Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 80

“How can we not care!” Lin Qinghan pushed Zhang Xuan’s hand away, “Even if it’s a bumper sticker, we have to look at it for reasons of reason!”
“Can’t go.” Zhang Xuan reached out and pressed the car door to death, “This old man is not right.”
“What’s wrong? Zhang Xuan, when it comes to things, think about how to solve them, not about how to escape! You take your hand away!”
“Don’t take it.” Zhang Xuan shook his head.
“I told you to take it away!” Lin Qinghan pushed Zhang Xuan hard, but could not push at all.
Zhang Xuan glanced around the vehicle, there were already people who saw what was happening over here and gathered around, “Jiang Jing, quickly, drive away.”
“Mr. Zhang, this …… this can not go ah.” Jiang Jing shook his head, “I also think that we should go down and see, no matter what, we are the ones who hit the people.”
When the three people in the car were arguing over whether to go or not, a tapping sound came from outside the car.
A young man, who looks to be in his twenties, is holding out his hand, slapping the window glass with an angry face, cursing, “Hey, hey, hey, hit the person, do not you see? Get the fuck out of the car!”
“Yes, what kind of person is this ah, hit a person is not quickly sent to the hospital, a beautiful girl, how is a snake heart.” A middle-aged woman standing next to the show also made a sound.
The sealing of this Jetta is not particularly good, the voices of people outside the car can be clearly transmitted into Lin Qinghan’s ears, which makes Lin please Han’s face is particularly ugly.
“Qing Han, ignore them, Jiang Jing, drive away first, the matter here, wait for the police to come and then deal with it.” Zhang Xuan pressed the car door lock.
“Zhang Xuan, get out of my way!” Lin Qinghan shoved Zhang Xuan, unlocked the car door, and was just about to reach out and open the door when it was yanked open from the outside.
The young man who knocked on the glass, his face unkindly glared at Lin Qinghan, cursing: “Damn, and I sit in the car? Can’t you see that you’ve hit someone? Get out of here!”
“Sorry.” Lin Qinghan gave the youth an apologetic look, “We ……” She was just about to speak when she saw the youth pull out a dagger from behind her and stab herself hard in the head.
The dagger is magnified in the pupils of Lin Please Han, the sharp flashing cold, at this critical moment, Lin Qing Han felt a huge force from behind, followed by the whole person irresistibly fell backwards, a strong arm also appeared in front of their own eyes at this time, to meet the sharp dagger.
The arm and the dagger met, bringing up a hot blood, spraying onto Lin Qinghan’s face with a hot, hot temperature.
Lin Qinghan subconsciously let out a scream.
“Get lost!” Zhang Xuan held Lin Qinghan and kicked the youth outside the car door over, while using his still bleeding arm to pull on the car door and press the lock heavily.
As a professional bodyguard, Jiang Jing found out that something was wrong at the first moment, and casually grabbed the throwing stick placed in the armrest box, opened the car door and rushed down.
The old man who fell in front of the front of the car, just in the form of a mountain peak, suddenly jumped up, also holding a dagger, stabbed at Jiang Jing.
This scene that happened made Lin please Han stare in awe.
“Zhang Xuan …… you …… how are you.” Lin please Han grabbed Zhang Xuan’s arm, looking at the ten centimeter long wound on it, panicked eyes filled with concern.
Zhang Xuan grinned, did not care waved his hand, “It’s okay, you sit still in the car, do not move, I go to help.”
Zhang Xuan opened the car door, directly rushed down, towards the youth just walked.
The youth stared at Zhang Xuan with a ruthless face, holding a dagger towards Zhang Xuan and shouted, “Die!”
Zhang Xuan eyes flashed a trace of disdain, in the moment the youth approached him, Zhang Xuan backhand will be subdued, pressed to the trunk of the vehicle, at the same time, Zhang Xuan also lowered his head, if outsiders look, as if the two clumsy wrestling together.
The real situation, only two people know clearly in their hearts.
The dagger-wielding youth was horrified in his heart, and he felt as if he was stuck in a giant vice, unable to move.
“Say, who told you to come!” Zhang Xuan squeezed the youth’s neck with force, making it difficult for the youth to even breathe.
“Dream on!” The youth clenched his teeth and squeezed out these two words.
Zhang Xuan’s eyes flashed a trace of ruthlessness, no nonsense, directly crushed the youth’s neck, dare to hurt Lin Qinghan, the youth’s end is already doomed.
Jiang Jing is worthy of being a professional bodyguard, while Zhang Xuan solved the youth, she also solved several other killers.
A total of four dagger-wielding killers were all put down by Jiang Jing within a minute, and after this was done, Jiang Jing ran to the back seat first to check Lin Qinghan’s injuries.
Lin Qinghan was frightened, but in a good way, she was not injured.
“Don’t mind me, go check on Zhang Xuan.”
“I’m fine.” Zhang Xuan did not care to worship the hand, “Jiang Jing, you take Qinghan back first, I’ll wait here for the police.”
“No, to go together.” Lin Qinghan gaze firmly shook his head, do not agree to let Zhang Xuan alone here, her eyes saw Zhang Xuan’s right arm, a ten-centimeter-long wound, shocking to the eyes.
Lin Qinghan eyes are full of self-blame, just now if not for their own insistence to get off, this would not have happened at all, Zhang Xuan will not be to protect themselves and suffer such injuries.
“You guys go, someone has to stay, or the police will not be able to explain.” Zhang Xuan advised.
“Then we’ll stay here together.” Lin Qinghan’s gaze was firm.
Zhang Xuan saw that he could not argue with Lin Qinghan, but had to agree, “Okay, then let’s go to the car and stay, it’s also safer.”
The three of them got into the car, Lin Qinghan cautiously locked the car door.
Jiang Jing sat in the main driver with an apologetic face, “Mr. Lin, Mr. Zhang, this matter is all my fault, if not for ……”
“Well, don’t say such things.” Lin Qinghan stopped Jiang Jing’s words about to exit, “These people are coming for me, even if we don’t come across them today, one day they will appear.”
Soon, the sound of sirens rang in the ears of the three, five police cars drove into the alleyway, the car down the police officers to block off the area.
Zhang Xuan took a look at the person leading the team and felt a headache.
“Team Han, the victims are all in the car.” A police officer reported to Han Gentle.
“Let them out and make a statement.”
The door of the Jetta opened, and the figures of Zhang Xuan’s three men appeared in Han Gentle’s line of sight.
The moment Han tender saw Lin Qinghan, her eyes faintly dodged.
Zhang Xuan saw Han tender, the expression on his face is also a little unnatural, no matter what, they have slept with others, or their first time, to say as nothing happened, that Zhang Xuan certainly can not do.
It is said that a woman’s sixth sense is accurate, Lin Qinghan first felt that the atmosphere between Zhang Xuan and the female police officer leading the team was a bit strange.
“You two know each other?” Lin Qinghan asked curiously.
“Recognize …… know.” Asked this question by his own wife, Zhang Xuan looked a little nervous.
“All right, don’t get close, come and make a statement.” Han gentle waved his hand impatiently.

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