My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 216

“You, shameless!” Murong Qing was angry, her beautiful eyes shot out anger!
“What’s the matter, President Murong? What’s wrong, isn’t it that you agreed to everything you just said? I have mentioned it now, and you disagree, so what did you just pretend to be?” Chuck said politely.
Such a woman would be so frustrated with her.
“You!” Murong Qing raised his hand and slapped it out.
What do you do by yourself? Have been molested and humiliated by a man with so many little men one after another?
But how could Chuck let a woman beat him? He reached out and grabbed her wrist effortlessly.
“Let go!” Murong Qing scolded!
“Don’t pretend if you can’t do it!” Chuck shook his head.
“Are you shameless? I agree with everything I said, and it is done with money! Houses, cars, money!”
Murong Qing was annoyed. Chuck was holding her wrist so painfully, but she struggled so hard, but didn’t With it, Chuck held his hand like this.
“It’s you who are shameless, you agree with everything you say, and now you don’t admit it, and what scope do you say, do you want a face? You don’t want to let you sleep with me once?” Chuck ironically.
“You bastard!” Murong Qing said loudly.
Chuck frowned. Yvette would hear such a loud voice. He grabbed Murong qing to the corner of the stairwell. Murong qing struggled hard, but it was useless. She was dragged in. She had high heels. Lost.
“What do you want to do?” Murong Qingmei stared at Chuck.
“Fuck!” Chuck said.
Murong Qing’s beautiful eyes closed, she took a deep breath, took a deep breath, calming her anger, and opened her beautiful eyes again, restoring her previous calmness, “Let go!”
“There is no one here, just so exciting! Just say you disagree!” Chuck asked.
“You are really disgusting!”
“Now that I am disgusted, why don’t you call me sick when I save you?”
“You admit it?” Murong Qingmei narrowed her eyes.
“Yes, admit it, then are you going to accompany me to repay me now?” Chuck looked at her and asked,
“Don’t pretend to be forced, agree or disagree! Speak straight!”
Murong qing took a deep breath, “If you want to move me, you moved that night, will you wait until today?”
Murong Qing was calm. She didn’t see any man’s desire from Chuck’s actions, so she calmed down.
“How do you know I didn’t move you?” Chuck’s mouth curled up with a strange arc.
“I feel it myself. Of course, if you don’t like it, then I definitely can’t feel it.” Murong said lightly.
She asked the assistant for all the details. Chuck saved her time and went to the hotel. She also went to the hotel and asked about the time. The interval was only six or seven minutes, and the time needed to go to the hotel from that place, and She was still holding a person, so in the middle of the journey, Chuck couldn’t have time to do anything to her.
What’s more, the hotel aunt also said that Chuck hugged her in and came out. It was even more impossible to do anything to herself during this process.
Chuck was speechless, and this woman was enLoganled in. Lao Tzu is now exercising, it is absolutely impossible to be blind to use!
“You really don’t like it?” Murong Qing sneered, because she watched Chuck not speak.
Chuck was irritated. Damn it, I hadn’t touched a woman before, it must be that point, not to mention that it was normal time when Zelda helped herself!
“You want to try, right?” Chuck stared at her and saw her.
Murong Qing frowned, “Stay away from me!”
Chuck grasped her wrist hard, Murong Qing showed pain on her face, “Let go!”
“I only ask you, you want to repay me, then you will not let me sleep now?” Chuck asked.
“Shameless thoughts! Let go!” Murong Qing was angry again, how could there be such a disgusting person?
Chuck smiled, lewdly, Murong Qing’s frowning deeper.
“Then what do you pretend to be!” Chuck let go of her, too lazy to care about her, for too long, Yvette will come out of the room to look for himself, if Yvette finds out, it is unclear.
Murong Qing moved her wrists by herself, and it was so painful that she was caught clear, and her eyes spit fire.
“Don’t come to me, you just treat me as if I saved a woman who didn’t count her words and always pretended to be compelling. After saying thank you, I made a simple request, but if you didn’t agree, just pretended to be compelling.” Chuck If you are happy, you should control her like this, scold her, she still can’t speak.
