My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 267

All of these friends and relatives were stunned, and their jaws fell off in shock. It was really sent by this decadent youth! !
More than 5 million, just give it away?
The key is that Lao Lin was almost a toy just now for children.
Zelda saw the gold card in Lin Qianqian’s hand, she had enlisted her beauty, and she was invited to the banquet last time. How could she not know this card?
But she knew she was not qualified to own this card.
But she was surprised, Chuck had it, and actually gave such a precious gold card as a gift to others?
Lin Qianqian opened her lips with red lips, so shocked that she could cram an egg in. Wasn’t he bankrupt?
“Did your uncle like it?” Chuck asked.
It doesn’t matter, just take it back if you don’t like it. Anyway, my mom’s hotel is basically full every day, whether it’s a regular room or a presidential suite, it’s the same.
“No, no, like, like.” Lin Qianqian’s father nodded like rice after being shocked.
“Grandpa, you like it, why would you use this as a toy for me?” the little boy asked.
His father was busy covering his mouth, and once again embarrassedly said that children’s words are unscrupulous…
Dad Lin Qianqian’s old face suddenly turned red like a monkey butt.
Lin Qianqian embarrassed and whispered, “Dad, what did you do just now! Such a precious thing…”
“How do I know?” Her father shook his head and sighed.
Chuck was stunned, and once again looked at Lin Qianqian’s father a few times, seeming to laugh, “Uncle doesn’t seem to like it very much!”
“No, I made a mistake just now.” Lin Qianqian shook his head.
“Yes, my dad made a mistake. Why would my dad not like such a precious gift?” Lin Qianqian said hurriedly.
She glanced at Chuck for a few more times, and felt that it was more pleasing to the eye. It turned out she was not bankrupt, but why was it so decadent?
“Okay, uncle likes it.” Chuck is too lazy to investigate, this card has already been sent out, he is not easy to take back! This will make it difficult for Zelda.
But if other people are like this, Chuck will not be polite.
Dad Lin Qianqian breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank you, you gave such a precious gift.”
“It’s okay, yes, Zelda brought me over, of course, to give the uncle what he likes.” Chuck said.
Everyone was surprised, they heard it, Chuck meant that without Zelda, people would never come here, and it was even more impossible to give such a gift.
Lin Qianqian was a little embarrassed with her father, but he felt that he still had a face. A card like this would bring benefits to his business.
Lin Qianqian was pleasantly surprised to go to the presidential suite every day.
However, other relatives looked down on Chuck just now and became envious of Zelda, and found such a boyfriend.
Zelda was also embarrassed, her eyes turned and looked at Chuck.
“Come on, let’s go to the table. Meals are all right.” Lin Qianqian greeted.
Relatives and friends walked into the house, Lin Qianqian whispered, “You ask Zelda to see if his boyfriend has any brothers or the like, you can also find such a person, dad does not object.”
“Dad, even if he has brothers, but they are so rich, how can they be regarded as me?” Lin Qianqian shook her head, her figure was hot, but still a little different from Zelda, and not only the figure, but also There are differences in appearance and temperament.
Her dad sighed. Indeed, he has a net worth of three billion yuan. Their family is really not of the same grade.
Everyone felt almost full of wine and food. When eating, many people toasted Chuck. Chuck could only refuse, he didn’t want to drink, he didn’t care.
When he came out, Lin Qianqian still gave it away.
Drive Chuck and Zelda away.
The crowd appeared.
“Lao Lin, you didn’t ask what he did just now?” a relative asked.
“He didn’t say much, but my daughter asked just now, as if he had a square…” Lin Qianqian said.
“Plaza, what square?” Everyone was curious.
“Town square.”
“Huh, the city square is not the old king? Why…”
“Bought by him.”
“What? Buy the square, this family, hum, no wonder you can have a gold card, Lao Lin, you have a face, this gold card is awesome.”
Dad Lin Qianqian is proud, he gave it to my birthday!

Lin Qianqian sent Chuck and Zelda downstairs, Lin Qianqin whispered, “Chuck, sorry, my dad today…”
“It’s okay, uncle is happy,” Chuck doesn’t matter, the matter is over.
Lin Qianqian felt relieved. “Anyway, thank you. My dad is very happy today.”
Chuck got off the bus, Lin Qianqian pulled Zelda who was about to get off and asked, “Does he have any brothers?”
“It seems to be gone, you ask what this is doing?” Zelda wondered, this did not listen to Chuck said, then the representative did not.
“Nothing, nothing,” Lin Qianqian blushed.
Zelda got out of the car with a smile, Lin Qianqian glanced at Chuck a few times, and reluctantly drove away.
“How is it now?” Zelda cared. She saw Chuck relaxed, and she felt relieved.
“Thank you.” Yvette, who was still missing in Chuckxin, was indeed better after going out.
However, Yvette has not yet found it!
The two went up the elevator. Chuck actually wanted to go back to Yvette’s place to rent a house, but Sun Shangxue lived there. It was still not very convenient for him to go by himself.
So I can only live in my own house. Fortunately, Aunt Logan is still here these days.
When they reached Lou Cheng, Zelda bit his lip, “Chuck, would you like to sit at my house?”
Chuck turned his head in amazement.

In a certain room, Yvette was locked inside. She curled up and shivered in the corner. She was tired and hungry, but she couldn’t get out.
And every day someone came over to beat herself, and beat hard, she had only one weapon, then it was a dagger.
She has been tortured so badly, she regrets why she came out after receiving a call, “Hubby, I miss you so much… who are you going to show me?”
Yvette shed tears, but at this time, the door opened and the man came in again.
Yvette wiped away her tears and stood up from the corner. Her beauty was cold and not pitiful.
This person has tortured her for more than ten days. She hates this person!
She is not afraid, she will die before the big deal, but she will not be humiliated!
“Let me go!” Yvette held the dagger in her hand and she held it as tightly as possible.
“Beat me, you can go out, you can’t beat, you will be locked here all your life, do it!” This person came over, Yvette was cold and shot, but this person easily took her hand.
“Too weak, too weak.” The man pushed Yvette disdainfully away.
Yvette fell to the ground, and it was particularly painful, but her eyes were colder, “Let me go out, I want to see my husband, I want to…”
“He’s not your husband, he’s your enemy, come again!” The man cooled down.
Yvette fell to the ground again, and her eyes were even colder. She rushed up, but it was useless…
This scene was seen by an old man through the monitoring screen.
“Master, is this too cruel to the lady?” someone asked carefully.
“No, it’s not cruel now, it hurts her afterwards. With such a strength, how did you kill Karen Lee? How did you kill that person? She can’t even beat an ordinary person, it’s too weak, at least it has been beaten A veteran who has been training for three years can come out.” The old man said, his voice was heartache, but he was helpless.
“Is this possible? Such a harsh environment?”
“Possibly, if this is not possible, then she is not worthy of my granddaughter! Her body is the blood of my son, my son is a first-class combat master, she will inherit, yes!” The old man’s eyes are refined !
Yvette was kicked to the ground, she covered her stomach and was about to faint.
“What’s wrong, just rubbish? Still want to go out from here? You will keep me here forever!
Rubbish!” The man mocked, “Tomorrow, you can’t beat me again, I will make you look good!
He went out and lost a dirty bun in hand, and fell in front of Yvette. She looked at the bun. She did not shed tears when facing the torture just now, but she shed at this time.
She picked up the dirty buns. After a few days of hunger, she ate them bit by bit. “Hubby, I am not dead, I will go out!”

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