My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 268

Chuck returned home. Zelda had just invited him. He was really not interested. Yvette would not come back, he would not have other ideas.
Even if there is a vent, how can Chuck take Zelda as such an object?
I can only say I’m sorry Zelda, not to mention, Aunt Logan saw bad.
Chuck sighed and saw Logan sitting on the sofa smiling, “Aunt Logan…”
“Going out, is it better?” Logan smiled and stood up.
Chuck’s recent decadence made her feel bad, but she has launched all the networks, and there is no clue for the time being.
Yvette was hidden very well, but she knew that Yvette was definitely alive.
Finding her is just a matter of time.
“Much better, thank Aunt Logan for your concern.” Chuck guilt, so many days, did not take Aunt Logan out for a walk.
“What is this child doing so politely?” Logan smiled and touched Chuck’s hair. It was really simple to see Chuck as a child.
“Aunt Logan, are you going back?” Chuck was surprised because he saw Logan’s suitcase at the door.
“Yes, Sister Qing You called me. She explained that the sky will take you to a place and start teaching you to fight. Then I have to go back.” Logan said.
Chuck sighed, this matter has already been mentioned by my mother, and I mentioned it last week, but Chuck has no thoughts until now.
It is estimated that the mother was anxious, so she took mandatory measures.
“Now?” Chuck was reluctant.
Logan was taking care of herself during this time, and Chuck was used to it.
Chuck was already guilty, of course I was embarrassed to keep it, but I couldn’t help but stretched my arms around Logan, “Aunt Logan, I will miss you, and, be careful on the road, She was stunned, and then chuckled, “Yes, if you want me to call me, do you know? I can come to you or you can play in the capital.”
“En.” Chuckyi reluctantly let go of her. In fact, he wanted to hold her for a while, because it feels so wonderful to hug her like this, but just hold it again, and Aunt Logan will be angry.
“Aunt Logan, let me take you to the airport.”
“Okay.” Logan smiled. She wanted to take her luggage, but how could Chuck be willing? Busy mentioning Logan’s luggage, Logan smiled more beautifully, and was so empathetic.
Chuck and Logan went out. In the past few days, his car has not been repurchased, and the scratched sports car has not been repaired. He is too lazy to go. Yvette’s disappearance has disrupted his plan.
Putting the luggage in, Chuck drove Logan to the airport.
At the airport, Chuckti brought out her luggage and reluctantly watched Logan enter the special passage. Logan had a private jet, and of course she went back by private jet.
Seeing Logan go away, her beautiful legs could not be seen anymore. Chuck sighed and turned to sit in his car. Tomorrow he would go out with his mother. He had to make arrangements and talk to Yolanda.
It is estimated that it will not go out too long, because the school will start in more than twenty days.
Logan turned around and smiled and answered a phone call, which Karen Lee called.
“How is it, do you feel any countermeasures?” Karen Lee asked, a little nervous, how to say that for more than ten days, both of them are at home, maybe they will do something, that’s the best, but she doesn’t think so may.
First of all, she knew that Logan’s character was very self-disciplined and she would not do the kind of thing that does firewood.
“Cer is too small, no,” Loganmei looked at Chuck and went up to his car, the smile on his lips deepened.
“Okay.” Karen Lee was disappointed.
“Jian Jordan, you don’t have any news?” Logan saw Chuck drove away, and she walked through the passage to her private plane.
“No, I think that Yvette has been missing for so long. It is estimated that he is being trained. I have seen Yvette’s physical fitness. He is very talented, but no one teaches her.”
“So you are so anxious to let Ce’er go with you to learn fighting?”
“Yes, I was worried that when Ce Er saw her again, Yvette was already a master of fighting.
Then Ce Er was not, and he was soft-hearted, how could it be an opponent?” Karen Lee worried, she was anxious It’s been more than ten days since Yvette was hidden so well that he was definitely training in secret.
“Well, hurry up and teach better. I’m afraid he will not be Yvette’s opponent by then.” Logan stopped, and Meimu looked at the airport gate again. Unfortunately, Chuck had already left.
“Yes, it’s just…you seem to care about my son. This kind of concern doesn’t seem right.” Karen Lee smiled.
Logan was a little embarrassed and said. “Sister Qingyou, you misunderstood, is it normal that I care about Ceer? I treat Ceer as a child…”
She looked at the import with beautiful eyes, “How to make a quick walk?”

