My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 251

Chuck was scared, so coincidentally, Yvette actually came back. The key is that he is in the room now. If he is alone in the room, it must be nothing. But the key is that there is Sun Shangxue in this room. She is Yvette. My girlfriend, Yvette’s husband, is in a room, what’s this? …
All this was seen by Yvette, and it was really impossible for him to jump into the Yellow River.
Sun Shangxue was even more flustered. She lived here. She knew that it was Yvette, so she was grateful, but what she did not expect was that she was touched by Chuck in the toilet on the first night of her stay. The one who wanted to cry without tears could only pretend that nothing had happened. Unexpectedly, a few days later, she actually saw Chuck having a girl in the toilet. She was really entangled. In order to prevent Yvette from hearting, she didn’t say anything. .
But now, what happened just now, so unexpected, Sun Shangxue could hardly speak.
This was seen by Yvette. She was really faceless with Yvette. The key is that nothing happened with Chuck! How wrong is this? ?
“Shang Xue, are you at home? I’m back.” Yvette’s voice was outside.
Sun Shangxue hurriedly put on his pajamas and ran barefoot to Chuck, lowering his voice,
“Come on, don’t you hide? Yvette Yvette saw it, I’m not finished with you!”
Chuck was more worried and scared, and his heart was nervous. He could think of the disappointment on Yvette’s face.
Sun Shangxue pulled Chuck behind him, Chuck wanted to hide in the door crack, because the closet was next to the door, which could block his body, but unfortunately, Yvette came over,
“Shang Xue, I open the door.”
The door opened, blocking Chuck.
Sun Shangxue calmed down, and Yvette walked in with a smile, “Shang Xue, are you sleeping?
Well, I just passed a place selling clothes and bought two pairs of trousers and gave you one.
You try now.”
Yvette carried a bag in his hand, took out a pair of female pants, and handed it to Sun Shangxue with a smile, “Come, try.”
“Ah? Don’t use it.” Sun Shangxue glanced at the door. Didn’t Chuck see the trial clothes? ?
“You try it first to see if it fits well. I told the boss. If it doesn’t fit, I’m going to change it,” Yvette said.
“Try again tomorrow,”
“Now, aren’t you wearing pajamas? Just take it off and just try it. Soon, Yvette smiled,
“Shy? What’s so shy about us two? Anyway, my husband hasn’t come back yet, don’t worry, or I’ll close the door so that my husband can’t see me when I come back…”
Sun Shangxue was shocked when he heard that he was going to close the door. Didn’t the closing let Yvette see Chuck hiding behind the door?
“Yvette, don’t close the door, I’ll change it now.” Sun Shangxue glanced over the door with a complicated look, and took over the jeans in Yvette’s hand.
She had just put on her pajamas. She took off and put on her jeans directly. The tight jeans were just right, the lines were outlined and they were perfect.
Sun Shangxiang’s figure is also suitable for skinny jeans.
Her legs are long and slender.
“It’s appropriate,” Yvette looked around Sun Shangxue and smiled slightly, “Come on, this one, you have a t-shirt to try too.”
She took out the t-shirt from the bag.
Sun Shangxue came next, looked at the door again with a more complicated look, took off his pajamas and put on.
I have to say that Yvette’s vision is particularly good. The skinny jeans outline the lines and the white t-shirt outlines the waist. This suit is very beautiful.
“It’s beautiful.” Yvette was satisfied. “Shang Xue, how are you feeling?”
“Well, very good,” Sun Shangxue said.
“Well, that’s all right. I’m going to wash it now.”
Sun Shangxue did it silently, took off his clothes, and put on his pajamas just now.
Yvette took off the clothes, cut off the tag, went out from the room, went to the bathroom and put the clothes in the washing machine.
“Enough to see?” Sun Shangxue walked to the edge of the door and saw Chuck with red ears inside.
Chuck didn’t speak, and felt that his nose was about to spur blood. The picture just now was… I didn’t expect Sun Shangxue to be too unexpected.
“Go out quickly,” said Sun Shangxue, Chuckzhao did, and whispered to follow Sun Shangxue.
