My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 245

The sudden appearance of more than a dozen off-road vehicles, the dozens of men wearing the same down, the air around them seems to be frozen!
This is dead silence!
None of the people who just beat Chuck and Aunt Logan dared to move, and all of them froze.
Their expressions were fixed, their faces were colorful, shocked, and compulsive.
They are shaking, so many people surround them, even if they are all veterans, it is useless!
There are too many people, and that kind of murderous breath is amazing!
The two women came down from a car, it was Karen Lee and Betty.
The old man who took the lead to fight Chuck and Logan pretended to be calm. He stared at Karen Lee and Betty, “Who are you? I am Hongye from Beijing…”
Betty raised her hand and slammed it out. The Han Chinese words were not finished. A slap mark appeared on his face. He stumbled to the ground and spit blood. Others did not dare to move, and the steel pipe in one person’s hand fell on the ground. There is fear on his face.
“Get up,” Betty said.
“Who are you? I’m Jingcheng Hong…” The big man spit out the blood in his mouth, and even with such a slap, one tooth was knocked down, and he was angry.
Betty slapped it out again.
The big man’s screaming head was stuck on the ground, his head was bleeding, and his cheeks were completely swollen into a pig’s head. He climbed up from the ground, “Who are you, I am Hong Ye, do you dare to move me?”
Betty kicked out, and the big man couldn’t resist it. He screamed and smashed it on a car. The glass of the car broke apart. His hands tremble. The steel pipe in the hands of others fell to the ground. On the ground.
Betty’s strength is amazing!
Such a simple kick is enough to prove it!
“Grandpa? Is he also worthy of calling Grandpa?” Betty walked over and stared at the dying man. She squatted down to pick up a steel pipe. In the horrified look of the big man, she hit it!
“Ah!!! No, I’m from Hongye, I’m…ah!!!”
The big man stopped screaming, and the steel pipe hit him, and blood came out.
His trembling body was sweating!
A huge sense of oppression defeated them, so many people, they dare not move, and even dare not resist.
“Mr. Li, how do they handle it?” Betty asked Karen Lee.
“No, we know we are wrong, no!”
“Ah, no, we kneel, we know we are wrong!”
These people fell down on their knees, wept bitterly, and knelt on the ground with remorse. They were afraid and scared. How could there be so many people suddenly? ?
Isn’t this Logan person in Beijing?
They feel dreaming, but this dream is too real.
“Logan, what do you think?” Karen Lee came over.
“Cer, let Cer decide that he just suffered a loss.” Loganmei’s eyes are distressed. She really feels distressed. Seeing that Chuck was blocked in front of herself, kicked and kicked, she really felt In an instant, she could not describe the distress.
In fact, those people just now, Logan can solve it alone, and will not suffer any injuries, but Chuck is besieged, distracting her, and the arm was beaten.
Chuck also knew this, so he was particularly guilty.
“They beat me Aunt Logan and Mom, all of them abolished them!” Chuck’s voice was cold. Just now Logan was hit by a steel pipe. Chuck was really on fire. How could a delicate woman like Logan be beaten?
Chuck wants to kill!
Loganmei’s eyes flashed slightly.
Karen Lee was stunned and looked at Chuckzeer again. Did you like Logan?
Karen Lee was happy in her heart, but when she thought that Logan didn’t mean that, she was worried again. Karen Lee raised her hand, and her voice was cold as ice, “According to my son’s words, all of them are abandoned!”
“Ah, no, we know it’s wrong, wrong.”
All these people came to ask Chuck because they knew that they had hit the wrong person today, and now only Chuck can save themselves.
Chuck glanced down at them, they were afraid, but what about when they beat themselves and Aunt Logan just now?
Chuck pointed at one of them, “Mom, he beat Aunt Logan just now.”
“Okay, everyone else is useless. This man cut me off his hand!”
Karen Lee said that the person pointed out by Chuck was so scared that he fainted. He got up in fright and rushed towards Karen Lee. “Lao Zi fights with you!” boom!
