My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 270

“Disgusting,” Murong Qing turned to stare at Chuck.
Chuck was originally in a bad mood. Yvette was missing. Now he has encountered Queenie again. He just waited a while ago. Now he has to be scolded for no reason. Chuck can’t help it.
“You are enough, I’m sick. ?”
Murong Qingmei was annoyed, “You are disgusting.”
“I’m sick, don’t you want to sleep with me? Do you think I can’t make you pregnant one night?”
Chuck asked.
“Shameless, disgusting,” Murong Qing turned angrily and left.
Chuck was too lazy to take care of her. Just now Chuck understood that Murong Qing is not a person who likes to do small actions in the background. She will not talk about things today.
However, Chuck was so guilty, and regretted it a little. How to say Murong Qing also helped Zelda, let her continue to renew the contract, even if she was scolded a few words, why did you just talk back!
Forget it, I have a chance to apologize to her.
Chuck walked to Queenie’s side.
“Sorry, did I come at an untimely time?” Queenie lowered his head.
“No, don’t think about it, what’s the result?” Chuck was nervous.
Queenie said nothing, Chuck felt bad, “Queenie, you said.”
Calculating the time, Chuck and Queenie didn’t have it for more than 20 days before that month.
When Chuck came over for an inspection just now, he specifically asked if he could check it out.
The nurse said yes.
“I’m sorry, I was wrong, I have.” Queenie whispered, his voice was particularly emboldened.
At this moment, Chuck’s head was ignorant, and he really won the bid. Chuck felt sorry for Queenie.
What now?
“Chuck, don’t worry, I asked just now that I can do medicine flow within 50 days. I can buy medicine and eat it myself.” When Queenie heard the result just now, he also panicked for a long time before returning. Come over.
Where did she encounter such a thing, she was only a sophomore in the second half of the year.
Chuck was even more guilty, “Don’t you want to be right?”
Chuck asked himself, but he was not confident.
“We are also…I am still young and still have to study.” Queenie said that she was afraid on the one hand, and on the other hand she saw Chuck was very nervous and knew more about Chuck’s relationship with Yvette.
If so, what next? Isn’t it embarrassing Chuck?
“Relax, it’s okay.” Queenie comforted Chuck. She also knew that Chuck was not intentional that day.
Chuck smiled bitterly, obviously he was wrong, and let Queenie comfort himself?
Chuck took Queenie to ask whether it was drug flow or abortion. Money was not a problem. The main thing was that he could not hurt Queenie’s body.
Asked clearly, it is similar to Queenie, but there is still a risk of drug flow. Chuck chooses the flow of people, but the doctor said that the flow of people should be more than five weeks before it is safe. It is said that the fetus is too small, and it must be checked clearly. In utero pregnancy, Queenie is now more than ten days and twenty days, and the embryo is too small.
Chuck thought about it and decided to be safe, not to hurt Queenie.
That is to wait a few more days, raise more than thirty-five days, and wait for himself and my mother to return, then you can take Queenie to the abortion.
The main reason is that Queenie has been working part-time, and several part-time jobs a day are particularly tiring, and his health is not good enough. The doctors said they were lucky to be pregnant.
Queenie was worried, “Can’t I take the medicine myself?”
Chuck comfortably said that it is safe. The key is that Queenie is not in good health and is already weak. The doctors do not recommend this. He said that taking medicine is very risky and will hurt the uterus, which will lead to pregnancy after pregnancy. What if I get hurt inside? What should I do if my body is weak?
Chuck didn’t want to make himself too guilty.
“En.” Queenie listened to Chuck. She felt that Chuck would guarantee this, and she would definitely do it. She was at ease.
“Don’t worry, I will take you to dinner, and then send you back.” Chuck comforted.
“it is good,”
Chuck went to the pharmacy next to the hospital to buy some supplements for Queenie, let her take care of the body first, and waited for herself to come back before taking a day out to take her to do.
