My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 25

Zelda Maine’s expression returned to normal. To be honest she didn’t know what to do just now. Even if Chuck Cannon kissed her or touched her, she couldn’t react. After all, she was the one who brought him here.
However, when Chuck placed his hand on her hip just now, his hand was stiff and he didn’t take advantage of her. This satisfied Zelda. If he had taken this chance to take advantage of her, then after the meal, the two of them would be strangers.
Chuck noticed the look in Zelda’s eyes and was relieved. He was glad that he didn’t do anything wrong just now. Otherwise, the consequences would be serious. The two of them looked at each other in silence.
“Well, everyone, don’t just stand there. Sit down and have a drink.” Quincy Lowie broke the silence by inviting everyone to take a seat.
Chuck was indeed slightly hungry, so he proceeded to eat the minute he sat down. Meanwhile, Zelda started chatting away with Quincy and the others about almost anything they thought of. Well, it was typical of women to be so chatty anyways.
Chuck’s hair stood on end as he listened in to their conversation. Perhaps they were older and all still single, their conversation was focused around relationship issues.
The conversation made Zelda uncomfortable, so she only made small talk and responded slightly. Otherwise, they would continue to talk about such a topic.
Similarly, Chuck pretended that he didn’t hear anything and continued to eat. Otherwise, what could he do? He was also very desperate.
“Hey Chuck, what does your family do?” Quincy suddenly directed a question at him. The other women all turned their eyes to him, including Zelda, who had a curious look on her face.
“I’m not sure.” Chuck could only shake his head wryly. His mother didn’t say what her job is, and he only knew his mother was a baller.
“You don’t know? Then why do you drive a BMW 7 series? Does your family own a mine?” Quincy was puzzled after hearing his reply. After all, no one in their circle knew Chuck.
Therefore, when she just heard Zelda say that Chuck drove a BMW 7 series, she was surprised. When did a rich kid show up in town?
“Of course not. My family could never own a mine!” Chuck shook his head. It was hardly possible. His mother has been abroad all the time, so she probably earned money by doing business abroad.
“In that case, I’m really curious about your family’s business.” Quincy said.
“I’m curious too.”
“Me too.”
As the women continued chatting away, Chuck could only sigh helplessly. Was his family business really so intriguing?
Chuck could only smile and continue to deal with it. Fortunately, Zelda noticed Chuck’s limit and immediately changed the subject. Right at the moment, a young man dressed in expensive clothes pushed the door open and came in. He seemed to be late and shouted, “Someone definitely owns a mind! Who is driving a BMW 7 series worth more than two million dollars?”
“It’s him, Chuck Cannon, the boyfriend of the beautiful lady Zelda Maine!” Quincy pointed to Chuck, who was eating.
The young man glanced at Chuck and chuckled. “Really? I just came out of the parking lot, but I didn’t see any car that resembles a BMW 7 series?”
“Didn’t see anything?” Quincy was surprised, and the other beautiful women were also shocked.
When they heard that Chuck owned a car whose price was at more than two million dollars, they were amazed. This was because he looked merely like a college student, yet he was able to afford such an expensive car. If so, how rich would his family need to be? The answer was clear.
How could it be possible for a college student to spend so much without having a family with at least a few hundred million dollars net worth?
“Yes, it was strange that I didn’t see it.”
The young man, whose name was Wilbur Wendel smiled. He was here only to flirt with girls, so he was surprised when he heard someone drove a car worth two million dollars.
“I just bought it. There was some scratches, so I sent it for repair.” Chuck explained promptly.
“You’re a newbie, right? Since only newbies will accidentally damage their cars!” Wilbur sneered at Chuck.
“Well, it’s my first time buying a car,” Chuck replied.
Hearing Chuck’s reply, Wilbur felt even more delighted. He smiled and said, “If it’s your first time buying a car, you should be careful since you know close to nothing about cars. The BMW 7 series is driven by middle-aged people. Young people like us just have a Cayenne. They are easy to maneuver, fast-moving and stunning, just like my new car. I love it so much!”
