My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 104

The room was quiet for a few seconds. The awkward atmosphere Chuck wanted to explain, but Yvette sighed, “You guys talk slowly, I’m going back…”
She felt a loss in her heart, because Zelda had already lived here and had come back, so why did she stay here?
She walked outside as she said, Chuck chased out anxiously, Zelda, who was standing at the door, was silent and shook his head and smiled bitterly.
Did you come at the wrong time? But I didn’t mean it, I just came to help you, but…
Zelda felt a little empty. As soon as Yvette left, Chuck chased him out. He was still in the parking lot like the last time…
“Yvette, this house is really not…” Chuck chased it out, and Yvette had already pressed the elevator button, and the elevator was slowly coming up.
“Stop talking, you go in and have a good chat with her, I won’t bother, I’m going back.” Yvette said. There is no blame in the tone, and some are just disappointed.
Chuck was helpless, “Yvette.”
“Go back, I’ll just go down by myself, I’m going to the capital tomorrow…”
Yvette said that she called other people this afternoon, and they were all people with similar fame as Ma Dongnan.
One of them was also a classmate Yvette, who also worked as a training company. This was what she saw in the university group. This classmate invited Yvette to visit her company in Beijing and exchange ideas.
She was hesitant at first, but today…just now…she didn’t know what was wrong, and suddenly wanted to go for a walk.
“You are going to the capital?” Chuck was surprised. What did she do in the capital?
“Yes, I want to make money!” Yvette said.
Is this going out for the company? It should be. Chuck stayed at Yvette’s company for an afternoon, and saw Yvette’s phone call all the time. She really took care of the company.
“I can give you money if you want, how much do you want?” Chuck said.
“I don’t want, don’t…”
Yvette shook her head, feeling a little touched in her heart, but… she didn’t say the words behind her heart. You are Zelda’s money, I don’t want…
“It’s my money.” Chuck emphasized that Yvette must have misunderstood again.
Yvette was moved that he didn’t use Zelda’s money and gave me the money for your part-time job, right?
Save this money, don’t spend it randomly.
“I don’t want it either, keep it by myself.” Yvette shook his head.
Chuck was really helpless.
“I will be back in three days. You will study hard these three days, because the exam is about to take place.” Yvette became serious when he mentioned this.
Chuck nodded, but smiled bitterly, “I may not pass the test,”
His grades were not good, and now it’s useless to sharpen his gun.
“This is your own business.” Yvette was angry when he mentioned this. How many days have been absent from school during this period? Have you been with Zelda all the time?
Take my class with her?
The elevator door opened, Yvette walked in, Chuck also planned to come in, Yvette shook his head, “Farewell, you go back, I’ll be fine, I haven’t drunk, remember, I must pass the exam! ”
The elevator door closed, Yvette went directly downstairs, got out of the elevator and walked out of the complex, she got into the car and sighed…
Did you miss something?
Yvette suddenly felt that someone who had belonged to him for more than ten years had become someone else’s. You must know that the two of them slept together for so many years, although they didn’t do anything, but…
How did Chuck call his own wife before, but…
Yvette was entangled and helpless, her eyes became firm, I want to make money by myself! Become as rich as Zelda! !

Chuck returned to the room. Zelda just came out of Chuck’s house. The two looked at each other and Chuck was embarrassed.
“Thinking about it now?” Zelda asked.
Of course Chuck understands what this means. This is what Zelda said during the day and night to help herself solve it. She did not feel embarrassed and forget it now.
When Chuck didn’t meet Yvette, Chuck really thought, really wanted, but now Chuck is not in the mood.
“It’s fine next time,” Chuck could only say so, as he saw a touch of disappointment in Zelda’s eyes.
“En.” Zelda sighed in her heart and returned to her house.
She is leaning against the door of the room. If Chuck and Yvette are together, then she might not have the opportunity to help him solve it again…
Yvette will help him…

Chuck was lying on the bed, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. He wondered if he should also go to the capital? Anyway, Yvette has passed. If he goes too, wouldn’t it be a chance to be alone with Yvette?
Chuck took out his cell phone and called Betty.
The call is connected.
“Sister Li, Yvette will go to the capital tomorrow, please help me pay attention to her whereabouts…”
“Okay, don’t worry, Master, I will pay attention, Master, do you need to book a first-class ticket to Beijing tomorrow?” Betty asked.
Chuck hesitated, maybe he was uncertain, and I’ll talk about it tomorrow. He hasn’t decided whether to go. If he does, will Yvette be surprised?

Chuck went to school early in the morning, and when he asked, he knew that Yvette had asked the school for two days off. She really went to the capital, really for the company.
Chuck didn’t even bother to go to school without seeing Yvette. He returned to the square and discussed the square with Yolanda. This discussion was in the afternoon. Yolanda asked when Zelda would come to see the shop? That person was very interested, and Chuck could only send a message to Zelda so that she could take the time to come over and take a look.
Zelda returned the message, saying that he would be here these two days.
I could hear that Zelda’s voice changed a little. Maybe he had a cold. Chuck wondered if he should visit her at night? But after thinking about it carefully, forget it, now Chuck doesn’t know how to deal with the relationship with Zelda.
Chuck was about to go back and press the elevator down, but he pressed the wrong one. Pressing to the first floor and the elevator door opened, Chuck could only press the negative one. At this time, Lara actually walked in and saw Chuck actually press the negative one. Floor, this is the parking lot.
Lara despised, she really wanted to fight Chuck, because the “Baller” really ignored her.
“You don’t have a car, what are you doing at the negative level? Did you show it to me on purpose?” Lara mocked, really funny!
Chuck glanced at her, too lazy to care about her.
When we reached the negative floor, she walked out directly, Lara despised, “What is the force without a car, see if you want to come over like a dog and take the elevator again?”
Lara pressed down the third floor angrily. She was going to find Lu Yuwen. She watched Chuck go out. She took the elevator directly. She didn’t believe that Chuck would have a car. I don’t know if this guy has a driver’s license, but…
She found out that her cousin was really wrong yesterday. She was out of mind and seemed to be thinking of someone. She was surprised. Did her cousin Charlotte really like Chuck? She felt unable to understand.
She rushed out hesitantly, just when she heard the roar of a car going out, and Chuck was no longer there. Lara was surprised. Where did this guy hide? Is there really a car? Impossible, why does he have a car?
Lara despised, it must be Yolanda, this guy really can eat soft food!
Lara can only go up the elevator again, she is Lu Yuwen’s office.
“Something?” Yolanda put down his work.
“What do you like about Chuck?” Lara asked curiously.
Yolanda is speechless. She has no feelings for Chuck. It is purely the relationship between the boss and the employees. She only relieved Chuck last time, so she said that she liked Chuck.
But when she thought about it, she didn’t feel any sense of this aspect, she just took him as the boss.
“You don’t need to care about this, you have something to say.”
Lara asked, “I saw Chuck go to the parking lot just now, did he take your car out to pretend to be a force?”
“What do you want to ask?” Yolanda frowned.
“That said, I’m right. Chuck really took your car out? Be careful. You haven’t driven the car before. You may damage your car. If you come back, you won’t be able to add fuel.” Lara Say, borrow someone else’s car and drag him to the sky?
You ignored yourself in the elevator just now? Really, don’t you have to pay no attention to letting you have a car?
“Don’t worry about it.” Yolanda didn’t want to care about her.
Lara snorted softly.
And Chuck came out of the parking lot. What he didn’t realize was that he happened to be seen driving by himself. This person was immediately shocked…

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