My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 239

Yvette also designed and decorated the shop.
“What’s wrong with you?” Sun Shangxiang suddenly wondered, because Yvette looked in one direction, opposite the residential building.
“I feel that someone is watching me,” Yvette felt this way. It was strange that he was stared at.
“It’s not strange, who told you that you have such a good body? If I were a man, I would follow you every day to see your fart…” Sun Shangxiang reached out and patted Yvette, who was envied as a woman, Yvette Her figure is so good, this flexibility really makes her jealous.
Yvette gave Sun Shangxue a blank look.
She looked at her for a while, but she didn’t find anything. She should have thought about it herself.
“Don’t mess around.” Yvette was serious, and Sun Shangxue actually patted and patted, as if addicted.
“Did you two last night?” Sun Shangxue asked.
“No, he has been tired recently.” Yvette blushed.
“Tired, of course he was tired, he was yesterday…” Sun Shangxue murmured in his heart, how could he not be tired? Break a girl once, can you not be tired?
“What happened to him yesterday?” Yvette was curious.
“It’s nothing.” Sun Shangxue shook his head and almost said that he was leaking. Yvette would be sad if he knew what happened yesterday.
As a friend, she can’t see this happen.
“What is the relationship between Queenie and Chuck?” Sun Shangxue wanted to ask clearly.
She knew what happened in the toilet yesterday, but Queenie did not resist, indicating that the two people are related.
“At the same table? Yvette, don’t you worry about their two days in a row?” Sun Shangxiang thought he should say something.
“The two of them are okay.” Yvette shook her head. She knew that the two were at the same table, but she didn’t make any extraordinary moves for a long time. During the class, she deliberately looked at them, and neither of them pulled them. , How could it matter?
It must be just a better friend or classmate.
Sun Shangxue sighed, how could it be all right? That was in the toilet last night! Sun Shangxue especially wanted to say it, but worried that Yvette would be sad and even break up with Chuck, she certainly couldn’t do it.
Because Yvette obviously likes Chuck very much, her husband’s husband’s name is called.
“I can’t get used to that Queenie, so I wouldn’t call her to come home.” Sun Shangxue can only remind you, at least can’t do that kind of thing in Yvette’s house?
“Don’t, Queenie I still like this girl.” Yvette shook her head. She knew Queenie’s character, which was very good. Among the students she taught, Queenie, she liked it more.
Sun Shangxue was helpless, Yvette was so kind to people, “Well, Yvette, you decide, I am hungry, go eat.”
The two women packed up and went to the restaurant next door to eat…

