Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 79

Lin Qinghan stood in the security room, somewhat at a loss as to what to do in her heart.
A person from the Lin family was electrocuted by a security guard in his own company. No matter what the reason was, this matter had to be handled properly, otherwise it would definitely become a laughing stock for others.
Manager Chen of the personnel department was standing next to Lin Qinghan, he recruited that security guard today, so Lin Qinghan called him over at the first opportunity.
Lin Qinghan looked at Manager Chen and asked, “Where did you recruit the person from?”
“That …… person was specially called by Master Lin to introduce him.” Manager Chen flattered a smile, now his heart, not to mention how flustered.
In any case, this person is their own recruitment in, the position is also their own let choose, now out of this, really want to pursue, their own this responsibility can not run.
“My grandfather introduced?” Lin Qinghan frowned.
Since Lin Zhengnan couldn’t get off the ground, he hadn’t managed the affairs of the company for too long and too long, and now he had surprisingly introduced someone in, who could it be?
While guessing the identity of the other party, a wave of disgust rose in Lin Qinghan’s heart, what she was most annoyed with, was this kind of relationship.
At this moment, Zhang Xuan walked in, and once he saw Lin Qinghan’s figure, the corners of Zhang Xuan’s mouth unconsciously grinned.
“General Lin, people are coming.” Li Na reported.
“Tell me, what was the situation.” Lin Qinghan looked at the unconscious great aunt and said without looking back.
“It’s like this, she was insulting us and ……”
As soon as Zhang Xuan spoke, Lin Qinghan heard his voice almost at first and turned his head to look at Zhang Xuan with wide eyes, “You?”
“Hehehe.” Zhang Xuan reached out and scratched his head, “Hello Lin, it’s my first day at work, I ran into trouble, so I just gave a solution.”
As soon as Lin Qinghan saw Zhang Xuan, she immediately understood, she reached out and covered her forehead, her face was all helpless.
Just now, Lin Qinghan is still guessing, in this human society, even if their great aunt made a mistake, no one should be on the electric bat, but Zhang Xuan, definitely not in this ranks.
At the beginning at home, Zhang Xuan smoked Wang Wei full of teeth scene, still vaguely emerged in front of Lin Qinghan.
When Manager Chen saw that Lin Qinghan and Zhang Xuan knew each other, his heart heaved a sigh of relief, so that he would not be held responsible.
“Secretary Li, you tell everyone, don’t gather around here, disperse.” Lin Qinghan waved his hand.
Li Na nodded.
The people surrounding the security room all dispersed under Li Na’s dispersal, and Personnel Manager Chen also returned to his job.
After all the people dispersed, Lin Qinghan once again looked at Zhang Xuan and asked, “How did you think of finding my grandfather and asking him to arrange you to come to the company?”
“Because I want to see you every day.” Zhang Xuan bared his white teeth and said bluntly.
Lin Qinghan’s face was stunned, and then a smile appeared on his face, “Poor, you’re, forget it, come on, but you do not become a security chief, in the end, what skills can not learn, I told Manager Chen, you go to the business department first, I just have time recently, take you more exposure to this area of things.”
“Yes!” Zhang Xuan replied with a cheerful face.
Lin Qinghan did not say much to Zhang Xuan, twisted around and walked towards the outside of the security room, when she stepped out of the security room, she paused in her steps, opened her mouth, finally did not make a sound, and left with a step.
Zhang Xuan did not know that his words had caused a slight beating in Lin Qinghan’s silent heart.
After Lin Qinghan left, Zhang Xuan happily ran to the personnel department to replace the position, as for how to deal with Lin Hui, he has no interest.
Today is Zhang Xuan’s first day at work, is also his first time to work in this twenty years, in the true sense of the word, this day Zhang Xuan are extremely exuberant, but near the end of the day, he regrettably found that this day, did not see Lin Qinghan.
Zhang Xuan ran to the front desk to inquire, Qiu Yu told Zhang Xuan, Lin Qinghan almost every day from morning to night, they do not have many opportunities to see.
Hearing this, Zhang Xuan was a little lost.
At the end of the shift, Zhang Xuan changed his clothes and was just about to leave the company gate when he saw a Volkswagen Jetta parked in front of him, driven by Jiang Jing, Lin Qinghan’s bodyguard, while Lin Qinghan was sitting in the back of the vehicle, holding a paper in his hand and looking at it carefully.
“Get in, let’s go together.” Jiang Jing rolled down the car window and beckoned to Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan looked at Lin Qinghan who was sitting in the back row, Lin Qinghan did not take a stand, still looking at the paper in her hand.
This scene, so Zhang Xuan heart a happy, it seems that his wife, and his relationship is more and more moderate ah, otherwise she can not acquiesce to let Jiang Jing pull himself, otherwise she drove that Mercedes GT is not finished.
Zhang Xuan shamelessly pulled open the backseat door, and without waiting for Lin Qinghan to object, he sat in on his butt.
Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan, frowned, did not speak.
The vehicle moved and went towards the water township of Seaside.
Yinzhou only in recent years ushered in rapid development, built a lot of high-rise buildings, widen the road, but in many places, you can still see the shadow of the former backwardness, such as some hutongs alleyways.
From Lin’s group to the Seaside Water Township, you have to pass through an alleyway, not the kind of childhood memories of the hutongs with bungalows on both sides, but a two-lane round trip, both sides are old residential areas of the lane.
Jiang Jing drove slowly on the road, suddenly, a van from ten meters in front of the fast cross out, not even slowed down, but Jiang Jing good driving skills, did not panic, the moment of crisis quickly hit the steering wheel, or really hit it.
“Grass, will not drive!” A cursing came from the van.
Jiang Jing subconsciously turned his head toward the van to see.
At that moment, an old man with a mountain peak appeared in front of the front of the car and was backing up his legs, deliberately crashing towards the front of the car.
Jiang Jing, who had just turned his head over, did not see the old man at all.
“Watch out!” Zhang Xuan shouted.
Nerve sensitive Jiang Jing did not even look, a foot on the brake, but still too late, heard a “bang”, the old man fell under the front of the car.
The moving car also stopped with a sharp brake, inertia made the people in the car unconsciously stumble forward.
Jiang Jing’s eyes with a touch of panic, looking at the head of the place.
“Bumper car?” Lin Qinghan frowned, just the old man deliberately towards the head of the car, she saw the scene clearly.
“Mr. Lin, I’m sorry, I just didn’t see it.” Jiang Jing had an apologetic face.
“It’s okay, this kind of thing, you can’t avoid it even if you saw it.” Lin Qinghan shook her head, “I’ll get out of the car and take a look, you should report it to the traffic police first.”
Saying that, Lin Qinghan was ready to pull open the car door.
“Do not care.” Zhang Xuan a hand to stop Lin Qinghan’s action, “Jiang Jing, you first reverse the car, do not pay attention to him.”

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