not good, let me put on a mask every day.”
Zhang Xuan looked at the phone, “Well, fifteen minutes have passed, you can take it off.”
“Wow, do not say, this paste face, cold, cool, but also very comfortable.” Lin Zhengnan took off the mask, his body twisted, got off the bed, ran next to the bathroom to wash his face.
Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan with an odd face, “You came here to teach my grandfather to put on a mask?”
“Yeah.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “People, when they are old, they have to enjoy, who said that only women can put on face masks.”
“I say you are also too boring …… not right!” Lin Qinghan suddenly opened his eyes wide and looked toward the bathroom with incredulity in his eyes, at the same time, her body was trembling slightly, “My grandfather he …… can walk?”
“Right.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “Grandfather he is the legs meridians blocked, not really paralyzed, legs have always been conscious, just can not stand up, slightly unblock the meridians, you can stand up.”
In Zhang Xuan’s words, there are truths and lies, Lin Zhengnan’s biggest symptom is still the damage to his heart chakra, only Lin Zhengnan asked Zhang Xuan not to tell this out.
“You, you really cured grandpa?” Lin Qinghan looked at the man in front of her and was shocked in her heart.
For the sake of her grandfather’s illness, how many doctors did she look for, but no one had the ability, but never thought that her husband, who had been doing housework at home for January, had cured him?
What husband!
Lin Qinghan pretty face slightly red.
“In fact, it is not difficult, grandfather body board is still quite hard, by the way, why are you here?”
“I’m not ……” Lin Qinghan said half of the words to stop, she was worried about Zhang Xuan mess, now look, this is not a mess, it is simply a big favor ah.
Lin Zhengnan soon finished washing up and returned to the inner room, he looked at the man and woman in the inner room, his eyes leaked satisfaction everywhere, this is really a good man and a good woman, his granddaughter, even the living king of hell back to himself as a granddaughter in law, powerful, really powerful ah!
“Grandpa, are you really okay?” As soon as Lin Qinghan saw Lin Zhengnan come out, he couldn’t wait to run to Lin Zhengnan and look up and down.
“It’s fine, thanks to Xiao Zhang, look at me, now I can jump and bounce, it’s not a problem to live for another ten years, haha.” Lin Zhengnan patted his chest and laughed.
Looking at his grandfather’s bright and cheerful appearance, Lin Qinghan had a happy smile on his face, and the two of them chatted happily.
After chatting for a while, Lin Zhengnan put on a straight face, “Qing Han, I have something that I need to tell you now, so listen carefully.”
“I’m going out for some air.” Zhang Xuan opened his mouth, didn’t wait for Lin Zhengnan to speak, and walked out of the main house on his own.
Wang Wei and the others had been at the entrance of the main house, expecting.
When they saw Zhang Xuan come out of the main house with a bad face, these people all revealed a satisfied look, it looked like Elder Lin had already made his punishment.
“Yo, isn’t this our Lin family’s aunt, why, does he look so unpleasant?” Wang Wei grinned at the corner of his mouth and came up to sneer.
Zhang Xuan didn’t say anything and walked past Wang Wei with his head lowered.
When Wang Wei saw Zhang Xuan’s appearance, he was even more pleased with himself.
Milan had been waiting on this side of the parking lot, and when she saw Zhang Xuan, the first thing she did was to rush up and ask how Zhang Xuan’s treatment was going.
“Cured, I have to leave first.” Zhang Xuan said hello to Milan and walked out of the Lin family compound.
The breath that Milan was carrying was relieved, and at the same time, her heart was happy for her best friend.
About half an hour after Zhang Xuan left, the door of the main house opened once again, and Lin Qinghan walked out from the house with an icy face, her face was so ugly, I think Lin Zhengnan told her everything that happened before.
Although Lin Qinghan knew that Wang Wei coveted Lin’s, but did not expect him to use such a despicable tactic, deliberately planting evidence to frame Zhang Xuan, so that Lin’s generated negative news, suppress the stock price, and use the initial agreement to impeach himself from the presidency.
As soon as Lin Qinghan went out, she saw the smiles on the faces of Wang Wei and others. The faces of these people made her feel disgusted, and after just one look, Lin Qinghan turned her head away and walked towards the parking lot without even greeting.
Wang Wei saw that both Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan had left and hurriedly ran to the front of the main house, “Grandpa, the members of the board of directors propose to hold a shareholders’ meeting today, do you have any opinions here.”
“Get out of the way, we can’t have so many scum in Lin’s, it’s time to purge them as well.” Lin Zhengnan sat on his wheelchair and slowly appeared outside the main house.
Lin Zhengnan’s words made Wang Wei’s heart even happier, what he didn’t know was who the scum Lin Zhengnan was referring to.
Lin Qinghan came on the parking lot and drove Milan out of the Lin family compound.
On the way, Lin Qinghan didn’t say a word.
“Hold it in, hold it in hard! Laugh out when you are happy!” Milan sat on the passenger side and glanced at her mouth.
Lin Qinghan did not hold back, “pfft” out a laugh.
“Milan, how do you know that Zhang Xuan can save my grandfather?” Lin Qinghan asked the question in his mind.
“I was going to ask you, you know your husband can massage it? Why don’t you let your husband come over and heal your grandfather?” Milano asked rhetorically.
Lin Qinghan replied with some embarrassment, “I didn’t know he had this ability, I thought he only knew how to do ordinary massage.”
“Oh my.” Milan covered her forehead, “You’re really full of business!”

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