My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 103

Yvette didn’t mean anything else, she just wanted to see how Chuck lived? How can I say that when I lived together, she handled the hygiene in the room alone, so she was comfortable living cleanly.
He is a boy, now he moved out, it may be messy, Yvette wants to help clean up, but what is his identity to help him?
Yvette didn’t know what to think.
The two didn’t have a marriage certificate, but they slept together for more than ten years. When they slept together at night, they would definitely bump into each other when they fell asleep. Yvette has actually refused it in the past few years, because Yvette was 16 or 17 years old. In fact, I was thinking of giving Chuck a chance, but…
She felt that she had given Chuck so many opportunities and didn’t touch herself at night. She was very disappointed with Chuck. She didn’t touch herself after sleeping together. Was it not enough to be tempting?
At that time, Yvette hated sleeping with Chuck. The two were married and did nothing all night. Zelda felt very ashamed because she did not attract him.
Do you have to take the initiative? ?
How can women take the initiative in such things?
Yvette was very disappointed with Chuck and felt that they should be separated from each other, but… Recently, Chuck is changing and is secretly looking at herself. This is a man’s instinct. Shouldn’t a man’s eyes look at women?
Yvette, who had been disappointed for so long, felt that there was another glimmer of hope, which showed that she was still attractive in Chuck’s eyes. Yvette thought about it for a long time, and she was very entangled.
In other words, Chuck was also the one who slept together since childhood. The feeling is indescribable. She is wondering whether to live together again and get to know each other again, to see if it is suitable or not.
Yvette sighed.
Chuck heard that Yvette was going to his house, Chuck was helpless. You must know that Yvette thought he was living in a village in the city. How to do this?
Now when Yvette hasn’t had a strong affection for Chuck, Chuck cheated her by saying that before. Yvette will definitely be very angry. Maybe the two will never have a chance again.
Chuck hesitated again and again, shook his head and said it’s all right next time.
Yvette looked at Chuck with a complicated expression. Is this rejection?
Then why are you looking at your butt? And it was found twice.
And what does it mean to keep looking at your hands just now? Didn’t make nails myself!
Yvette had disappointment in his eyes and was about to drive away. Chuck was entangled in his heart, “Yvette, it’s not that I didn’t take you to my house…”
Yvette stopped, and Chuck continued, “I, I don’t actually live here.”
“You won’t live here? Where do you live?” Yvette was surprised, what’s the matter? Chuck has the money to live elsewhere?
“Over there.” Chuck pointed to a place where he lived.
He hesitated and felt that he shouldn’t give up this opportunity for the two to stay together. Yvette took the initiative just now. Although Chuck could see, there was no such thought in her eyes, she just went and took a look. .
But this is also a small progress, and Chuck really doesn’t want to give up this opportunity.
“Over there?” Yvette was surprised. This is a very expensive neighborhood in the city. Where does Chuck live? She glanced at Chuck again, “When did you move in? Why didn’t you say it?”
Chuck was helpless, Yvette had never thought that she could buy it all with the money, she should think she was renting a house.
Chuck can only say just these few days.
“Then why don’t you tell me directly, where do you live?” Yvette asked.
Chuck shook his head and didn’t know how to answer. Yvette was silent, and Chuck was anxious, “Yvette, go to my house and sit down.”
Yvette hesitated. She stared at Chuck with an eager look. Is this nervous about herself?
Yvette nodded for three seconds after being silent, “En.”
She parked the car, Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, Yvette got out of the car, and Chuck took him to the opposite community.
Yvette had never been to this community because it was too expensive. When she bought a house at that time, she knew it was super expensive, but she didn’t expect Chuck to live here.
The two took the elevator upstairs. The elevator door opened. Chuck took the key out and opened the door. Yvette looked in and was immediately surprised. How well decorated inside? How much does it cost a month?
Yvette walked in and forgot to close the door for a while.
Because she did not expect Chuck to live here, and live in such a big house, she walked in, surprised in her eyes, Chuck poured her a cup of hot water.
Yvette sat down.
Living in such a big house in this community, is this… the place Zelda gave him to live? Yvette suddenly thought of this question, who else besides Zelda?
Yvette thought so, and suddenly felt ashamed. Zelda was able to live in such a good place for Chuck. It was completely better than his previous house. The gap between them… Then the two of them Are they living together?
Yvette suddenly felt a little unclear in his heart, and felt a little panicked.
“Are you used to living?” Yvette asked softly.
“Very good, this community is very good, and it’s very comfortable to live in,” Chuck smiled, sincerely, this community is really very good, the facilities and the quality of the residents are very high. I have lived for this time. There is basically nothing bad.
Chuck didn’t regret buying this house, and Chuck paid special attention to it. The housing price of the community has risen recently, which shows that his first investment is profitable.
Yvette sighed in his heart
You used to live in my house, why didn’t you say how good it was to live? At that time, I lived in a room, even though you slept on the floor, but… you don’t need to deal with all the hygiene in the house, you just need to live, and you can eat, although you rarely cook…
“That’s good.” Yvette was silent.
Not confident, Zelda can give him such a good one, can he give it? I can’t give it. She is still renting an apartment. She sighed in her heart and scanned her eyes to see if there is any mess in the room. After helping to clean up, she can go back, but it feels very tidy. It seems that Zelda should also live here. So what’s the point of staying alone?
Yvette stood up, “Well, I’m going back.”
Chuck was anxious. He didn’t want to do anything, but he didn’t say a few words. Why did Yvette leave?
“Yvette, what’s the matter with you? Sit for a while, and you are not in a hurry.” Chuck was helpless, he wanted to talk to Yvette, and look at her.
“I…” Yvette sighed, “Zelda lived in this house for you, right?”
Chuck Yizheng was speechless. Yvette didn’t think he rented a house, but thought that Zelda lived for him. Chuck doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh, is Yvette eating Zelda’s soft rice for himself? So I live in such a big house?
Chuck shook his head, “It’s not…”
But… before Chuck finished speaking, the door was pushed open, and a voice came in, “Chuck, why is your door open? Did you forget? Although the community is safe, you can’t do that. Ah You……”
Zelda opened the door and walked in, then the three of them were stunned.
Zelda just came back, thinking that he had made an agreement with Chuck to help him at his own house? She came back early, ready to prepare. In fact, there is no extra preparation, just manicure, can’t it hurt him?
But when she came out of the elevator door just now, she saw that Chuck’s door was actually open. Did she forget? She wondered if Chuck deliberately wanted to stimulate, so she deliberately opened the door and wanted to let herself in?
Zelda was entangled. She bit her lip or pushed the door in, but she actually saw Chuck and Yvette…
But Chuck was speechless. As soon as he denied it, Zelda opened the door and came in. Doesn’t it make sense that this house belongs to Zelda? How can I explain it myself?
Chuck felt that he couldn’t wash himself by jumping into the Yellow River in such a moment.
Yvette was shocked. She heard Chuck explain that what she wanted to hear most was that it was not Zelda’s, but he rented it himself. Then she would feel much better, but…Zelda has come in. Can it?
Yvette sighed, the two of them are together, otherwise Chuck won’t live in such a good community, and Zelda won’t be here…

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