When Chuck arrived at the square, she explained some things about Yolanda and told her that she was going out for a while. Yolanda was surprised, “Where are you going?”
“Going to a place to strengthen yourself is a further study. I am my card. There are about 900 million in it. You must hurry up on the project in that land. I hope that when I come back, I will have good results,” Chuck Take out the card.
For more than ten days, Yolanda is running every day, very attentively, and should produce results soon.
Yolanda was shocked, “You gave me so much money to hold, if I run away?”
“You sold it to me.” Chuck joked.
Yolanda blushed and nodded, “Well, I will work hard…”
Chuck was relieved, he had to go back to sleep well, and then learn to fight with his mother tomorrow and exercise himself!
“Chuck, where are you going?” Larawen came in and asked anxiously.
She hasn’t seen Chuck recently. She thought Chuck had an accident. She just came in and heard that Chuck was going out.
“You still have a face to meet me?” Chuck frowned, and all said with a big mess in your mouth, let Yvette know that the square is his own, otherwise he would not take Yvette out that day, if he held Yvette Yi at night Nan sleeps, so how can Yvette Yin disappear?
“I, I…” Lara panicked, did Chuck know about the medicine that day?
“You have such a big mouth, who made you talk nonsense?” Chuck stared at her.
“I, I didn’t talk nonsense, what did I say nonsense?” Lara sighed, but he was wronged again.
“Non-talking again, I sent you the fruit according to what you heard?” Chuck said coldly.
Lara was wronged to cry, “What am I talking about?”
Chuck ignored her and went straight out. Lara chased him out. “Chuck, I didn’t talk nonsense.”
“Are you afraid that I will send you fruit photos?” Chuck stared at her.
“You made it, but I didn’t talk nonsense, no!” Lara grieved tears, Chuck frowned, is it not her?
Chuck walked over, “Did you tell Yvette Square to be mine?”
“I haven’t, no, how dare I say that?” Lara shook his head and choked with tears.
Chuck was impatient when she saw her wronged, “Don’t cry, it’s not just what you said.”
Who said that? Zelda, Yolanda will not say.
So who is it?
“Woo.” Lara wiped her tears and cried even harder. “You don’t want to wrong me,”
“Okay, I’m sorry, didn’t you find Yolanda something wrong, you go.” Chuck turned around and left, but Chuck couldn’t help but heard Lara’s crying, “Sorry, what else do you want? cry again, I will send you fruit photos.”
Lara hurriedly covered her mouth and grieved, “Don’t send, don’t send, I won’t cry.”
“Okay, go find Yolanda, I have something to go back.” Chuck walked away.
“Where are you going?” Lara chased over.
“It’s none of your business.” Chuck took the elevator down and looked back at Lara. The tears in her eyes began to turn again.
Chuck was helpless. He suddenly saw Queenie. He was puzzled and came out of the elevator and walked to Queenie. “Qing Qing, why are you so obsessed?”
“Ah…” Queenie was frightened. She was relieved to see Chuck, but she lowered her head.
Chuck is not very embarrassed, “Queenie, I am going out, you take care of yourself during this time,
“Chuck, where are you going?”
“Going to a place, are you okay? Did something happen? You told me.” Chuck said, for Queenie, Chuck had other feelings and guilt.
“Chuck, me, I didn’t come this month.” Queenie whispered.
“What didn’t come?”
“Relatives, relatives did not come.”
Chuck was stunned, but thought of what she meant, stunned, “Do you mean you are pregnant?”

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