Karen Lee just glanced at her lightly, and everyone didn’t see how Karen Lee shot. This big man was already screaming and flew out five or six meters. He passed out, completely motionless, as if to die Too.
“Chop off his hand, the others are useless.” Karen Lee said.
Chuck was shocked, his mother was really powerful! When can I be as powerful as my mother?
The scene was surrounded by dozens of people. It was a screaming voice. They punched and kicked for more than ten seconds. All of them were dying, their hands were broken, their legs were broken, and the man’s hand was cut off.
Karen Lee came over, “Logan, Ceer, are you all right?”
Logan shook his head, “It’s okay.”
“Mom, I’m fine.”
Chuck was kicked a few feet and hurt all over, but nothing was too much trouble, and should be fine after a few days of rest.
“Sister Qingyou, I’m sorry, this is mine…” Logan felt distressed that Chuck had just been beaten.
If it were not for his own reasons, Chuck would not be beaten.
“It’s okay. It’s good for him to practice it.” Karen Lee is satisfied. She knows that her son doesn’t admonish her at all. From her perspective, Chuck is a good seedling.
“He was kicked a few feet just now, Ce’er, I will help you to promote blood circulation and stasis, otherwise you will not be able to get out of bed tomorrow.” Logan was worried. She saw Chuck’s clothes were broken and there were several footprints.
Chuck also felt pain, so he agreed.
Karen Lee’s eyes turned on Logan and he smiled slightly, “Then, you take care of Ceer, we will go back first.”
“Well, I’ll take care of it,” Logan nodded. She would do this. She would let Chuck go to the hospital now. She wasn’t worried, and the hospital’s treatment was not as fast as her method.
Karen Lee said, let Betty clean up the mess, and then get all in the car, Karen Lee turned his head, “Logan, that Hongye…”
“Well, I know what to do.” Loganmei coldly.
Karen Lee was relieved that she got in the car and Chuck ran over, “Mom.”
“What’s wrong?” Karen Lee asked.
“Mom, I will buy a piece of land tomorrow, so,” Chuck was embarrassed, how long did it take? I need so much money for my mother, after all, it is not a matter of millions, but millions.
“Okay, is one billion enough?” Karen Lee smiled and her tone was full of doting. The situation in the square is good now. She is looking at it. Chuck is attentive. It is a matter of time before the square makes a lot of money.
“It’s Xiaoshan’s today. He has a piece of land in his hand. I want to buy it. I can’t use one billion.”
Chuck was relieved.
“Okay, I’ll go back and call you 1.5 billion.”
“Mom, too much,” Chuck shook his head, too much.
“Not much, what do you want to do to bury the land? Do you always want money?” Karen Lee said.
Chuck thought that his mother was right. She won a piece of land by herself. How could you not be empty? At the very least, I need to start planning what to do, real estate or something else.
“Then thank you mom.”
“Stupid boy, all right, you asked your Aunt Logan to deal with the injury for you, and I went back.” Karen Lee got in the car and Chuck pulled her, “Mom,…”
Karen Lee looked at Chuckzhi and Wuwu, she was curious, “What’s wrong?”
“Mom, how long have you known Aunt Logan?”
“This is a long time, you ask what this is doing?” Karen Lee smiled in his heart, what is the child exploring?
“It’s okay, it’s okay, my mom, I’m going back.” Chuck shook his head, he didn’t dare to talk in front of his mom, he ran to Logan.
Karen Lee smiled slightly and asked Betty to drive. More than a dozen off-road vehicles left.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. He saw that his car was hit. This is also distressed. This is the BMW 7 Series. After such a collision, it has been rotten. Thanks to the engine It’s okay, otherwise it will be scrapped directly, but it will be overhauled. Chuck sighed, considering whether to sell it directly or buy a new one?
I don’t want to go back.
The car could barely drive back, but the oil leaked all the way. It was considered to be home.
Chuck followed Logan home and entered the house. Logan said seriously, “Cer, take off your clothes, I will deal with the injury for you .”

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