My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 108

Susan Sun’s words made Yvette conquer. She asked herself to change her boyfriend?
She sighed, how would she change now? Chuck and Zelda are living together, do they still have the right to change?
“No, I won’t change it,” Yvette shook his head.
She also didn’t know what she thought in her heart. Chuck was different now and changed. He didn’t dare to touch him when he slept on a bed before. Now he is changing and he starts to look at his body like a man.
Possibly, Chuck will do something to himself that day. Will he refuse?
After all, I used to have expectations when I was fifteen or sixteen years old, but after the constant disappointment, Yvette really couldn’t figure out what he thought.
However, she didn’t want to let go. She was five or six years older than Chuck, and she took care of her by herself.
“Why don’t you change it? Yvette, don’t wrong yourself anymore. What do you think you are doing now? You only rent a thousand for a necklace. This kind of necklace is not worthy of yours!” Susan Sun said bitterly.
“This necklace is good,” Yvette whispered softly. Although this necklace is not as beautiful as one rents for tens of thousands a night, it is good.
“What’s so good? Your temperament is not expensive to wear several million necklaces.”
“It’s really good,” Yvette repeated.
She understood what Susan Sun meant and asked herself to find a rich person. She had thought about this before, why is she so tired? When she was studying, there was no shortage of suitors at all, but Yvette felt that since she was Chuck’s wife, and she slept together every day, she went out to look for it, what was that?
Not obedient to women! She felt very sick.
She has been insisting, but Chuck’s weakness has made her unable to persist for the past two years. She is thinking of separating, but she never expected that Chuck has changed and is a little man…
“Yvette, everyone is a woman, how are you doing well, can’t I see if you are also a woman? Now I haven’t seen your boyfriend, but seeing you now, I am very special to your boyfriend Disappointed, really, very disappointed! Such a man, I will never be with him, not for a day, Yvette, tell me the truth, will your boyfriend give you money every month?” Susan Sun Said seriously.
“Why did he give me money? Although I don’t make much, but I have enough, he doesn’t need to give me money,” Yvette shook his head.
In fact, Chuck’s tuition is paid by Yvette every year.
“Then I didn’t give it? Oh my God! What else would you do with such a man?” Susan Sun was surprised!
Is Yvette still raising her man? This is really ruining the three views, a big man actually wants a woman to raise? Why is this so shameless?
“Don’t be so loud.” Yvette covered Susan Sun’s mouth.
“Yvette, what do you picture? Is he very powerful?” Susan Sun looked weird.
Yvette blushed slightly, she didn’t know.
But when you go to bed at night, you will inevitably bump into it. Yvette can still feel some of the characteristics that young men should have.
In addition, Chuck usually runs to school in the morning. There is exercise. Susan Sun said that Chuck should be okay. This is what Yvette thinks. After all, she knows that Chuck, like her, has no experience. .
“Don’t talk nonsense.” Yvette is gone. When the women talk, they may talk about topics that she doesn’t understand. She doesn’t have any experience, and she will definitely not be able to talk about those things.
“Don’t talk nonsense, then what are you trying to do with him? You told me.”
“I…I, I myself can’t tell you clearly. I used to think he couldn’t do it, but he has changed recently…” Yvette said.
In my mind, the scene where Chuck appeared at the door of the classroom after cutting his hair slowly came to mind. It turned out that my husband was very handsome…
Yvette couldn’t help laughing, and Susan Sun was surprised. Is this a nympho? Is it because he is handsome?
But is he handsome enough to serve as a meal? Can you make more money?
Can’t! Unless you find a woman to eat soft rice.
Susan Sun said, Yvette was silent for a second and then shook his head, “No, he didn’t eat soft rice. He worked very hard. He went to a restaurant to work part-time, some to an agency, and recently he went to a square to work part-time… He actually works very hard, but I haven’t seen this before…”
Yvette said in the end, her voice was softened, because the accumulated disappointment with Chuck made her miss a lot…
“Part-time? You don’t even have a serious job?” Susan Sun was surprised.
“No, he still learns…”
“What to learn? Learn to work? I told Yvette that this is a damn excuse for a man who doesn’t want to work! Your boyfriend is a soft man with a reputation for learning technology and things. In fact, he doesn’t want to work. , Let women raise trash!” Susan Sun interrupted Yvette directly.
“Don’t talk about him like that!” Yvette shook his head.
“Well, I don’t want to talk about your boyfriend anymore, I’m too lazy to talk about it, but I advise you, you’d better change a boyfriend… OK, don’t be angry, you can choose another necklace.”
“No, I’ll do this.” Yvette shook his head.
Susan Sun was helpless. She just paid directly. Yvette told the salesperson that it was this one. The salesperson glanced at Yvette and said provocatively, “Beauty, your friends have ordered the one for the 13th night. Or you can set a similar price.”
“No need, just this one,” Yvette said.
“Beauty, take a look again. Are you going to the party with your friends? It’s best to wear a more expensive one, otherwise it’s not so good-looking. Besides, your friends have ordered 13,000, and you can’t It’s too bad, isn’t the difference a big deal? It will make you a beautiful green leaf for your friend.” The salesperson said with a smile.
“No, thank you, just this one.” Yvette said.
The salesperson looked at Yvette contemptuously and muttered in his heart
No one rented these more than a thousand ones, because it was so bad, I didn’t expect that someone would have taken a fancy to it today. It’s really… I don’t have money, so what party to go to?
Being looked down upon, Yvette sighed, swiped the card and paid the money, and also pressed the 30,000 deposit.
From here, she was silent.
She felt that it was just for one night, and it didn’t have to be that expensive. What’s more, she is very tight now, and she still owes 500,000 “Ballers”!
She even dare not spend money randomly.
She went home with Susan Sun, and then Susan Sun asked Yvette to choose by herself. She often attended this kind of party, so there were many dresses.
Yvette chose the most common one. This was hers. Of course, he couldn’t choose too good one. Susan Sun had no choice but to change their clothes.
Everyone is a woman, of course there is nothing to avoid. After they changed their dresses, Susan Sun was surprised. She saw Yvette’s figure just now. She only wanted to say two words, “Fuck!”
He is really a liar Yvette’s boyfriend, a soft rice man can have such a beautiful girlfriend!
Susan Sun sighed, this is a flower inserted in the cow dung.
The two cleaned up, and Susan Sun drove Yvette to the hotel held by the Chamber of Commerce.
When we arrived at the hotel, we could already see some luxury cars. The two came out of the car and headed to the chamber of commerce. The scene was a bit lively. Many bosses came. The chamber of commerce was small, but it still attracted many people.
Yvette doesn’t know him, but Susan Sun took Yvette to know some people. Yvette is good at promoting his training company. In other words, everyone runs a company and there are always employees to train.
Susan Sun knew a lot of people, and Yvette was grateful for the generous introduction.
Chuck wandered around Susan Sun’s company. This scale was about five times larger than Yvette’s. Chuck watched for a long time, and couldn’t help it. He went in and asked if Susan Sun was there? But the staff said they had already left.
Chuck was surprised, what’s the matter? Where did you go? He called Betty in doubt.
“Master, please wait a moment.” Betty’s voice was in the phone.
Chuck said yes, less than a minute later, Betty’s voice continued to speak on the phone, “Master, Yvette went to Sun Shangxiang to join a chamber of commerce.”

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