My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 250

Lara bit her lip, “Understood, I will do it well, don’t drive me away.”
Lara was relieved. She felt that she could not imagine what she had in front of her, even if she had a sports car or a BMW 7 series. Now this square belongs to him. Is it worth hundreds of millions?
Lara felt dreaming.
Looking at her weak appearance, her eyes dodge, her red lips are seductive, and she is a little bit charming.
How to say Lara is also the first woman to let Chuck see what a woman looks like in front of her.
At this time, Chuck’s mobile phone still has Lara’s fruit photos, although I haven’t seen it for a long time.
Chuck will not be too much, “rest assured, you can be honest, how can I drive you away?”
“I,” Lara had no confidence. Fortunately, what he and his cousin Charlotte did to him at the farmhouse last time. He didn’t know yet. If known, Lara felt that her shop would definitely not be able to open.
Lara regrets, why is Chuck so rich? What stupid thing did you do last time?
“Don’t go yet?” Chuck asked.
“Well, I’m leaving.” Lara ran away, Chuck looked at her back, Lara’s figure became better and better, mainly young, this hip line…
Lara ran into the shop, panting, Charlotte unexpectedly, “What’s wrong with Lara?”
“Do you know that the owner of this square is Chuck?” Lara said.
Charlotte fell and dropped the cup in her hand. She was shocked in her beautiful eyes…
The boss of Plaza is actually Chuck? How rich is he? call!
Lara sitting in the chair still feels like a dream, which is unbelievable!
She and Charlotte were so dumbfounded.

