Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 852

You Xiong Anbao, the brawny man’s salty pig hand, went straight to a girl’s chest.
The two girls standing here, almost at the same time, had fierce killing intent in their eyes, but they dissipated in an instant. Zhang Xuan had already confessed that they would not cause trouble.
At exactly this time, the elevator came down again, and the elevator door opened with a “ding”.
Before the arrival of You Xiong’s brawny salty pig hand, the two girls showed a flustered appearance, walked into the elevator, and hurriedly pressed the button to go upstairs.
Youxiong Anbao stood outside the elevator door and watched the elevator door close. The panic expressions of the two girls fell into their eyes. This scene caused Youxiong Anbao to laugh out loud.
“This Hengcheng Security really found a group of chicks to recharge the count!”
“A group of opportunists, I really don’t understand why An Dongyang wants seven million to invite them? Give Lao Tzu seven million, and Lao Tzu will bring him hundreds of people!”
“Hehe, I guess An Dongyang didn’t think that Hengcheng Security’s branch in Yinzhou was such a group of goods. The agreement was signed, and it was too late to regret it.”
“Wait, Loulan is not so easy to enter. When the time comes, let’s see how this Hengcheng security guy is going to pee!”
The five Youxiong security guards walked to the side while talking.
Dinner time in the new province is usually at eight o’clock in the evening.
At around 7:30 in the afternoon, someone knocked on Zhang Xuan’s door.
Zhang Xuan opened the door and saw An Dongyang standing in front of the door.
“Mr. Zhang, don’t you bother you?”
“We’re here to work. How can I bother to say, Mr. An, please come in.” Zhang Xuan made a please gesture.
After meeting with An Dongyang at noon, Zhang Xuan asked people to investigate An Dongyang. The result was very bad information. According to the data, this An Dongyang has no background in the underground world. It is just an ordinary archeology. Home and ancestors are also involved in archaeology, and the family background is considered substantial.
This kind of identity that can’t be found out is the most troublesome.
An ordinary archaeologist is entangled with the mission released on the killer website. Who is behind him?
An Dongyang walked into the room, and every movement of him was under Zhang Xuan’s observation.
Through a series of observations, although Zhang Xuan didn’t want to admit it, but An Dongyang was an ordinary person. Zhang Xuan deliberately made some threatening actions, but found that An Dongyang had no reaction at all, unless it was a very strong concentration. A strong person, otherwise an individual, will react subconsciously. A person walking on the edge of the underground world will have such muscle memory.
“Mr. An suddenly visited, I don’t know what happened?” Zhang Xuan moved a chair to sit down and smiled.
“I have something, I want to ask Mr. Zhang for help.” An Dongyang said, “This time, I have hired a total of six security companies, all of which are well-known in the summer industry. I compared all six including your company. Security company, the initial conclusion is that your company’s mission completion and strength are far superior to the other five security companies. Therefore, I would like to invite Mr. Zhang to be more attentive. I would like to You should understand what I mean. If the price is concerned, you can add it.”
“Hey.” Zhang Xuan smiled softly, “Listening to Mr. An, is this mission very risky?”
“Yes.” An Dongyang nodded without evasiveness, “Otherwise, I would not spend so much money. Please ask the six security companies to act together. This time on the road, there is a great possibility that you will encounter some trouble, Mr. Zhang. These people brought here are very deceptive. This kind of deceptiveness may have miraculous effects when troubles occur. So I want to change the entrusted tasks. In terms of commissions, I can also add another 3 million to Mr. Zhang. ”
Zhang Xuan pretended to think. Two minutes later, he asked, “What kind of commission does Mr. An want to change?”
“It’s very simple. On this road, Mr. Zhang, your people, try not to show their strength as much as possible. I will not assign you the rest of the entrusted tasks. You only need to protect two people.” An Dongyang said. At this point, he pointed his finger at himself, “One is me, and the other is Professor Gu. Professor Gu will come over later. You only need to protect his safety in secret, and try not to let people see it.”
A gleam of light flashed in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, and then he laughed: “Mr. An, if you can trust me, of course my surname Zhang will not refuse such a good thing.”
Seeing Zhang Xuan’s promise, An Dongyang beamed with joy, “Then there will be Mr. Zhang. Just doing this will probably make Mr. Zhang’s people feel wronged on the road.”
“Compared with money, what is wronged?” Zhang Xuan waved his hand indifferently.
“Mr. Zhang, then I wish us a happy cooperation.” An Dongyang stretched out his hand.
“Happy cooperation!” Zhang Xuan also stretched out his right hand and reached an agreement.
“It’s not too early, I’m preparing a dinner party, will Mr. Zhang be together?” An Dongyang rushed outside the door and gestured.
“of course.”
The banquet that An Dongyang prepared was in this hotel, and there was a small banquet hall.
When Zhang Xuan led a group of hellwalkers to follow An Dongyang, the banquet hall was already full of people.
As soon as Zhang Xuan and others entered the door, they immediately greeted nearly a hundred eyes. The owners of these eyes were all the people from the major security companies who came to perform the task this time.
The fact that Hengcheng Yinzhou Branch brought a group of old, weak, sick and disabled people with an asking price of 7 million yuan has been spread everywhere through the mouths of those who secured the security by You Xiong.
A group of old, weak, sick and disabled people took seven million commissions, which immediately caused a lot of dissatisfaction. Among the six security companies this time, only Yuxing Anbao took the same commission as Hengcheng, and the rest All of the security companies don’t get much from Hengcheng.
Everyone is convinced that Yuxing can get a commission of seven million. After all, Yuxing Security, it is a well-known existence in the entire summer. It can be called the top five in the summer. Seven million is not too much. On the contrary, some people feel that Yuxing’s asking price is less.
But Yuxing is Yuxing, what is this Hengcheng Yinzhou branch?
In the eyes of the people present at Zhang Xuan and others, there was hatred, jealousy, disdain, and deep contempt.
Faced with these different-colored eyes, Zhang Xuan seemed to see nothing, and walked towards a dining table with a relaxed face. The remaining 30 hellwalkers were all without any psychological fluctuations, only the ancestors showed up. It seemed very uncomfortable.
“Be more confident, don’t forget, you are behind the Lin Group. It is easy to buy all the security companies present.” Zhang Xuan patted Zu Xian on the shoulder.
When Zu Xian heard this, his waist straightened subconsciously, but he was still a little dazed in the complicated eyes of these people.

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