My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 17

Hearing Yvette Jordan’s question, Zelda Maine rolled her eyes and looked at Chuck Cannon calmly. She found he was a little nervous and puzzled.
Why was he nervous? He was driving a car worth more than two million dollars, did he still want to keep a low profile?
Despite knowing, she helped him cover up. “I can’t answer that. Anyway, this gentleman is a nice person. I will definitely make friends with him.”
Chuck heaved a sigh of relief.
Yvette glanced at Chuck inadvertently. She had known him for many years, but she had never felt he was good. However, his calmness today really surprised Yvette. Maybe he was really changing.
“Why didn’t you take notice of this gentleman?” Zelda asked curiously.
Yvette shook her head and walked out without saying a word.
Zelda thought of something and immediately called out, “Miss, my staff said that you’ve been waiting for someone for a long time. You’d better ask him if he’ll come. It’s not a good idea to continue waiting like this.”
Yvette stopped and said, “I’ll wait!”
After that, she went out. Lara Jean and Conrad Lee were confused. Who was their teacher waiting for?
Yvette sat down again and took our her mobile phone. Seeing that Baller hadn’t replied to her message on WeChat, her face darkened. She just wanted to treat him to a meal to thank him. Why didn’t he show up? Why aren’t you replying to me?
Zelda shook her head slightly. She could tell that Yvette dressed up deliberately. Was it a date? Did the man skip the appointment?
She rolled her eyes and suddenly noticed that Chuck was acting weirdly, his eyes glued to the leaving figure of the woman just now. Was the lady just now waiting for him?
Zelda raised an eyebrow at Chuck questioningly. Chuck coughed and his expression returned to normal. Zelda’s lips twitched as she realized the truth. She was really waiting for him, but why didn’t he go to meet her then?
“Do you have anything else to say?” Zelda asked Lara Jean.
“Is he really your friend?” Lara asked cautiously. How did Chuck manage to befriend someone so amazing? She was really envious.
“Yes.” Zelda said seriously.
Chuck felt strange. He was really surprised that Zelda would come in, even going as far as to defend him. After all, the two of them had only met when he parked the car. Their meeting could only be classified a fleeting moment, they couldn’t possibly be friends like this.
“Since I’m his friend, can you give me a VIP title?” Lara asked expectantly. If she had a VIP title from Modern Restaurant, ir would be so glorious for her at university.
“You are his friend?” Zelda asked sarcastically. “You are his friend, yet you sneered at him just now?”
“It’s not sarcasm at all if it’s true. I mean, look at his clothes, you can tell that he’s a waiter”, Lara was dissatisfied.
“Waiter?” Zelda was amused at Lara’s absurd logic. A man driving a car of more than two million dollars was a waiter? What was this woman thinking?
“Although he is not a waiter here, he could also be a waiter somewhere else too! He is just lucky to have met a friend like you, otherwise, how can he have a VIP title here?” Lara continued to pick on Chuck mercilessly.
“Miss, do you know that he drives…..” Zelda couldn’t bear to listen any longer and started to say. She stopped suddenly when Chuck rushed over and signaled for her to stop.
“He drives what?” Lara asked disdainfully.
Zelda shook her head and said it’s nothing. Lara continued to beg shamelessly, “Can’t you give me a VIP title?”
“No!” Zelda refused at once.
“Don’t pretend. Since you can give VIP titles to people like him, why can’t you give it to me? I won’t come to your restaurant again! What’s so great about it?” Lara snorted in annoyance and dragged Conrad out of the room.
Zelda’s eyes knitted strongly as her tone suddenly dropped. “What did you say?”
“I said that since a person like him has a VIP title, why can’t I have it? Aren’t I a hundred times better than him?” Lara was stubborn.
“Your mouth is a hundred times fouler than his, isn’t it?” Zelda said.
“You….” Lara was angry. Was she trying to say she had a foul mouth?
“Oh, I know. Don’t tell me, you are actually Chuck’s mistress, aren’t you? That’s why you’ve been helping him all this while, he is your gigolo boy. No wonder a loser boy like him has a VIP title. Turns out you two are lovers, but don’t you feel that you rich bastard have bad taste?” Lara said scornfully. Once he heard her words, Conrad knew she shouldn’t have said that. After all, she was speaking to the owner of Modern Restaurant!
