My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 226

“Auntie Tang, this is the place. I checked it online. This one is very good. The evaluation is very good. Hot springs, everything.”
Chuck said that this place has fresh air, and staying in the city for too long, it is possible to come to such places more.
Logan smiled, and Ceer had a good vision. When she woke up in the morning, she was a little anticipating. Where would Chuck take her to play?
This place is beautiful, and the scenery is particularly good. Logan likes it. She has a resort in the capital and the entire resort, but the scenery is not as good as here.
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Chuck parked his car.
“Well, yes.” Logan said, and the two got off.
However, when Chuck and Logan were going in, a Land Rover drove in. The woman was driving. The car might be too big and accidentally touched Chuck’s car.
With a bang.
Because I brought Aunt Logan out to play, then I definitely can’t drive a sports car, I can only drive a BMW over here. Chuck felt distressed after such a collision.
“Whose car?” The beauty shouted when she came down.
Chuck walked back helplessly, “mine.”
The beautiful woman looked at Chuck for a few moments and wondered, “Your? You can afford such an expensive car? The BMW 7 Series, or the top one, more than two million!”
She saw Logan with Chuck, and she understood that she had found the rich woman.
Chuck frustratedly took out the car key, “Is this mine?”
“Yes, at this point, 30,000 should be enough. I’ll give you 50,000. It’s an apology. Take it.” The beauty took 50,000 out of the car and stuffed it directly with Chuck.
Chuck is speechless, he is not short of money, but this should be given, Chuck is next, the beautiful woman gave Chuck a call again, saying that she was not enough to call her, Chuck also put away, OK After the Aunt Logan returns, he will contact Charlotte to repair the car.
The beauty went in, and she had a good attitude, so Chuck didn’t care much, and everybody made mistakes.
“Aunt Logan, okay, let’s go in.” Chuck couldn’t wait any longer. He thought that there was a hot spring in it. He hadn’t taken a hot spring yet. If he could see Logan wearing a swimsuit and take a hot spring with him, then …
Chuck wanted to slap himself, thinking wildly.
“Okay.” Logan smiled and Chuck went in, but the beauty just came back again, curious, “Are you Chuck?”
Chuckzheng lived, what’s going on? How does she know her name?
Loganmei turned her eyes and looked at the beauty in front of her. She was about the same age as Chuck. Is this a classmate?
Chuck was surprised, listening to her calling it, it really is, the more you look at it, the more familiar you are. High school classmates, where did high school make up and dress up at that time? I didn’t recognize it.
Yvette Ran.
This is the class flower of high school. It has changed so much now. Yvette Ran was very ordinary at that time. Why is it so changed now? Even millions of Land Rover are on, and they are all luxury goods.
“Yvette Ran?” Chuck exclaimed.
“It’s really you, it’s not bad, all of them have opened the BMW 7 Series.” Yvette Ran looked at Logan intentionally or unintentionally.
“How did you change so much?” Chuck was so surprised, because she is very sexy now, and the big beautiful legs are really charming.
The scale above is much larger than it was in high school, which is simply domineering!
“Hey, since you saw it, then I will tell you well. Actually, I am the second generation of rich.
When I was studying, I pretended to be deliberate.” Yvette Ran said.
Chuck smiled, and that was amazing. At that time, Chuck didn’t really see it when he was studying. It was very ordinary, dozens of pieces of clothes, but it was different to wear on her. At that time, the temperament was already there.
But how to say, Yvette Ran, like himself, is the second generation of rich, but then Yvette Ran knew.
“Then I will tell you well, actually I am also…” Chuck didn’t need to hide it. He drove more than two million BMW 7 Series, so he wasn’t rich second generation?
“Well, you don’t need to tell me this.” Yvette Ran was embarrassed and could not see it. He was shy and shy when he was studying. Now that he is looking for a rich wife to support him, can he still say it?
Yvette Ran admires, is this embarrassing?
Chuckzheng, what does it mean?
“I understand, I understand.” Yvette Ran continued to add.