Queenie was waiting in the car, Chuck was carrying tonics, and just saw Murongqing’s car. He hesitated, walked over, knocked on the window, and wanted to say sorry.
But the window didn’t open, Chuck walked to the front in confusion, and saw Murong Qing sitting and staring at herself, her eyes were cold.
Chuck could only walk to the window where she was sitting, and whether she could hear it or not, she said, “I’m sorry just now.”
Chuckxin felt less guilty.
Chuck turned around and left, but the window opened, revealing Murong Qing’s face. She knew what Chuck said through Chuck’s mouth.
Chuck looked back and came over, “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that about you.”
Murong Qingmei was cold. She was in the car just now, and she was almost upset. She really wanted to rush out to fight Chuck, but she said that.
“Driving!” Murong Qing ordered, Meimu no longer stared at Chuck.
Chuck was relieved, but Chuck thought of something and said, “Yes, I’m going out for a while. If there is a problem with Zelda’s shop, you…”
“Parking! Are you nauseous? Are you pregnant with other girls here and pretending to care about other women on the other side?” Murong Qing was annoyed.
Chuck did not want to explain, after all, there is no need to explain.
Chuck turned and walked to his car.
“What are you doing out there?” Murong’s cold voice came.
“It’s okay to go out with my mother.” Chuck said. Chuck didn’t say anything about fighting.
Without hearing Murongqing’s voice, Chuck turned his head, saw Murongqing’s beautiful eyes cold, and ordered, “Drive.”
She left.
Chuck shrugged and returned to the car, instructing Queenie, how to eat these supplements, he was relieved to take Queenie to dinner, find a restaurant to eat, Chuck sent Queenie back, and on the way Chuck asked her not to take a part-time job recently, otherwise The body will get worse.
Queenie agreed, but whether he would secretly go to work, Chuck had no idea what to say about Queenie’s character.
When she came downstairs, Chuck took out the supplements and sent her upstairs to make her feel at ease.
“Sleep early.” Chuck put down the tonic and he had to go back to have a good rest and go out with his mother tomorrow.
Queenie bit her lip, “Thank you,”
Chuck was guilty, “Don’t say that,”
Queenie like this, Chuck felt more guilty. He comforted Queenie for more than half an hour before going downstairs. He drove back home. Instead of going to Yvette to rent a house, he went to the house he bought.
Because Sun Shangxue still lived there, he used to be inconvenient. Did he sleep on the sofa? That certainly won’t work, and Sun Shangxue will be upset.
When Chuck came home, he took a bath and went to bed. He felt relieved, and when he came back, Queenie had almost nourished his body. It would be safest to do it at that time.

“Garbage, you’re so rubbish!” In the damp room, Yvette was kicked with pain, and she stared at the person who beat her.
“It’s been more than ten days, you are still so rubbish, do you know if you can’t get out in a lifetime?” The man sneered.
Yvette got up with pain.
“Haha, tell you one thing, our people have been secretly monitoring your so-called husband, do you know where he went today? Haha, you don’t think he took a woman to the hospital and did it The flow of people, this woman, you also know, is your student Queenie.” This person laughed, full of ridicule.
“Impossible, I don’t allow you to say that to my husband. No!” Yvette stared at him, and at this moment, she was in a rage!
This is possible. How could Queenie do that kind of thing with Chuck? No, Yvette knows this clearly.
“No? Haha. Do you know how long I have monitored you? You should remember the first time Queenie went to your house? Do you know what the two of them did?” The man sneered.
“You are not allowed to talk nonsense!!” Yvette rushed over and the man kicked. Yvette fell out, the pain almost made her dizzy.
“Don’t you know? It doesn’t matter, I saw it clearly at the time. The two of them are in your room, and the woman is helping…” said the man.
Yvette’s eyes were as cold as ice, “I don’t allow you to say that my husband, no!”

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