Murong qing’s heart was so angry, “You are really sick!”
She put on high heels, but with this squat action, her perfect long legs were revealed.
Chuck caught it, haha laughed, and Murong Qing found out in an instant. She was ashamed and angry.
She was wearing the skirt she was wearing today, so she was again… “You hooligan, right?”
“I’m a rogue better than you pretend to be a force.” Chuck slammed her unceremoniously.
But having said that, her figure is really good, especially the parts that the assistant said that she would spend money on maintenance every month.
“Husband, are you outside?” At this time, Yvette’s voice came over.
Chuck was taken aback. Yvette had to see this. It was really unclear. He approached Murong qing, covered Murong qing’s mouth, and said, “I’ll call and be back soon.”
The corridor was quiet, so Chuck suddenly thought of Queenie’s help in front of Yvette that night, which was almost the same as now!
Nervous, and with a little excitement!
Chuck looked at Murong qing, this woman has such good skin? Like Zelda, it is super good at maintaining and firming. It is estimated that there is a high intensity of exercise at ordinary times.
Thinking of this, Chuck’s eyes turned, and Murong Qingmei’s eyes were bigger!
Forget it, Chuck really has nothing to touch with such a woman, mainly because he has a wife like Yvette, Chuck will definitely not touch Murong Qing! what! !
Chuck screamed suddenly, because Murong qing’s hand was holding his leg, and his nails were about to get in. Is this Nima practicing bone claws?
“Husband, what’s the matter with you?” Yvette’s footsteps came over.
“It’s okay, this person made me angry when I called, a stupid person,” Chuck said.
Murong Qing’s beautiful eyes breathed fire.
“Well, don’t be angry, take your time, husband.” Yvette said. She had finished washing the dishes, but she didn’t see Chuck in the room, so she came out to ask, because she wanted to sleep and wanted to hug her. Sleep with Chuck.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, Murong Qing’s fire-breathing eyes stared at him like this, Chuck clenched his fists, because Chuck was covering Murong Qing’s mouth, but she bit herself, it hurts!
“You mother is a dog? Fuck!” Chuck let go of her, looking at his hand, her mother was almost bitten and bleeding, and he scratched his leg!
“Don’t her mother come over to find me, you’ll even be thanking me this time.” Chuck said and patted her behind.
Murong qing’s eyes widened, her beautiful eyes spit out more anger, “You are sick, you…”
Chuck covered her again, shouting so loudly, her mother wants Yvette to come over?
“What are you staring at me for? I haven’t touched that day. I touched you now as a reward. After all, I asked you to accompany me, and you pretended not to agree. This is the only way to go. You can leave with peace of mind. It’s gone.” Chuck said, letting go, and was too lazy to take her to the stairs.
“So, you touched me like that that day?” Murong Qing’s beautiful eyes were cold. It turned out that the feeling that day was true.
“Yes, then why didn’t you say that you kissed me that day? It was you that disgusted, how old are you, and you kissed me? Are you disgusting?” Chuck retorted.
Murong was trembling with anger, is he old? Didn’t you also find Zelda who is as old as you?
“However, kissing me is kissing me, but it’s quite fragrant, what kind of toothpaste is used for brushing your teeth? It’s so fragrant, forget it, let’s not ask you, we are both clear! I am going to accompany my wife.” Chuck shook his head and walked out.
Murong qing was alone on the stairs. The fire in her heart didn’t know how long it would take to disappear. She went out and took the elevator downstairs. She got into the car and kept staring at Chuck’s floor until her mobile phone rang. Pulled from the mind, she answered.
“En, I see, I will keep the twenty suites! By the way, how much does it cost to buy this community for me?” Murong qing stared at the community where Chuck lived, and she suddenly had an idea.
The phone was hung up and Murong Qing Mei continued to stare. At this time, Chuck opened the curtains and saw Murong Qing. She was sitting in the car, and the two looked at each other like this…

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