Chuck chatted with Zelda for a while, Chuck was about to go home, it was almost dark, but Chuck saw it, the film below was filmed, and the framing here was completed today, the leaf beauty below saw Chuck .
“Did you find this actor?” Zelda asked.
Chuck shook his head and said no, Ye Zimei did not take the initiative to come to him, he would not let Ye Zimei be the heroine, Zelda smiled and said that she was very beautiful, Chuck gave her a white glance, “Don’t think about it, I don’t have a front rule she was.”
“I don’t mean that,” Zelda smiled. She didn’t believe that Chuck would do that. Chuck made a movie just for money.
“Besides, Zelda, your figure is much better than her. I want the former rules to be yours, too,”
Chuck said.
“Pooh,” Zelda smiled. “Then I wait for you to dive me.”
Chuck was embarrassed. He just said it casually, but how to say, today he hugged Murong Qing in the elevator during the day, and just read Yolanda just now, to be honest, this situation still evoked some ideas of Chuck, Especially when facing Zelda.
The strongest idea.
“Sister Zelda, I…” Chuckzhi supports us.
“I know, kidding, you don’t go home, then I will go back,” said Zelda, and Chuck was going to the parking lot, so the two went downstairs together.
At this time, the hand-made leaf beauty saw Chuck leaving, she hesitated, and Wilbur Wendel came over, “Zi Mei, today is over, and I will celebrate at night.”
In the past few days, Wilbur Wendel felt that he seemed to be away from Zabrinamei. Although he didn’t do anything else, Wilbur Wendel felt hopeful.
Zabrina shook her head, “No, I’m tired.”
She put on sunglasses masks and went to buy milk tea to drink, just heard Lara’s words, “I really did not expect that such a large square is actually Chuck, he is the boss…”
The leaves were stunned, what? The boss of the square is Mr. Chuck who invested in movies? Not Wilbur Wendel’s?
“What do you say? The square owner is Chuck?” Zabrina asked.
Lara was scared and broke, let Chuck know that this matter was known by others, then his own photos…
“No, no, you heard it wrong,” Lara shook his head.
“I heard it right,” Zabrina took off his sunglasses, Lara froze, “Zabrina…”
“You make it clear, who is the boss of the square?” Ye Zimei walked in seriously, Charlotte pushed Lara, she only recovered, “Yes, it was Chuck…”
Zabrina’s heart suddenly felt no wonder that she had always felt a little wrong. It turned out that the owner of the square was not Wilbur Wendel. Zabrina was suddenly angry. Do you want Wilbur Wendel to soak me?
“The leaves are beautiful, what are you going to drink? I invite.” Wilbur Wendel walked over with a smile.
Zabrinamei stared at him, “Are you the square owner?”
“Yes, I am, what’s wrong?” Wilbur Wendel felt bad.
“You really lie, you are not the owner of the square, Mr. Chuck is.” Zabrina is angry, “You said that Mr. Chuck was your square manager last time, weren’t you?”
Wilbur Wendel was embarrassed, “Ye Zimei, listen to me,”
Wilbur Wendel felt bad, and finally he had hope recently, but now he is gone. He saw Zabrina’s angry and left, he can only chase, Zabrina turned his head and stared at him, “You are a little shameless, the square is not yours , But you said it was yours.”
Wilbur Wendel was also annoyed and felt that he was no longer playing. “Why am I not the square? Are you disappointed?”
“I’m not disappointed, angry that you lied to me.” Zabrina said.
Wilbur Wendel sneered, “This square used to be my dad. It was bought by Chuck. I am also the former boss. Is there a difference?”
“The difference is big.” Zabrina turned around and left, she felt that she had always been right with Wilbur Wendel.
But Wilbur Wendel caught up, pulled and pulled, and Zabrina turned around and slap Wilbur Wendel, “Shameless!”
Ye Zimei left, and was humiliated and humiliated in a big way, making Wilbur Wendel angry and resentful, “Chuck, I have asked you not to say anything, why should you say it?”
He began to hate Chuck. He liked Zabrina very much, but today there is no drama, just because Chuck told Zabrina that I will help you too, why don’t you help me?
He stared at the square, this square that belonged to him before, Chuck, you let me down too much! !
And Lara and Charlotte looked at this scene unexpectedly, what happened?
Ye Zabrina came to Yolanda’s office. Yolanda accidentally raised her head and asked what happened?
“Is the owner of this square Mr. Chuck?” Zabrina asked.
Yolanda nodded.
In this case, she only nodded.
Zabrina is certain, she came out, “Mr. Chuck, you cooperate with Wilbur Wendel, let him soak me? I am very angry!”
In the parking lot, Chuck said goodbye to Zelda, and then called Aunt Logan to ask her what happened? Aunt Logan said very softly. Chuck said that she bought the land of Xiaoshan today.
Aunt Logan smiled, “This is the best way.”
Chuck was completely relieved and simply said a few words to Aunt Logan. Chuck drove home and arrived home. Chuck knocked on the door, but it was Sun Shangxue who opened the door.
She frowned, “What did you do last night? Let Yvette I didn’t fall asleep at night.”
Chuck didn’t say much. At this time, Yvette hadn’t returned yet, but he should be back soon.
“Isn’t the last time I did enough in the bathroom?” Sun Shangxue said and turned in, but the shoes slipped. She was about to fall to the ground. Chuck saw that she wanted to catch her instinctively, but grabbed her clothes, poof! Yes, tear it apart.
Sun Shangxue fell to the ground, looked down angrily, his clothes were actually torn, Chuck embarrassed, came over to help her, “Are you all right?”
“It’s okay. Are you still watching?” Sun Shangxue clutched the front, the fire was at its extreme, what the hell is this? The skirt she just wore was torn apart in such a way. The key point was that she was still not angry. She also knew that Chuck was not deliberate and wanted to grab herself, but did something bad.
Last time Chuck knew she had expected, but now it is really indescribable. Chuck looked at it a few more times.
“Still watching?” Sun Shangxue was annoyed. She got up and stumbled into the room, but at this time, Chuck suddenly heard the sound of high heels. This was Yvette’s return.
He was frightened because Sun Shangxue’s torn skirt was still on the ground. If this is seen by Yvette, how can this be explained? ?
Chuck picked up the skirt that Sun Shangxue had just worn and opened the door and ran into the room. Sun Shangxue was shocked that she was changing clothes.
She wanted to scream, but Chuck lowered her voice, “Don’t call, my wife is back,…”
Sun Shangxue was about to collapse, and she knew it was so called, so today she really couldn’t tell. Chuck dropped her skirt and turned to prepare to go out, but the outside door opened at this time, and Yvette opened the door and came in, “Shang Xue, I am back.”
Chuck stayed in the house, scared, finished…

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