Chuck saw that the bathroom door was closed, the light inside was lit, and Yvette was inside.
Chuck opened the door and was ready to speak, saying that he was back, but Sun Shangxue was annoyed, “What do you think of you? Not going out yet?”
Chuck bowed his head and blushed old. It was so amazing just now that men will have ideas.
Chuck opened the door and took a few deep breaths. He walked into the corridor and walked back and forth several times. Feeling gone, Chuck opened the door and came in.
He saw that there was no one in the hall, the door of the room was closed, Sun Shangxue went in, and definitely went in. After all, Chuck just saw her figure. Not to mention Sun Shangxue?
At this time, the bathroom door opened, Yvette came out and saw Chuck, she was surprised,
“Hubby, you are back? Let me see, what happened to your car accident yesterday? Did you hurt where? ?”
In the room, Sun Shangxue wondered, she heard Yvette’s voice, what happened? Chuck didn’t come back last night. Was it a car accident?
Why didn’t you refute it when you said about him just now?
Yvette ran over and turned around Chuck and found that Chuck was not injured. She was relieved and hugged Chuck. “Hubby, you scared me today…”
Chuck was moved and replaced the door. Yvette said, “Hubby, are you hungry? Let me cook you up for supper.”
Chuck shook his head and said he was not hungry, Yvette took Chuck to the sofa, “Hubby, I take good care of you, I wash your feet, I…”
Chuck was guilty, Yvette was so good, Chuck held her back, “Farewell, I am sleepy, sleep,”
“Okay, my husband is also sleepy.” Yvette closed her eyes on Chuck’s chest contentedly. She didn’t sleep much last night. She could sleep well this morning. She opened her beautiful eyes,
“Hubby, Are you okay with the car accident?”
In order to convince Yvette, Chuck said a place casually, saying that his waist was hurt a little, and Yvette was shocked, “Are you okay, husband?”
“It’s okay.” Chuck said.
In the room, Sun Shangxue pouted, it must be fine, just now… Sun Shangxue shook his head.
“Hubby, you have a good rest these days,” Yvette decided not to go to the company and restaurant these days, and take good care of Chuck.
Of course, Chuck said that he didn’t need anything. He didn’t have anything to do. Yvette couldn’t be relieved. “That husband, you have been patient for a few days, don’t think about those things, you hurt your waist…”
Yvette cared, but blushed.
Chuck murmured, why did he say that he had a back injury? Okay.
Early the next morning, Yvette made breakfast and insisted on Chuck taking a good rest. Don’t go out in the morning. He also gave Chuck on the sofa and massaged his waist. He was worried that Chuck was too painful.
Yvette took a phone call and went to the company in a hurry. Chuck finished breakfast and knocked on the door. Sun Shangxue opened the door. Today she was wearing a skirt, showing her beautiful legs. Chuck saw the picture she saw last night. Come to mind.
But this is not a time for thinking, “Sorry, I was last night…”
“Don’t mention the matter of last night again, I forgot,” Sun Shangxue came over and sat down to eat breakfast.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. This matter must be forgotten. Yvette must not be allowed to know, but Chuck really couldn’t forget the picture of Sun Shangxue changing clothes.
The atmosphere was embarrassing, and of course Chuck packed up and prepared to go to Aunt Logan’s side. Sun Shangxue said, “If you have a car accident, just take a rest and run around?”
After finishing his breakfast, Sun Shangxue went to the restaurant to help Yvette plan. She opened the door and Chuck Zezheng asked, is this concerned?
Chuck was helpless, he had nothing to do. He opened the door and went out. When he went downstairs, he saw Sun Shangxue waiting for the bus. Chuck drove over, “Where are you going?
I’ll take you.”
Sun Shangxue looked at Chuck at a glance, Chuck said to come in, but also afraid of what I do to you?
Sun Shangxue hesitated and opened the door to enter. She was the first time Chuck’s sports car was sitting. She said, “If you dare to do anything to me, be careful that Yvette breaks up with you!”

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