Chuck helpless, what do you know?
Too lazy to say, and don’t know what she really understood, Chuck plans to take Aunt Logan to dinner, and then go to the scenic area to look around.
“By the way, today’s class meeting, did you come here to participate?” Yvette Ran was curious.
How did you say that the previous class meeting, Chuckke did not participate, what did you do this time? Come and show off when you drive a BMW?
Chuck shook his head, “No, we came to play.”
“That happened, would you like to go in and play? Anyway, they are all classmates.” Yvette Ran invited. At that time, Chuck didn’t speak, but the people were not bad. At least she didn’t hate it.
Now that she is rich, this is his own choice. It’s understandable that you want to struggle for decades and relax.
Chuck Last time, Yvette’s class meeting, Chuck thought, next time his class meeting, do you want to participate?
It’s not bad to meet old classmates, but it’s definitely not good today. How can I attend the class meeting when I accompanied Aunt Logan?
“Not today.” Chuck shook his head.
“Well, why don’t you go and say hello to your classmates? Anyway, I haven’t seen each other for so long. Just a few words.” Yvette Ran smiled.
“Cer, you go first, it doesn’t matter.” Logan smiled and met her classmates. It was good. She often attended classmates’ gatherings, which was a kind of memory.
Chuck shook his head, it was better to accompany Aunt Logan, Yvette Ran did not want to go to see Chuck, she did not force it, said with a smile next time, Chuck no opinion, next time he will participate, but this time not.
Chuck and Logan went in. Yvette Ran arrived at the class meeting. Many high school classmates came. She said hello to others. The class leader knew that Yvette Ran’s 10 rich second generation, he certainly pleased, “Yvette Ran, I just saw When you stopped, you ran into someone else’s car, okay?”
Other students are also concerned. After all, during the class meeting, the rich students will always be the focus and center.
“It’s okay, it was Chuck’s car just now.” Yvette Ran said.
“Chuck? The name is a bit familiar.”
“Yes, the hanging wire that has been sitting in the corner?”
“Yes, it’s him, Yvette Ran. I didn’t expect him to be able to buy a car. What kind of car did he drive?”
“BMW Seven Series.”
The classmates blew up, “What? Yvette Ran, are you right? Chuckkai opened the BMW 7
“Is this kid, like Yvette Ran, also the second generation rich?”
“It’s impossible, how can the hanging silk temperament not change, how is it possible? The second generation of rich people have the temperament of the second generation of rich people, where is he? When the driver is about the same, he is alone?”
The classmate asked.
“No, with a very beautiful woman, in her twenties.” Yvette Ran said, Logan’s beauty made her feel amazed just now, Chuck was so lucky that she could meet such a beautiful rich woman.
What is the best strategy? Can’t see it!
Yvette Ran was particularly puzzled.
“I’m fucking, it must have been kept. When I’m a duck, I have no interest, no bones!”
“That is, how do men do those things? Before, a rich woman wanted to give me 200,000 every month, and I wouldn’t do it. Men must have guts!” said a skinny classmate.
Yvette Ran is definitely not easy to say. Everyone thinks so, then it should be right. Chuck was adopted by a rich woman, but everyone has their own ambitions, and this is not to blame him.
Yvette Ran regrets, how can a man do those things?
“Where is he? Why don’t you just come and see?”
“How come he has a face, afraid of being ridiculed by us.”
The students laughed.
“Don’t say it, everyone order, it’s starved to death.” Yvette Ran said, of course the others stopped, and everything was dominated by rich students!
Chuck and Logan were already ordering food in the private room, but Logan was standing by the window, looking at the scenery in the distance, and she decided to go out and walk around.
Chuck is uncomfortable. Looking at Logan’s back like this, she is a master of fighting, and her figure is very beautiful, and the bumps are very beautiful. This back is too beautiful.
Chuck couldn’t help but walk behind Logan. Who could be her boyfriend with such a woman? Logan turned her head, “Cer… what are you looking at?”

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