My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 271

“Haha, you are so simple!” The man sneered.
Yvette is absolutely impossible, absolutely impossible, how could it be? That day Chuck was sleeping on the sofa, and he and Queenie were sleeping in the room. How could they be free to do that?
“It’s all said, you fell asleep at the time, didn’t you find anything different?” The man came over, his eyes mocking under the cold light.
“I forbid you to talk nonsense anymore!” Yvette was completely irritated.
“Do not let me say? Well, no problem, then you beat me!” This man stared at Yvette like a snake!
Yvette rushed over, she was desperate!
Queenie is her own student and Chuck is her husband. How can these two people happen? Yvette wished that what happened with Zelda could not be with Queenie!
She is so good to Queenie, how can she do that?
This man is lying and angering himself!
The man smashed his fist, and Yvette couldn’t hide and fell on the ground with pain, but without a cry, her eyes became colder and colder.
“Fool, rubbish! It’s still like this for more than ten days, rubbish! Remember my movements, remember! Get up!” The person came and kicked.
Yvette was kicked, spit out a bloody halo, and closed her bloodshot eyes. She was very tired and tired, and wanted to sleep, but tears came out, “Hubby, you are not what he said, you Nothing happened with Queenie…”
With tears on the ground, Yvette lay on the damp ground and did not move.
The man frowned, walked over and kicked a few feet, “Trash! Get up, get up!!”
“Humph! Let you sleep for three hours. After three hours, see how I torture you!”
He dropped a bun and threw it on the damp ground. He closed the iron door and came out.
He walked to a secret room, and the old man looked at the surveillance screen, and Yvette passed out.
“Master, this is not the way to go. The young lady has no fighting basis. Even if she is closed for another year, she may not be able to get out.” This person said.
He can’t do this kind of extreme conditions, let alone a woman, and is still the kind of woman who has never been in contact with these aspects. It has been estimated that it has collapsed after being locked up for so many days.
“You underestimate her. The look just now, I seem to have seen her father. She will defeat you at most for a month!” said the old man.
In his opinion, what he said just now irritated Yvette. This is a good thing. A person’s growth requires countless blows, and also requires a harsh environment to make her personality cold and ruthless. !
Doing this now is to force her to be ruthless, to force her to be cold and ruthless!
Yvette was already cold just now, but he was almost ruthless. If he did, then it was not difficult for Yvette to go out.
“Look, she’s already awake.” The old man smiled.
The man looked at the screen and found that Yvette sat up, looked at the dirty buns on the ground, she ate, she was looking for something after eating, knocking on the ground, the old man smiled, “Haha, well, this girl knows It’s impossible to hit you, so she started looking for a partial door. She was looking for weapons, which might be stones or sharp things. She was preparing to attack you, okay, this is a good sign, go, continue!!”
The man nodded, went out, and suddenly reached the iron gate, but Yvette didn’t panic at all, just stared at him, with a killer in his eyes, and holding his fist, he could see a small stone that was not sharp inside the fist. , This is what she just found in the corner… call!
Chuck woke up, he had a dream, and in the dream saw Yvette crying, Chuck asked her where? She did not say that she was crying.
Chuck sighed, Yvette where did you go?
He saw the time was almost up, so he simply packed up and went out, and just after opening the door, he saw Zelda.
“Sister Zelda.” Chuck carried a luggage backpack.
Zelda was surprised, “Are you going out?”
Chuck didn’t want to hide her, so he said yes.
“Where to go?” Zelda asked worriedly.
Chuck said, Zelda was more worried, “I’ll wait for you to come back.”
But seeing Chuck’s mental outlook is much better, she feels at ease. Now in this situation, going out and walking may be better for him. Training can make him forget Yvette temporarily.
Chuck smiled slightly, and the two went downstairs. Chuck was also relieved, and Murong Qing said nonsense.
Otherwise, Chuck is not good at facing Zelda.
Say goodbye to Zelda, but Chuck sees that Zelda is too beautiful today, wearing tight jeans and leg lines are clear. Chuck gave a few more glances. This is instinct.
“Since I’m going to train, come here.” Zelda pulled Chuck into the car. Chuck was embarrassed.
He didn’t even think about anything else for more than ten days. He was in no mood, because Yvette was missing.
How could he be thinking?
Now being suddenly pulled into the car, Chuck thought of what happened in the car that night.
Chuck felt nervous, Chuck said, “Sister Zelda, wait.”
Zelda stopped. “Don’t you want to?”
“It’s not that I don’t want it, but I’m not in a mood,” Chuck just dreamed that Yvette was suffering, not to mention Queenie’s sudden pregnancy yesterday, which upset Chuck’s mind.
“Yeah.” Zelda sat upright, lost in her eyes.
Chuck sighed and hugged her closer, “Sister Zelda, you are so nice.”
This is Chuckqing’s uncontrollable move. Zelda’s eyes made Chuck distressed. Chuck felt that Zelda was too good for himself.
Chuck believes that what Zelda did was what Chuck originally thought about Zelda, that is, a night partner, and she would never pester herself.
But why did she do this? It is also distressed that no one solves it.
“I’m not good at all.” Zelda said, his eyes aggrieved to red.
“Very good, really good, sister Zelda, you remembered me twice in my life. It was comfortable.”
Chuck comforted her, Chuck didn’t lie to her. It’s a kind of unforgettable feeling, maybe men all treat themselves I was very impressed for the first time, it is hard to destroy!
Zelda chuckled, “You’re broken, get off the bus, don’t want to lose your time if you don’t want to.”
Chuck felt relieved and let her go. Zelda bit her lip and kissed Chuck, and Chuck froze.
“What are you looking at? You came close to me, and… I checked the information and promised that the third time, I would…” Zelda couldn’t say anything.
Chuck got out of the blush, otherwise he wouldn’t hear it again. He probably couldn’t get off the train, because Zelda’s shy appearance was so intriguing, mainly because she was beautiful, and her expression was particularly charming. Chuck almost tranced…
Chuck got into a car with a lingering fear and drove to his mother’s hotel. Zelda looked at it from afar, sighed, and got into the car.
Chuck drove to the mom hotel and went upstairs to find his mom.
When I arrived at my mother’s office and found that my mother was ready, Karen Lee was serious. “Cer, hand over everything in your hands, mobile phone, card, car key, and change!”
Karen Lee wants to train Chuck De the devil, so these things must be handed over.
Chuckzhao did it and took out all the things, leaving only a few ordinary clothes.
“This is three hundred dollars, here you are, twenty days.” Karen Lee handed over the money.
Chuck put it away. During this time, these three hundred dollars should be all the money.
“Let’s go, the distance is a bit far.” Karen Lee went outside. Chuck followed, “Mum, how long can you practice as well as Aunt Logan?”
“Miss her?” Karen Lee heard the key point.
Chuck was embarrassed, “I thought a little.”
It’s true that when Logan left, Chuck felt a sense of loss. Although, for more than ten days, Chuck didn’t dream of Logan, but suddenly left, Chuck felt uncomfortable.
“Do you want her to teach you?” Karen Lee asked.
“Don’t, Aunt Logan can be busy.” Chuck was at home for more than ten days, but after hearing Aunt Logan whispering on the phone, Aunt Logan had too much business.
“If you want her to teach you, she will definitely be willing to let go of everything in her hand and teach you wholeheartedly. It will work for a few months or a year, depending on whether you want to go.” Karen Lee smiled.
“Of course, Logan is very kind to you, I can see,” Karen Lee thought, was there a play? “How about, you think about it, if you want me to call Logan now, she will be happy to come by plane.”

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