Conrad secretly nudged Lara.
“Stop pulling me.” Lara said condescendingly, “I must be right!”
“That’s enough, Lara!” Chuck said coldly. He didn’t want to pay attention to her just now, but she actually had the audacity to mess with the boss?
Zelda raised her hand and slapped Lara. “Why are you such a bi*ch?”
Chuck was stunned. This woman…. was really fierce!
Lara had been spoiled since she was a child, and had never been beaten before, what more to be slapped. The pain she felt on her face induced a sense of shame within her and she cried out wrongfully, “Why did you hit me?”
“Because you’re a bi*ch!” Zelda’s look was as cold as an ice queen. For a moment, her demeanor as a boss had crushed Lara’s self pity and sense of superiority to the ground.
“Conrad, did you see that? She hit me, she hit me. Come on, hit her!” Lara took Conrad’s hand and pouted.
“Lara, let’s go.” Conrad tried to pull Lara away. His father’s small company was counting on such big bosses like Zelda. He would never have the guts to offend her.
“What do you mean ‘go’? Didn’t you see your poor girlfriend being slapped? Why are you so timid? Help me get back at her!” Lara was so furious that she threw a temper at Conrad.
“Are you leaving or not?” Conrad glared at Lara.
“No!” Lara sat down directly in an effort to make Conrad stay.
“Who asked you to be so bitchy? She is a big boss, how dare you talk about her like that? Do you want to ruin your father’s business? Be careful, she will definitely take her revenge on you”, Conrad said cruelly.
“I am not leaving!”
“Okay, I will go if you don’t!” Conrad loosened his grip and walked out after apologizing to Zelda. He didn’t want to offend her. If this went on, his father’s company would be jeopardised if Zelda had her eyes on him.
Lara was dumbfounded. She did not expect Conrad to really leave. The great sense of shame caused Lara to burst into tears. “Conrad, you are a good-for-nothing! Break up, break up!”
After clearing her head, Lara stood up and also realized that Conrad’s words were reasonable. The boss of Modern Restaurant must be wealthy. She must have millions in assets, and Lara’s family could not afford to provoke her. What if she spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to find someone to deal with her? After all, she had heard of such news before.
The more she thought about it, the more scared she became. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she cried out to Zelda, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry….”
“I’m pretty sure you’re looking for hell!” Zelda’s eyes were as cold as the depths of Antarctica, and they stared deep into Lara’s soul. This was the type of gaze that was full of the power of someone who had survived in the cruel business world, which made Lara cry even harder.
“I’m sorry, I was a bi*ch just now. Everything was my fault, please don’t come after me…..”
Seeing Zelda’s cold expression, Lara came over to plead with Chuck, “Chuck, you are her friend. Can you speak up for me? I know I was wrong, I really am sorry.”
Chuck wanted nothing to do with this. After all, Zelda was such a powerful boss with both a fearful temper and a limited fuse. Lara was already lucky that Zelda didn’t take out her phone to call someone.
“Chuck, say something. After all, I’m your classmate. Please help me”, Lara tugged on Chuck’s sleeve.
“You are just taking revenge on me. You could just say a word but you are not!” Lara started to make a scene.
Chuck had no choice but to ignore her. He had already met Yvette and his purpose was achieved. He could pay the bill and go back. He said, “Thank you, Director Maine.”
“Call me Zelda.” Zelda’s expression softened.
“This is inappropriate, isn’t it?” Chuck hurriedly shook his head. She was a boss with status, so it was definitely not appropriate to call her directly. He could only ask, “Why don’t I call you Sister Zelda?”
“That’s fine!” Zelda smiled.
Lara saw it and hurried over, “I’m sorry, Director Maine, I’m sorry….”
Zelda’s expression immediately darkened. If she had followed her previous temper, Lara would have already been sent to the hospital. How dare she say this to her! If her father heard this, Lara would be much more miserable!
“Chuck, please put in a good word for me, okay?”
Lara grabbed Chuck’s hand, but he just shook his head. This was not something he could have a say in. He just wanted to laugh. How could he help?
As Zelda’s expression continued to darken like rainclouds, Lara’s heart sank. She gritted her teeth and begged, “Chuck, why are you such a jerk? Do you really want me to beg you with tears? Well, if you put in a good word for me, I’ll leave with you tonight. Is this enough?”

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