My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 18

Chuck Cannon was surprised by Lara Jean’s words. She had always been dismissive of him.
The only reason Lara had agreed to lend money to Chuck was because she had made an agreement with him for him to pay her back double if he couldn’t pay up on time. Despite it being an extremely ruthless deal, the truth was without this condition, she would never have agreed to lend Chuck Cannon any money even if he begged her to.
Was it not possible for Lara who looked down on him to say something like that? Chuck looked at Lara doubtfully. Lara was also anxious and even felt ashamed.
Lara was already furious that Conrad Lee had left her alone. She suddenly found out that her boyfriend was a wimp, not even willing to stand up for his girlfriend when she is hurt. Compared to Chuck, Conrad was as timid as a mouse!
Just like this, Lara suddenly found that if Chuck could know such a boss like Zelda Maine, he probably had hidden talent. In addition, she was really scared now, so she really needed Chuck to put in a good word for her to Zelda. Moreover, when she seduced Chuck just now, he had seen most of her body. So Lara gave an excuse that she was reluctantly giving him some benefit.
Zelda rolled her beautiful eyes and smiled.
“Say something!”
Lara’s face was burning with shame. She thought Chuck was doing it on purpose, what type of men wouldn’t gobble a pretty lady if offered to them willingly? She knew it well, the reason why he didn’t speak to her was to embarrass her. Did he want to make her say it more straightforwardly?
The more Lara thought about it, the angrier she became. “I will have sex with you, do you understand? As long as you can put in a good word for me, my body is yours to play with tonight!”
Chuck wanted to laugh just now. He never thought Lara would say such sexually explicit words, to offend to have sex with him so that he could put in a good word for her. The main point was that Zelda was extremely mad at the moment and Chuck didn’t actually know her for long.
Maybe Zelda would do him a favour and let her off the hook, but this would break the newly made friendship between the two. They would probably become less acquainted and slowly become strangers, and it just wasn’t worth it.
Chuck shook his head helplessly. “You can talk about it yourself. I can’t help you.”
“You!” Lara was angry. “You are really a loser. Go to hell!”
Lara was furious and at the same time fearful towards Zelda, pleading to her in a small, timid voice, “Director Maine, I really know I was wrong. I won’t say that again.”
Chuck felt helpless upon seeing Lara teary-eyed face. After all, he had borrowed money from her last time. Although it was over the top, she had temporarily solved his meal problems. It was better to say a few words.
Chuck started, “Sister Zelda….”
“You don’t have to say anything else. Since you have already spoken, let’s forget about it this time.” Zelda said.
“Thank you, Director Maine!” Lara was so surprised that she almost cried. She was relieved. If a rich person like Zelda decided to keep a watch on her, she might not be able to live out her university life peacefully.
“You should thank him, not me”, said Zelda coldly.
Lara looked towards Chuck and gaped in awkwardness. She thought that he wouldn’t have said anything for her, but he actually did. It was complicated for her, as she felt both ashamed of herself and surprised.
She whispered, “Thank you, thank you. I’ll call you later.”
Lara ran out with a red face. Chuck, on the other hand hoped that he would never receive her call.
Zelda smiled, “I still don’t know your name.”
“Chuck Cannon.”
“Chuck Cannon?” Zelda was surprised. She had never heard of such name, which meant that he wasn’t in the upper class that she knew. Who were Chuck’s parents? She was curious.
“Then I’ll just call you by your name in the future”, Zelda announced after a brief moment.
The two of then then added each other on WeChat. Zelda’s beautiful eyes twinkled as she changed the topic. “Wasn’t that beautiful woman waiting for you?”
Chuck nodded. He had already noticed that this clever woman had seen through him.
“Then why don’t you go meet her?” Zelda asked curiously.
“It’s complicated.” Chuck sighed. He didn’t want to say that Yvette was his child bride.
“Well, I need to go now, enjoy yourself.”
Chuck nodded. He was also ready to pay the bill, so the two of them came out together. Chuck saw that Yvette Jordan who was well dressed was still waiting. He had no choice but to go outside.
