Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 87

At this moment, almost everyone, was targeting Zhang Xuan.
“I say Lin Qinghan, ah, your Lin’s, really can use any method, just find a random person, and say such big words?” Boss Wang said with a snicker.
Lin’s group a few business elite in that look dry anxious, they originally thought, this time the project, although by the dawn medical equipment got, but with their level, but still can negotiate down some other rubbish project, but now, by this person so screwed, even if they have a great ability, the medical association people can not receive them again.
A group of doctors looked at Zhang Xuan angrily.
“Kid, this is not a place for you to speak out loud, now, you have to apologize to us, for your wild words, apologize!”
“I spoke out of turn?” Zhang Xuan asked rhetorically, “Do you think that if someone’s medical skills surpass yours, that’s a wild statement?”
“Joke, we are not so petty, but you young man is a little too arrogant.” The doctor named Wang shouted angrily.
“Good, say can surpass my master, the country and how many people, and you are what?” Yan Li that male disciple spoke.
“Get lost! What kind of comedian did Lin find!”
“Get out!”
Such voices were emitted from the seats of those corporate heads.
Seeing such a scene, Zhang Xuan smiled disdainfully and shook his head, “No wonder Chinese medicine is in such decline, you people, arrogant and arrogant, with no one in sight, are simply incorrigible!”
After saying that, Zhang Xuan didn’t even look at these doctors, turned his head and left.
“Kid, you want to just walk away? Today, the entire medical association will seek justice!” Dr. Wang reached out in front of Zhang Xuan and stopped him.
Zhang Xuan raised his eyebrows, “What, you doctors, you want to restrict my personal freedom?”
“I’ll let you apologize!” Dr. Wang stopped in front of Zhang Xuan and threw his voice.
“Apologize for what? You are not allowed to say that someone is better than you in medicine? This is ridiculous.” Zhang Xuan pushed Dr. Wang away.
“You must apologize to my master.” Yan Li’s male disciple also stopped in front of Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan asked with a strange look on his face, “Why? Your master has mediocre medical skills and doesn’t know how to adapt, I’ll be honest, Lin has mastered medical techniques far superior to him, why should I apologize to him?”
“You bullshit!” Yan Li’s disciple cursed and questioned, “How dare you say that my master’s medical skills are mediocre?”
“What? What I said is not right?” Zhang Xuan asked rhetorically.
Inside the circle, a group of physicians and Zhang Xuan argued fiercely, while Lin Qinghan stood in the outer circle, revealing a thoughtful look.
Just now, when the major companies joined forces to suppress Lin’s, the ending was already predetermined, this time the official project cooperation, and Lin’s no chance.
Dawning medical good, they have all the medical equipment purchase channels in Yinzhou, want to build lower than their cost, absolutely impossible, Lin’s to be a thrill, say absolutely lower than the price of Dawning words, it is definitely a loss of money in the future.
But Zhang Xuan’s words, but let things turn around, he is different from the price war in the past, but loudly reprimanded everyone, in the opening of the hospital above only thinking about the price, and say what to spare the shelf medicine on the dust such words, instant medical technology to the high point of this project, so that it gives Lin’s breathing time, from this point and then to negotiate from a professional point of view, when the time, the medical association to put forward the conditions may be, in a limited period of time, can come up with advanced medical technology, will be selected, so that Lin’s will have a high probability of getting the right to cooperate with the official this time.
Zhang Xuan thinking is absolutely no problem, in this point, Lin Qinghan himself want to give him a thumbs up, only, Zhang Xuan still lack of experience, do things impulsively, the words are too full, directly say Lin’s master better medical technology, and more that the level of physicians here is not, but also pulled Yan old man in, so that this cooperation negotiations again into a deadlock.
But no matter what, Lin Qinghan is still happy inside, Zhang Xuan has proved that he is different from the usual thinking, from this point of view, or very nurturing.
For Zhang Xuan, Lin Qinghan’s feelings have changed several times, she is a normal woman, but because of her own experience, so she buried a heart, she is not a stone without feelings, although Zhang Xuan poor, uneducated, but for their own things, Lin Qinghan clear, say not been touched, she does not believe herself.
Now Lin Qinghan, still can not accept the fact that Zhang Xuan is her husband, but also not as repulsive as at first, she has gradually adapted to, this man.
The major physicians on the field, as well as Yan Li’s two disciples, all acted very angry, because this young man in front of them, is too arrogant.
Looking down on old Mr. Yan, that is looking down on the entire Chinese medical profession, what makes him? And what confidence he has to say such words!
“Okay, all stop arguing.” President Ma, who had not spoken much, suddenly reached out his hand, stopping everyone’s angry voices, he looked at Zhang Xuan with the same unhappy face, and spoke, “Little brother, I think you are young and ignorant, those who do not know are not guilty, today this matter, our medical association, will not pursue with you, now, please ask your Lin’s people to leave, our medical association, you are not welcome. ”
As soon as the voice of President Ma fell, in the place where the head of the enterprise was sitting, a big small voice rang out, “Hahaha, get out! Lin’s really can use any means, finding such a kid who doesn’t know the sky is high to come out and say these words, is deliberately disgusting us to come?”
“Not bad! Get lost as soon as possible, you are not welcome here!”
“President Ma, you have seen it, this is Lin, shiny on the outside but more sinister than anyone on the inside!”
Mocking voice after mocking voice rang out.
The face of that elite team of Lin’s was extraordinarily ugly, they were specialized in business and knew very well what kind of nature it was to denigrate a competitor when it came to cooperation, it was definitely an act that made everyone within the industry unashamed.
“Huh.” Zhang Xuan laughed lightly twice, shook his head and paced towards the door of the Chinese medicine hall, “Arrogance ushers in destruction, you guys are so like this, no wonder Chinese medicine is falling so far!”
Lin Qinghan also got up and headed towards the outside of the TCM Museum.
“General Lin, please next time, find some people with brains, originally I thought your Lin’s had made a good move, but in the end, it turned out to be a brain-damaged one, hahahaha!” The smile on Boss Huang’s face could not be concealed at all.
The company’s business is not only a good one, but also a good one.

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