Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 85

Once he heard the advice, Zhang Xuan changed his face to a smile, “I’m all ears.”
“I suggest you Lin’s, get out while you can, because wait, you might make a fool of yourselves.” Chief Huang had a cold smile on his face.
Lin Qinghan sat beside Zhang Xuan and heard this General Manager Huang’s words clearly, she was just about to open her mouth to refute, when she heard Zhang Xuan’s voice ring out.
“Oh, this is a suggestion, I thought it was something nutritious, but it turned out to be nothing more than a dog barking, I also have a suggestion for you, don’t bleep with me again, or I’ll beat you to the ground.” Zhang Xuan finished, deliberately rolled up his sleeves, revealing the muscles on his arms.
As expected, Mr. Huang did not dare to speak again, but only looked at Zhang Xuan with a lot of sinister eyes.
The company’s main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem.
Zhang Xuan stretched out his finger, dislike Lin Qinghan’s arm, “happy to laugh out, do not hold back.”
“You, you, stop it.” Lin Qinghan blamed Zhang Xuan, but that action look, but there is no blame.
The field of medical exchange gradually approaching the end, during the exchange, but also specifically to seek the wishes of two patients, take them to the scene for treatment, Yan Li is to show a hand acupuncture techniques, even President Ma can not cure the patient, in the hands of Yan Li, gradually improved.
This allows many physicians to understand why Mr. Yan Lao is known as the sage of Chinese medicine, that down the needle technique and acupuncture point mastery degree, indeed, not their own can compare, at the same time, their hearts also on Mr. Yan Lao said the young man, more interested, let Mr. Yan Lao admire the person, which in the end how powerful ah!
After the physicians’ exchange meeting, it was time for the entrepreneurs to bid.
This time, President Ma specially arranged for the entrepreneurs to bid at the exchange meeting, also has his intention.
First of all, the exchange will present these physicians on the medical opinion, that is, life is always on the front line, secondly, is also an open and fair vote, so many physicians are present, no matter which bid is successful, no one will not gossip about him President Ma.
For this kind of business bidding, Yan Li is not much interest, at the moment go and bad to go, find an excuse to go to the bathroom, then go to the Chinese medicine museum outside to let the wind go.
Medical Museum, President Ma first made a speech, and then let the major enterprises, to say their views on the project.
As the largest medical equipment company in the city, Mr. Huang is the most familiar with this area, and is also very familiar with President Ma.
“Everyone, we Shuguang medical equipment, has always focused on the contribution to the medical industry, and we have cooperated with the number of large hospitals know that we Shuguang medical, has always been in the spirit of the word integrity, all medical equipment, are sold at the lowest price, but also in this area the most experience, better than others.”
“That’s not true, Mr. Huang, everyone knows that you, Shuguang Medical, are in the business of medical equipment, opening a hospital and selling equipment, are two completely different things.” A business owner stood out, “physicians, we, the Feng Yuan Group, have vast resources, but also did a multifaceted investigation, collected a huge information base, on blood collection, sample collection, also did work, this official hospital project, is a project for the benefit of the people, naturally the sooner it is completed the better, the people can also enjoy earlier. ”
At one time, the major companies began to speak, and almost everyone was talking about their own merits and suppressing the rest of the companies.
Those physicians are also thinking carefully, this is the first time they experience such a thing, and appear to be very solemn.
It must be said that the official approach this time, is also wonderful in it.
This time, the Ning Provincial Medical Association will decide on the development of the project, which will eliminate a large part of the controversy, and at the same time, the physicians who have reached a consensus will most likely participate in the project, and then the hospital project will be able to easily recruit major doctors, and the official decision-makers will take a big step forward in their political performance.
Lin Qinghan sat there, saw that the time was almost right, nodded to her team.
A business elite of Lin’s took a deep breath and stood up, “Everyone, our Lin’s group, across several major fields, under the name of several welfare elementary school, free of charge to support dozens of orphans to go to college, had run a welfare hospital, free of charge to help, has always been, we Lin’s are all about a good faith, now ……”
“Forget it quickly, on your Lin’s also integrity, really laughable!” Huang boss directly spoke, interrupting this business elite words, “If your Lin’s is a good faith enterprise, that fraudulent group can be said to be a good faith enterprise! Who doesn’t know that Lin Qinghan is cold-blooded and ruthless, deliberately framing his own cousin, and sending his family to jail for the sake of a Lin Group’s president position?”
“That’s right!” Another business owner stood up, this business owner, is the previous unilateral and Lin’s dissolution of cooperation, “Lin’s how profit-smoking, we entrepreneurs are the most clear, even if this time the project is not carried out, should not let Lin’s get, otherwise, this Yinzhou City, can afford to see a doctor, there are too few people.”
“Good, we are here today, not to get the right to develop this project, just to reveal the true face of Lin’s!” The head of De Ming Business Company stood up, “We, several companies, jointly boycott Lin’s participation in this project, we are willing to fund in this project, so that all people can have low-cost drugs, affordable drugs, not those sky-high drugs!”
“Yes, that’s our purpose! We don’t want to make money, we just want to resist the black-hearted enterprises in Yinzhou City!” The head of Wise Light Joint Stock Company spoke up.
“The medical industry, which is the top priority of people’s livelihood, we don’t want to see black-hearted hospitals in Yinzhou City, today, boycott Lin’s!”
“Yes, boycott Lin’s!”
One after another, the heads of enterprises stood up, these people, all the people who cooperated with Wang Wei at the beginning and unilaterally terminated their cooperation with Lin’s.
Now, Wang Wei has completely fallen, Lin Qinghan in charge of Lin’s power, these people have sat down, if you let Lin’s continue to develop, sooner or later there is no place for them to survive, so there is a scene of them to collectively boycott Lin’s.
Of course, there must be a mastermind behind this.
Zhang Xuan swept a glance, Zhou’s people, came, but has not said anything, Zhang Xuan also expected Zhou’s people do not dare, then this time the main messenger, the biggest possibility, is that Aurora Medical.

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