My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 210

Murong Qing had a dream, that a man who couldn’t see his face saved herself, and then she had a dream with this man…
It’s crazy.
She felt very cold, she woke up from this dream, opened her eyes, she was horrified, where is this?
Mountain area? Was he taken to the mountain and locked up? Murong Qing got up and plopped. Her legs were numb. She looked down and saw that she was actually sitting in a basin. This is…
Murong Qing discovered that his clothes were intact, what’s the matter? Didn’t you get fucked by that bastard assistant? Murong qing tried to get up. She checked her body. She was numb and swollen. How could she tell?
Murong Qing shook her head, she tried to remember what happened last night.
When she found out she was drugged, she escaped, and when she ran away, she met someone who seemed to have killed the assistant. Then what happened?
“My head, my head hurts? What did I hit when I got it up?” Murong Qing touched his head, hurting.
Where is this place? The bed, the TV, is it a small hotel?
This person brought himself to the small hotel? Murong qing felt that his scalp was numb, and at least he had to open a hotel. How could he come to such a place?
Murong Qing’s clothes are intact, but he doesn’t know if he has been fucked by this person. Murong qing sighs. There should be none. Even if he has been drugged, should he still feel it?
Just feeling cold, Murong Qing looked at the water basin on the ground, did he sit in it all the time last night?
Murong Qing shook her head. Her clothes are all wet at this time, how can she get out?
She could only take off her clothes and blow with a hair dryer. After drying, she took a bath and touched her body. She felt that she should not have been touched by the man. Murong Qing breathed a sigh of relief. Did she meet a good man who sits still? ?
Murong Qing’s heart jumped a few times, no, she absolutely had to ask about this, she put on her clothes and went out.
“Beauty, are you awake?” The hotel aunt looked at Murong Qing weirdly.
“Wake up, who brought me here last night?” Murong Qing asked.
“Young guy, handsome, with a lot of muscles.” The hotel aunt said. Chuck had just finished his boxing last night, and the muscles were quite obvious. Seeing this figure, she also had some thoughts.
If Chuck came to live alone, she would have taken the initiative to go to Chuck’s room…
Murong Qing breathed a sigh of relief, his assistant is a thin monkey, not handsome and has no muscles.
“Then when did he leave?” Murong Qing was nervous. If he left in the morning, then he must have been…
“Send you in and he will leave, within three minutes,” said the hotel aunt.
Murong Qing was stunned. So, this young man simply saved himself? Opened a room for himself, and he left without touching himself at all?
Murong Qing breathed a sigh of relief. The hotel aunt said that this man is very young, so it is best not to touch himself, because he is the most disgusting to anyone younger than himself.
This person is good and didn’t do anything to himself. If this is the case, then he should be thanked.
Give him money.
“I said beauty, he is not someone you know?” the hotel aunt asked.
Murong Qing shook her head. She had only been here for a few days. How could she know a handsome young man?
“Then when you came in last night, you kept your arms around his waist, and closed your eyes and kissed the neck?” The hotel aunt had a strange expression on her face.
Murong Qing’s face was flushed. When he came last night, he seemed to be hugging himself. He actually kissed him dishonestly? Murong qing felt embarrassed, he actually kissed the neck of a man younger than him?
“I thought it was already on the road when you came.” The hotel aunt said.
“No, no.” Murong Qing was ashamed, how could it be possible? Although she was dizzy, she didn’t feel anything, and she didn’t feel her consciousness. She just felt that her body was moving. He should have come to open the room with his arms around him, and did nothing else. In that case, this young man is really nice.
“Can you describe exactly what this person looks like?” Murong Qing asked.
“Handsome,” said the hotel aunt.
Murong Qing is helpless, how can I find this? She was a little disappointed. People saved her. At the very least, she must be thankful, but how can she find it with a handsome? Murong qing walked out of the hotel disappointedly, but the aunt chased it out and said that there was still a deposit of fifty or fifty yuan, which the young man pressed last night.
Murong qing next, looking at the fifty yuan, she wondered, what was the person who saved her? A thirty-yuan hotel, are you very rich?
It doesn’t matter, I will give you a lot of money.
She thought about going to the hotel where she was staying. The mobile phone, card, everything was in the hotel, and it was useless for the assistant to take them.
When she arrived at the hotel, she asked the hotel staff, saying that the assistant had gone out yesterday and had not come back. Murong Qing’s face became cold, how dare she treat herself this way?
Murong qing returned to the room and looked at her mobile phone. She wanted to call the police, but she couldn’t. If such a thing was reported to the police, how would she go out in the future?
It suddenly occurred to her that the person who rescued herself knocked away the assistant. Then the assistant must have seen the person who saved her, so she can find the assistant and ask him if he can?
Murong Qing turned on the phone to make a call and asked someone from his company to come over.
If someone comes, it is not difficult to find this assistant. Finding an assistant means that you can find someone to save yourself.
Murong qing changed clothes, what do you think, did that person touch him last night? I should touch it, hug myself over, there must be, after all, she is confident, her figure is not inferior to any European and American woman!
Murong Qing struggles, feels sick? Murong Qing didn’t know, but just wanted to find someone to save him.
Who will you be?
Murong Qing was meditating, and the dream of last night was in his mind. He was crazy when he fell on himself. Murong Qing sighed, what on earth was he thinking? This person who saved himself is younger than himself! Murong qing felt confused and shouldn’t think so.

These days, Murong Qing has been looking for this assistant, but this assistant seems to have disappeared. She is very angry and must catch him! Murong Qing has been thinking about the person who saved him these days.
Thinking about what this person looks like, handsome? How handsome is it? She drove by herself and unknowingly arrived at the city square. Her eyes narrowed. This square must be acquired by herself!
Never swallow that breath! This man peeked at the bottom of his skirt and grabbed the front of himself.
He couldn’t bear it! I must avenge him!
Thinking of this, Murong qing drove into the parking lot of the square.

“Mr. Jordan, what are you talking about?” Yolanda was particularly surprised, because Yvette came to find her and said that her company had been transferred to someone else, and he didn’t want Chuck to know.
Yvette nodded. Today is the fourth day. He will come over later.
“Mr. Jordan, I think your company is in good condition. Why did you want to transfer? It’s a funding issue? It’s okay. Tell me.” Yolanda knows that Chuck takes special care of Yvette. Now she doesn’t want Chuck I know, then she can only help. With regard to funding, she can personally help a little, not much, there are still hundreds of thousands, which are all her savings from a part-time job in college.
“No, it’s my personal problem, thank you, please don’t tell Chuck,” Yvette shook his head.
She came here for this, because the company was transferred, and one of the procedures was the handover of the venue.
“This.” Yolanda was particularly helpless. The company was transferred. Chuck would know sooner or later, because he was the owner of the square and came here every day. How could he not see the problem?
“How many days can be concealed is a few days.” Yvette intends to find a job today, part-time, after all, the school will open in a month.
Yolanda nodded helplessly, “Okay.”
Yvette came over to sign the contract with Cuntou for a while, and Cuntou signed the contract and left.
He needed someone to take over this, so the door won’t open these days. Yvette watched her company door is closed. Sighing and losing, she regained her mood and started a new start. She had to work hard to make money and pay it back.
“Wife, why didn’t your company open the door today?” Behind him, Chuck who saw Yvette came over curiously.

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