“Aunt Logan, what’s wrong with you?” Chuck is a little strange. Logan has been absent-minded.
Is something wrong?
“It’s okay.”
“Aunt Logan, are you uncomfortable? Or should I take you back,” Chuck thought she was uncomfortable, so wouldn’t it make her uncomfortable to take her out to play again?
“No, I’m okay,” Logan smiled. She just found out that there was a car tracking behind her. The person’s following car was very clever. If it wasn’t for Logan, she wouldn’t find it.
Chuckya didn’t think about it in any way. How could he find that his car was being followed? ?
Logan smiled, “Cer, let me drive today.”
Chuck stopped unexpectedly and stopped by the roadside. The two people changed places.
Logan drove. Chuck felt smooth. Logan’s driving skills were too good. This was fast, but Chuck felt at ease.
He wanted to sleep with his eyes closed, very comfortable, “Aunt Logan, you are so good driving.”
“Really?” Logan smiled deeper on her face. “After that, if you want me to open, you will speak.”
Of course, Chuck didn’t know that few people could let Logan drive by himself. Other people who knew Logan would probably envy and envy Chuck if they heard this sentence.
Of course Chuck was pleased. When sitting next to him, his eyes fell to Logan, who was sitting on the driver’s seat, exposing his knees, and the skirt was properly covered, not exposed, but the perfect legs were really imaginative and snowy. Clean, Chuck unknowingly, a scene of Queenie and Queenie raining in the toilet last night…
“The report was discovered by her, please instruct.” Behind Chuck’s car, a man dressed in black drove. There were three burly men in the car, and there were scars on some people’s faces.
“Retreat! Logan is so powerful that she must do it without her knowledge! Otherwise, you can’t live any of them!”
“Yes.” The man narrowed his fierce eyes and twisted the steering wheel. The car did not continue to follow Chuck’s car. They looked for the next opportunity.
In the rearview mirror.
Loganmei Mu saw such a scene, she shot a killing shot in her beautiful eyes.
She turned her eyes and saw Chuck sitting next to her with her eyes closed, as if she was asleep, Logan chuckled, “How late did the child sleep yesterday?”
Logan lowered her speed. She didn’t want to wake Chuck. “Laughing? What is this child’s dream?”
Logan certainly did not know that Chuck was having that kind of dream. In her heart, Chuck was still a child.
She continued to drive, and Logan suddenly remembered. She didn’t ask Chuck where to play.
Now Chuck is asleep again, so where? Loganmei’s eyes were turning. She saw a restaurant on the roadside that looked good on the outside. Okay, let’s eat first.
In the afternoon, I’ll talk about where to go, anyway, just follow Chuck to play. Logan didn’t think too much, but Logan suddenly thought, as if something happened today, she thought about it and patted her forehead, “Forget, it seems that today is a friend’s Birthday banquet, what should I do? Do you want to go? Haven’t been to it before, will you go this time?”
Logan shook her head, she suddenly remembered the matter, or not to go.
Logan parked the car, she was going to call Chuck, at this time, the phone suddenly rang, she took it out to see, it is Karen Lee.
She answered with a smile.
“Sister Qingyou.” Logan said.
“Don’t call my sister, call your aunt,”
“Oh, I understand what Qingyou means to you, but Ce’er is too young, how can he fit me?”
Loganmei looked at sleeping Chuck, she saw Chuck drooling, she chuckled. Then, took out the paper towel and gently wiped Chuck’s mouth.
“Logan, what are you laughing at?”
“I saw Ceer drooling.”
“You…” Karen Lee here showed a happy look. What’s wrong with this?
“Sister Qingyou, don’t get me wrong. I just drove, and Ce’er fell asleep next to me,” Logan explained with a smile.
“Well, I ask you, don’t you mean anything to my son?” Karen Lee asked.
“No, Ce’er is too young to fit me.” Logan said, in her mind, Chuck is a child.
“Come on,” Karen Lee was a little disappointed, but continued, “You have a friend who is holding a birthday banquet in my hotel. Are you coming?”
What a coincidence? Logangang just remembered this matter. This friend actually had a birthday banquet in Karen Lee’s hotel. Logan hesitated. Should he go? But she really wanted Chuck to take her out and walk around.
“Go well,” Logan was helpless. If he has been in the capital, then it’s okay, but he has come here, so he should go. After all, this friend is also an elder of himself.
“Okay, bring my son over, okay, yeah, did Ceer do anything special to you these days?” Karen Lee was more worried about this. Logan was gentle and beautiful. His son could resist the temptation?
“Sister Qingyou, what do you think about, what can Ceer do to me?” Logan smiled.
“That’s good,” Karen Lee was relieved. She didn’t want her son and Logan to be unsure together, and her son would be ill attuned to Logan. That wouldn’t work.
“You two come here at night,”
“it is good.”
The phone hung up.
“Cer, when we arrive, let’s eat first.” Logan called Chuck tenderly.
Going in the evening, then noon meal is still eaten here, Chuck’s confused head, continue to sleep.
Logan is too gentle, how did Chuck wake up?
Logan chuckled, “Cer, wake up.”
“Wife, stop calling, I kiss you, you let me sleep for a while,” Chuck said and kissed Logan.

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