My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 215

Chuck turned his head to look at Murong qing, this woman really wants to repay?
Let alone whether Chuck wants to admit it in front of Yvette, even with Murong qing’s current tough attitude, Chuck doesn’t bother to care about her.
Chuck’s square is now getting better and more profitable, and there is a super rich mother who lacks your twenty houses?
“are you crazy.”
Chuck left these words and walked out with a surprised Yvette.
Murong Qingmei’s eyes stared at Chuck who was leaving like a knife, and the sales department was deadly silent.
The needle drop can be heard!
The people present didn’t dare to speak. The salesperson was Murong Qing’s new assistant. Of course they could see that Murong Qing was clearly in anger!
Who dares to touch the mold!
Other salespersons can say that their jaws are almost astonished. A beautiful and rich man wants to give Chuck twenty sets, but he doesn’t? ?
Does he really have money?
The manager and the female salesperson who received Chuck were the most shocked. They thought Chuck was a poor comparison. They both believed in this just now, but now they are confused. They don’t even want 20 apartments, and they simply refuse. , Will be poor? Will it be poorer?
Wouldn’t you be able to get the deposit for the two houses you just bought?
Is Yvette’s husband a rich second generation?
Otherwise, why don’t you have twenty suites so “generous”?
Especially the salesperson who received Chuck just now regretted it. If he didn’t laugh at him just now, would he have already sold two sets?
Still quiet!
Murong qing was particularly annoyed, but she had to accept this fact. Chuck’s reaction just now told her that Chuck really saved herself!
But why did Chuck save himself?
Murong qing was particularly puzzled. How could it be said that since the first meeting between two people was incompatible with each other, could it be that he moved his compassion?
Seeing that a woman of her own was about to be insulted, so she saved her regardless of previous complaints?
This is the reason Murong Qing has come up with now.
In any case, after Chuck rescued himself, he didn’t touch himself, and then casually threw himself in a small hotel that cost 30 yuan a night, and also threw himself in the cold water basin. This is undoubtedly a man. He is venting his dissatisfaction with himself in this way.
Murong qing was silent, peeking at the bottom of his skirt, and grabbing himself, a very disgusting person, but… also considered a man.
He did what a man did, and it wasn’t useless.
The irritation in Murong qing’s heart disappeared unknowingly, and the spring dreams he had had in the past few nights appeared unknowingly in his mind, and he actually dreamed of lingering with him…
Murong Qing shook his head, dispelling the thoughts in his mind, this kind of disgusting picture, don’t think about it again!
“President, now…” the new assistant asked in a low voice.
“It’s okay, you first deal with the house here.”
“Do you need to keep those twenty suites?”
Murong Qingmei narrowed her eyes, “Keep it!”
Murong Qing said, shaking his long legs and walked out.
The manager hurried over, “Who is that Chuck just now?”
All the salespersons are curious, they want to know who is the one who refuses the twenty suites so simply.
“As long as you know, our boss has a net worth of tens of billions, but this person saved our boss…” the new assistant said. what? He saved a person with a net worth of tens of billions?
The manager was so shocked that his jaw was about to fall, and the other salespeople were dumbfounded, and then immediately envied him. Why didn’t he encounter such a good thing?
Murong qing saw Chuck get on a sports car, and the woman who had just taken out drove a Mercedes-
Benz. The two of them drove away in tandem. Murong qing got into the car and unknowingly followed Chuck. Open later.
Soon, Murong Qing was stunned. She thought that the second generation of super rich Chuck must live in a super villa, but what surprised her was that if she lived in such a similar community, the rent might be more than 1,000.
How could he live in such a place?
Murong qing is curious and disgusting, but he did what a man did, was so rich, and lived in such an ordinary place. What kind of person are you?
She found a parking space and stopped, sitting in the car, meditating, because she had never thought of this. A few minutes later, she opened the car door and went down, swaying her long legs and wandering around the community…
Yvette rents a house.
It was very quiet. Yvette took out the dishes in the refrigerator and cooked silently. Chuck didn’t say a word, just so quiet.
Yvette sighed and felt that Chuck should be explained. The two are husband and wife and should be honest. But after being honest, will Chuck be disappointed in himself?
Yvette was enLoganled. After she made the meal, the two of them sat down and ate silently. Yvette looked up, “Husband, I…”
Chuck smiled, “You said.”
He was actually very anxious, and wanted to know what was going on with Yvette, but it would be useless to force her to tell her.
“I…” Yvette felt as if she was reporting to Teacher Chuck. She was very nervous, but she mustered up the courage and said, “My husband, my company is transferred to someone else, I.”
Chuck guessed it roughly. During the day, he saw Yvette’s company closed, and Chuck thought about it.
“Well, what are you going to do?” Chuck decided to figure out why Yvette transferred the company to someone else.
“Go to work, I am going to work.” Yvette said.
Chuck was silent, and he took out a card, which contained more than two million yuan in the square, and asked Yvette to go to work. He was really worried, because Yvette was so beautiful and had a great body. When you go to work, you will definitely be harassed by your boss. How could Chuck want to see this?
“Husband,” Yvette shook her head moved. She didn’t know how much money was in the card Chuck handed over, but she was moved.
“Husband, collect it yourself, and I will work hard to make money by myself.” Yvette was serious.
At this time, Chuck really wanted to tell Yvette that he is a super rich second generation, and his mother is super rich. He will give you 1 billion start-up capital and let you start a company.
However, Chuck sighed, when does his mother want to see Yvette?
Chuck had no choice but to hesitate. She would definitely not accept the money given to Yvette, so she could only say that after opening a company for Yvette, let Yvette take over.
Chuck asked Yolanda if he was fine.
Chuck put the card away, Yvette breathed a sigh of relief. How could he spend his money because he is bigger than Chuck?
Yvette went to clean up the dishes and chopsticks. Chuck took the opportunity to open the door and go out to call Yolanda and ask to see if there were any good projects recently. But when he opened the door, he was startled, and then frowned, “You Follow me?”
That’s right, Chuck saw Murong Qing, and what she was actually turning around. When she saw Chuck, it was the first time she felt that her expression was unnatural. She didn’t understand how she came here.
It’s a small community. , She calmed down and said lightly, “I didn’t expect you to live here.”
“What does it matter to you when I live here?” Chuck didn’t bother to care about her.
“Let me guess, the woman who was with you just now, shouldn’t you know that you have such a rich mother?” Murong Qing said, just thinking about it and knowing how to pick up girls in this way? Good low-level means.
“What does it matter to you?” Chuck was annoyed.
“It’s none of my business, but as I said, I won’t owe any favors, so please make a request!” Murong said lightly, and she came here for this. If this matter is not resolved, it will be difficult for her to fall asleep.
Give him a reward, then the two will be cleared.
“Are you sick? I said it was not me.” Chuck shook his head.
Murong Qing frowned, “I will judge if it’s you, let’s talk! What do you want!”
A few hundred million to solve this matter, she still can afford it.
“Do you agree to everything I want?” Chuck was expressionless.
“You said.” Murong qing nodded. She knew that Chuck was so rich. The house, company, building, and money were indeed not attractive to him, but this was her way of repaying him.
It is also a two-clear method.
Chuck stared at her, approaching her step by step, Murong Qing frowned, “What are you going to do?”
“Didn’t you say that, you agree to whatever I want? Okay, I want you to accompany me once now.”
Chuck looked at her and said.

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