My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 227

Logan turned back suddenly, and Chuck was really scared. If Logan knew that she was looking at her perfect buttocks, would it still be?
“Aunt Logan, where did you buy this clothes? Are there any men’s?” Chuck smiled, nervous.
“Good-looking? Do you want to be right? My own company, I will call and send you a hundred sets later.” Logan smiled and smiled deeper, as if Chuck’s words made her very happy.
“One hundred sets are too many,” Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he was not afraid of danger, otherwise it would be over.
However, Chuck felt guilty.
Aunt Logan trusts herself so much, how can she look at him like that? Is this a relief?
Chuck sighed, but the line behind Aunt Logan was so beautiful, Chuck couldn’t help looking at her.
“Not much. If you like, you can send someone you know, as long as you like it,” Aunt Logan said softly.
Chuck was even more guilty, alas, he actually had that dream last night.
“Well, Aunt Logan, how much is your set of clothes?” Chuck thought, Aunt Logan’s clothes, this kind of material, and this design, bought in specialty stores, one set should not be less than seven or eight thousand , Or ten thousand.
“This is not expensive or cheap, you like the most important.” Logan smiled.
Chuck didn’t know that this kind of clothes is custom-made, and the cheapest one is 30,000 to
Chuck understood in his heart that it was estimated to be tens of thousands. If he lied, he asked Aunt Logan to give him more than one million. Chuck had nothing but guilt.
You have to control yourself, call her Aunt Logan!
“Aunt Logan, I’ll give you the money.” Chuck said guiltily, he couldn’t describe the mood at this time.
“What are you doing? Give me money?” Logan smiled, stretched out her jade hand, and stroked Chuck’s forehead. It was a kind of doting in her eyes.
“But what is the most important thing you like? What do you like? Just tell me, and I will give it to you, because you call my aunt. Is this what you should know?” With a smile on his lips, one can’t wait to kiss him fiercely.
“I’ll give it to you?” This sentence was imprinted on Chuck’s mind, and everything was given?
Of course, Chuck knew that Logan was talking about material matters. With Logan’s net worth, as long as money can do anything, it really does everything, as long as Chuck speaks.
Of course, Logan treats herself as a relative. How could this sentence have other meanings? It’s just that Chuck was thinking in his head.
“Thank you Aunt Logan… Aunt Logan, let’s sit down.” Chuck dispelled the bad thoughts in his heart.
“it is good.”
The two sat down, and it was really a pleasure to stay with a woman like Logan. She always had a smile on her face and a light dimple on her mouth, which made her smile very gentle.
He is gentle and has a gentle personality, and he doesn’t know what kind of man can be her boyfriend, Chuck laments.
Soon the dishes came, and the two began to eat. Logan added Chuck to the dishes, which seemed to make the dishes more fragrant. Of course Chuck ate a lot. After eating, Chuck went out with Logan, ready to relax. Logan was very happy.
It was only when the two came out that Lara and Charlotte saw them, and they were surprised, because Logan’s appearance was beautiful, so that they as women also had a little envy.
“This big liar, actually changed women again. Isn’t Yolanda enough? Teacher Yvette is not enough?” Lara was annoyed, and he was so mad, how good is this guy, why are you surrounded by beautiful women!
She was anxious, yes, Charlotte just told her a way, that is medicine.
When Lara heard her cousin say this, she was particularly ashamed. How could she do that? And it’s still the same with two people at the same time.
Lara thought of this, his heart was nervous.
The kanmai in her heart couldn’t pass, she thought she liked Chuck, but the method of taking medicine with him, that’s too much, but at this time, Lara saw Chuck was with other women, She became jealous.
Thinking that Chuck didn’t take care of herself during this time, she was even more annoyed. She felt that she should do this. Her figure was so good, and she also gave it to her cousin. It was cheaper for you. Well, you have my fruit photo. I’m going to shoot you too, and I hug you, and when I do…
Lara was annoyed and mad, she now wanted to possess.
In fact, when Charlotte and Lara mentioned this, she also struggled. How to say, love is selfish.
Last time she took Chuckce alone, she became selfish, but she felt that she was not successful, to a great extent. The above is that Chuck did not have much interest in his skinny body, and because of the interruption of Murong Qing at the time, it didn’t work.
This time, if Lara, who was so large in size, is added, this is the man’s favorite and the most coveted woman’s figure. If Lara has it, then 80% or 90% should be able to become.
The last medicine may be too little, this time increase it a little, make him irrational, and arouse his man’s nature, then there will be no problem.
“I don’t think so, that woman is so beautiful is the second, but looking at Chuck, it is the doting of the elders, it should be Chuck’s aunt, or aunt, or maybe his cousin, so it’s okay,” Charlotte For car sales, the basic observation is not a problem.
In her eyes, it was still easy to see this.
“Not the best.” Lara pouted, “So what shall we do? He is with an elder, how can we give him?”
“This…” Charlotte’s brain turned, and suddenly she had an idea. She pulled Lara and whispered,
“We are like this…”
Lara’s face grew redder, and she nodded shyly, “Yeah.”

Here, Chuck and Logan were ready to go out and happened to come across Yvette Ran and his classmates. After they saw Chuck, they were disdainful. After all, they were supported by rich women. What is there?
Shame the man’s face.
However, after they saw Logan, their eyes were all bright, how could they be so beautiful?
The figure is perfect, the appearance is perfect, and the tenderness is revealed.
Chuck actually found such a beautiful rich woman? They envy, jealous, hate!
You know, when they heard Yvette Ran talking about Chuck just now, they thought that the beautiful woman Yvette Ran said was just so-so, and maybe a fat woman one by one. After all, Chuck’s luck in finding the rich woman had gone for eight lifetimes. How can you find a beautiful rich woman?
Now look, I really found it.
They are sore in their hearts. Everyone is in a class. How can they be so lucky? Such a woman, let alone put it up, do the money!
“Yo, isn’t this Chuck?” Some students are jealous and jealous. They are really jealous.
Why? Why doesn’t such a rich woman find herself?
“Yeah, listening to Yvette Ran, Chuck of our class has opened the BMW 7 Series, great! The male classmates in the class, you are the best, share and share experience.” The high school class leader laughed. , The tone is sour.
“I know this experience, dogs drink water.” Some classmates laughed.
The voice was not loud, but some classmates heard it and laughed jealously and jealously.
Yvette Ran was embarrassed, she was helpless, everyone was ambitious, this was nothing.
People Chuck just hooked up with the rich woman, and did nothing bad. Just follow him and be able to be seen by the rich woman, isn’t it his skill?
Of course, Yvette Ran thinks that, she still isolates Chuck in her heart and becomes a classmate who can’t continue to communicate. After all, she doesn’t need to find a man who eats soft meals, so there is no need for more contact!
Chuck frowned, what does that mean? Does this mean that you have been adopted? He didn’t care about it alone, and he was too lazy to get acquainted with this group of classmates, but Logan was by this time. These people said to her, how could Chuck stand it? Annoyed on the spot.
“What do you say? She’s me…” Chuck was angry.
“Angry? What is she? You forget it, we don’t know you anymore, and we don’t need you to share your experience anymore. Why should you do it!” The classmate’s monitor shook his head.
“Yes, yeah, Chuck Ze is now driving the BMW 7 Series, which is also his skill, let’s not talk about it.” Other students said the same.
“Chuck, don’t say it,” Yvette Ran also said, after all, everyone knows this matter, just open it, and it’s not good for you!

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