When they were paying the bill at the counter, Zelda offered to treat Chuck to a meal. However, Chuck shook his head and declined her offer politely. He said that it was not right for her to treat him to a meal when they had just known each other. After all, this was Zelda’s business.
Chuck surprised Zelda even further by his polite speech and nice attitude. Who were his parents? He was young and knew how to handle affairs. In the future, he was bound to have greater achievements!
She was thinking whether she should invite him to the party the day after tomorrow? Let’s wait and see, Zelda thought.
“Sister Zelda, I’ll go back first then.” Chuck said.
Chuck walked out.
Zelda glanced at Yvette, who was in a daze. Then, she beckoned a staff to come over and ordered the staff to make a steak in the kitchen. Soon, the staff came over with the cooked steak. Zelda took it and placed it in front of Yvette.
Yvette came to her senses, shook her head and said, “I haven’t ordered anything yet.”
“Someone treated you!” Zelda said.
“A treat? Could it be….” Yvette was pleasantly surprised. He’s here?
She looked around and did not see the person she had imagined. She asked, “Where is this person?”
“You’ve seen him in the VIP room just now.”
Yvette was stunned. So this was a treat from Chuck? Where did he get so much money? This cost more than eight hundred dollars.
“Is he using a credit card?” Yvette asked carefully.
“A credit card? He doesn’t need a credit card.”
Yvette understood. She did not know how or why Chuck befriended Zelda. Since they were friends, how could Lara charge him for this steak?
“Really?” Lara shook her head. Apart from making Yvette feel a little surprised today, she didn’t think that Chuck was not as ‘simple’ as she had thought. He has always been simple.
“Yes.” Zelda nodded and turned to leave.
Yvette was silent. She lowered her head and just continued staring at the steak, not attempting to take a bite out of it. She was determined to wait for the “baller” today….
However, this restaurant was about to close at ten o’clock, so she had no choice but to pay the bill and leave disappointedly. She drove back without eating anything. After she went back, she stared at her prettily dressed up self in the mirror and felt wronged. She took out her mobile phone and stared at her WeChat. After a brief hesitation, she decided to have a video call with the “Baller.”
She clicked “call”, but the other party immediately refused. Yvette was slightly taken aback, at least the “baller” was still there, but why was he always ignoring her? The “baller” had transferred 200,000 dollars a few days ago, but now he was ignoring her again. The huge difference made her anxious. Did she do something wrong?
Yvette pondered silently. After thinking about it for a long time, she sent a message on WeChat, “Baller, did I do something wrong?”
Chuck had already driven back and was staring at Yvette’s WeChat message on the sofa, thinking of what to reply. What should he say? After thinking for a long time, he could only reply, “You did nothing wrong. I just don’t want to see anyone today.”
Yvette immediately replied. “Alright, let’s talk about it tomorrow.”
Yvette was a little surprised to see his message since he was replying to her. She lay on the bed and started imagining, what would this generous man who was willing to give her 200,000 dollars look like?
Chuck did not reply and put down his phone. He was just about to bath and go to bed when his mobile phone rang. He looked at it and was wide eyed. Why was Lara still calling him? Did she still want to trick him?
Chuck didn’t pick it up and let it ring on its own. But after a minute, Lara called again. Chuck could only pick it up. “What do you want?”
“Chuck, I don’t owe others a favor. I said that I will sleep with you today, so I will sleep with you. Come out and get a room. I don’t mind.” Lara was conflicted for a few hours but eventually, she still called him. She did not want him to look down upon her. She had to do what she said.
“There’s no need.” Chuck quickly replied. He had better not provoke someone like Lara.
“Chuck, stop pretending! I remember when I bent down in the classroom last time, I saw you looking at my chest. How dare you say you don’t want to sleep with me?” Lara was angry. But before she could finish her sentence, Chuck hung up the phone.
Lara was so mad that she called him again. Instead, she found that she had been blacklisted by Chuck. She scolded furiously. “What a loser, not even taking up the chance graciously although I offered. You deserve to use your hands for the rest of your life! I did what I said, but it’s you who didn’t accept the offer. Don’t blame me.”
Lara muttered angrily, and then walked into the girl’s dormitory. She was feeling a little strange regarding this. Why was Chuck acting differently now?

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