“Cayenne? How much is it?” Chuck asked subconsciously.
“What? Haven’t you heard of the Cayenne?” Wilbur scoffed at Chuck. An odd look crossed over the faces of Quincy and all the other women present, while Zelda frowned.
“No.” Chuck Cannon shook his head. He paid little attention to cars and only knew about BMW and Benz cars.
“Bro, you are too ignorant to not have heard of Cayenne. Doesn’t your family own a mine? You should pay more attention to this,” Wilbur smirked.
“My household doesn’t own a mine,” Chuck shook his head and denied it.
“You don’t? I thought someone said your family owns a mine? Wilbur chuckled.
“I said it!” Quincy raised her hand.
“Not anyone can own a mine. My dad knows many big figures who own mines, but I’ve never heard of a Cannon who owns a mine. What does your family do for a living then?”
“I don’t know.” Chuck answered.
“Haha! You don’t know? You really are too low profile! By the way, you asked me how much the Cayenne costs just now, right? It costs around two million dollars. To you, it might be small figure to pay.” Wilbur commented snarkily.
“Oh, that’s great.” Chuck continued to chew on his food.
“Great? How about we order one in a few days? I can pull a few strings and give you a discount!” Wilbur offered cunningly.
He really didn’t like Chuck at all because he just heard that he was Zelda’s boyfriend. He had confessed to her before, and was rejected and now she was with Chuck. In that case, didn’t it mean that he was not as good as Chuck? As a standard rich kid, would he really be subservient to Chuck, whom he had never heard of before?
Chuck was speechless and thought, “Why is this guy targeting me? I didn’t provoke him, did I? But I can afford a car whose price is less than two million dollars, but there’s no need for me to buy one now. Wilbur can think whatever he wants!”
“No need for that.” Chuck rejected his offer politely.
“Chuck’s car is much better than a Cayenne, and it’s also a new car. Why should he but a brand new one?” Zelda tried to defend Chuck.
“Lady Maine, everyone here has several cars. Do you think one car is enough? Of course, it isn’t. In his situation, if his car is sent for repairs, he will have no cars left to drive. It’s so embarrassing to ride with others!” Wilbur taunted.
At this point, Zelda was already slightly annoyed. “Are you here to attend the birthday party or to talk about cars?”
“Both!” Wilbur felt comfortable now. He took out am exquisitely packaged box and said, “Beautiful Lady Lowie, happy 26th birthday!”
Quincy accepted the gift with a smile.
“Why don’t I send you back later? You can have a feel of the Cayenne since you’ve never tried it before,” Wilbur suggested sarcastically.
“No, thanks. I’ll go back in Zelda’s car later.” Chuck said.
“Like I said, you should buy one more car. How awkward is it now? It won’t cost you much money if you buy one more car, at least it will be more convenient!” Wilbur smiled genuinely. He felt satisfied looking at Chuck’s ignorance and thought to himself, “Is this kid even rich? I’ve never heard of a rich kid who hasn’t heard of the car brand Cayenne before, is this guy pretending to be rich?”
If he was pretending and putting on airs, then he had the obligation to expose his lies!
Wilbur snicked in amusement as he saw Chuck actually speechless and staring at his phone. He walked over and patted Chuck on the shoulder. “Bro, what do you think? I know somebody, how about I ask him to order a Cayenne for you? For people like us, we need to have at least two cars.”
However, Chuck slapped his hand away. “Stop bothering me!”
He stared at the phone in his hand, scanning through Yvette Jordan’s messages quickly. She was in trouble! Who was it that dared bullied his wifey? Chuck swore that he would crush them.
Chuck turned to stare at Wilbur who was standing in front of him and thought, “Well, if you want to embarrass me, I’ll take care of you first, then leave to find Yvette!”

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