Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 95

Zou Long’s face showed displeasure, “Captain Jin Xin, I don’t understand what you mean, the people in our police force, although they are not as good as the sharp edges, but they are definitely elites, this phrase of yours, white add casualties, seems to be a bit too much.”
“Sorry, I am a person who always speaks straight.” Jin Xin smiled at Zou Long, then waved his hand at Tian Rui.
Tian Rui transformed the image that was placed on the wall.
This time, it was no longer a human figure or any icon, but a picture of a scene in disrepair, with smoke burning in the picture, deep craters all over the ground, a fire burning, limbs all over the ground, format heavy weapons scattered all over the place, and even two tanks that had been blown to bits.
Jin Xin opened his mouth to explain, “This is a private armed base in the Golden Triangle, the base has about four hundred loaded mercenaries, all of them are unblinking role, the base has two armed tanks ready to go, the result in an hour and a half, was swept away by one person, sweeping this private armed base, is the people you just saw, now, you still want to Now, are you going to question what I’m saying about adding casualties for nothing?”
Everyone in the entire conference room had their mouths wide open as they looked at the sight on the wall.
“This ……” Zou Long moved his mouth, but ultimately did not say anything.
Jin Xin said something, has exceeded his perception, this is simply not ordinary police officers can handle the role, indeed, in the face of such a horrible role, ordinary elite, but also completely not people’s opponents, this is a professional war murderer!
Han gentle at the moment, the brain has been completely down, Jin Xin’s words she heard clearly, she has fought black and evil for so many years, but also seen many ruthless people licking blood on the tip of the knife, but these people and Jin Xin narrative things compared, is completely child’s play!
And, Han gentle although only saw the woman’s back, but her heart is 100% sure, that woman, is the prickly peak! The person who came to the night bar today and solved the trouble for himself, Zhang Xuan’s men!
In the meeting, Jin Xin explained to the people present a lot of attention, but Han gentle did not listen to a single word, her mind only thinking of a question, Zhang Xuan in the end what kind of person!
The meeting broke up, Han tender some muddled out of the conference room, towards the police station outside.
The meeting lasted a long time, the sun was already setting in the west, the sky was burning red.
Han tenderness out of the police station door, see a long shadow extended to their feet, she looked along the shadow, saw the owner of the shadow, is Zhang Xuan!
“Out? Go, have a dinner together?” Zhang Xuan put his hands in his pockets and smiled at Han Gentle.
As soon as Han tender saw Zhang Xuan, what Jin Xin said just now instantly appeared in his mind, one person, one and a half hours, destroyed an armed base, that person, or Zhang Xuan’s men!
Han gentle face some unnatural walk to Zhang Xuan, silent for two seconds, spoke: “I have a question to ask you.”
“What, convening an emergency meeting, is someone conveying news to you about Stabbing Peak?” Zhang Xuan smiled and asked with a sense of unpredictability.
Han tenderly asked out subconsciously, “How do you know?”
“Thorn Peak has carried out many missions, is considered to show up more, today to do, will certainly be found, the sharp edge of the people will definitely not sit idly by, this time came to how many captains?” Zhang Xuan face expression without ripples, everything is under control.
“You know that Prickly Peak will be discovered if you make a move?” Han gentle did not answer Zhang Xuan’s question, asked a rhetorical question.
“Definitely will be found, ah, you have not been exposed to this area, do not understand the influence of Stabbing Peak in the international arena, she has always been a key target of the sharp edge search.” Zhang Xuan rested his hand and said rightfully.
Han gentle eyes widened at Zhang Xuan, “Then you still let her …… today”
“I can’t always watch you get into a crisis.” Zhang Xuan bared his teeth and took the initiative to reach out, pulling Han gentle’s arm, “No matter what, you are my woman, from now on, no one can bully you.”
“Stop it!” Han tenderness force to shake off Zhang Xuan’s palm, “I told you clearly today, you have a wife, I do not care to get involved in your family affairs, the other night, also I was drunk, we both just pretend that nothing has happened, you do not move to say that I am your woman, you have the ability to first and the surnamed Lin divorce certificate, and then say these words without shame! ”
“Uh ……” Zhang Xuan face is a little embarrassed, do not know how to answer.
If we talk about fighting, killing, demolition, Zhang Xuan that is a steady heartbeat, eyes do not blink more, but in this area of male and female feelings, he really lacks experience, the previous encounter with those women, we are just a show.
But now, Zhang Xuan’s mentality about feelings, has long changed.
“Come on, don’t freeze, didn’t you say invite me to dinner? Where to eat?” Han gentle face impatient.
“I ordered a small hot pot, see online reviews are not bad.”
“Then go, go get a taxi.” Han tenderly nudged Zhang Xuan.
“Oh.” Zhang Xuan nodded and turned around to run down the road to get a taxi.
Looking at Zhang Xuan’s back, Han Gentle’s impatient face gradually disappeared, between her eyebrows, instead, a happy smile appeared, she could not deny that just when Zhang Xuan said the words you are my woman, her heart was racing.
During the course of the meal, Han gentle did not ask Zhang Xuan identity and other topics, everything seems very normal.
When Zhang Xuan returned home, it was almost nine o’clock at night, he found that Lin Please Han had not yet returned, took a car and went straight to Lin’s group, the whole building was dark, people had long been off work.
Zhang Xuan looked puzzled and called Lin Pleasehan, showing that the other party had turned off the phone.
“What’s the situation?” Lin Invitation Han stood under the building and waited for a while, just about to give Milan a call, then heard a faint ringing sound from upstairs, this sound is extremely tiny, also Zhang Xuan, if another person, simply can not hear.
“Someone is upstairs?” Zhang Xuan’s gaze stared and glanced around.
The main door of the building has been locked, but it is not difficult to defeat Zhang Xuan, looking for a dead end, Zhang Xuan a sprint, a stomp on the floor, the whole person leaped up, picking the second floor window edge, arm and then a force, the whole person has reached the second floor window, his set of movements, flowing like a stream, even if the movie hanging actor, can not do so.
Zhang Xuan used his hand to gently push, the window opened.
“Sure enough.” The corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth showed a smile, this summer, few people will close the window.
From the window, he easily jumped into the building. Once inside the building, Zhang Xuan could hear distinct sounds coming from upstairs, and his past experience made Zhang Xuan not choose to take the elevator, but go up through the stairs.

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