My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 28

Yvette Jordan felt the manliness of Chuck Cannon after he finished his sentence. She thought that she had misheard him because this was the first time he said something like this. Did Chuck really say that? The Chuck Cannon? Did I hear wrong?
“What did you say?” Yvette asked without thinking. She had been sitting alone in the office, and no one had been consoling her. She had thought of many solutions, which included seeking the help of Big Boss, but she knew very well what would happen if she approach them. She couldn’t let her guard down, so she couldn’t think of any other way.
After being in a daze for a long time, Chuck called her. She didn’t want to answer it at first, but she still conceded and answered it in the end. To some extent, Chuck’s words just now touched her a little bit. Of course, there was nothing more than this. Even if her staff comforted her at this time, she would be moved too.
“Did you face any problems? I’ll help you solve them!” Chuck repeated his words.
“Forget it, there’s no need for that,” Yvette shook her head coldly. It didn’t matter whether his words were true or not, Yvette still doubted that Chuck could help her solve her problems. He was just trying to console her with unreliable words. If he really did try to help her, the results would even be more disappointing.
She contemplated asking Chuck to seek Zelda’s assistance, but the possibility of it working was close to zero. First of all, Zelda might not know the City Square’s owner; and it was not feasible to let her seek the help of others. Chuck and Zelda were probably not close enough for her to go to the extra mile to help Yvette.
Secondly, even if they knew each other, the new shop owner might also know the plaza owner. This would put Zelda in a dilemma, since she wouldn’t go so far for Chuck and worsen her situation. She didn’t want to be disappointed again if she started feeling a little hopeful.
Chuck started to say something but Yvette interrupted, “It’s alright. I’ll resolve my own problems. Go to bed early, we still have classes tomorrow. I’m hanging up.”
The phone was hung up at the other end. Chuck felt helpless. He wanted to call her again, but he suddenly thought of what Zelda had said to him during the day. Could Yvette’s problem be about the shop? Chuck thought about it for a while and decided that this was probably the case.
Zelda was excellent in her field. Since she had already taken a fancy to Yvette’s place, the City Square owner must have sent an ultimatum to Yvette. Keeping this in mind, Chuck decided to send a message to Yvette under the identity of the baller. He apologized for replying late because he’s busy and asked her what had happened.
Yvette’s reply came instantly. “I’m in some problems now. Do you know the boss of the City Square?”
This reply confirmed his suspicion. Chuck Cannon replied, “Yes, what can I do for you?”
Yvette sent several crying-face emojis, which seemed to be crying tears of joy. “I have a company in the square, but the square manager won’t allow me to renew my rental contract. I have given everything to this company. Can you put in a word and ask the City Square manager to renew the rental for me?”
Chuck had mixed feelings after hearing her problem. She should have gotten straight to the point when he called her just now. Yvette probably thought that he couldn’t do anything about this and decided to keep quiet. Yet, he was still the one who was helping her in the end. Chuck didn’t know whether to laugh or to feel troubled about this.
“Okay, I’ll help you to ask about this.” He could only reply her such.
“Thank you, thank you very much!” Followed by another few crying-face emojis.
“No worries, just wait for my news.”
Chuck put his phone down and drove to the square where Yvette’s company was located. After he parked his car, Chuck thought:
He didn’t actually know who the owner of this square was, and it was out of the question to approach Zelda about this. She had been eyeing this place for a long time. It would take a miracle for her to let go of this place when she was so near to acquiring it.
He didn’t think that kissing and touching Zelda affectionately would prompt her to let go of such a profitable opportunity. So he was on his own. He had to meet the manager of the square first and find a way to meet the owner of the square.
Chuck was buried deep in his thoughts when he stepped out from his car. But as he went into the square, he saw Yvette walking towards him from a distance with her head hung down. She lookeisturbed, and he couldn’t help but notice that there was a red and swollen spot on her face. It contrasted greatly with her snow-white skin.
Did somebody slap her? Chuck was swept over by anger instantly. Chuck had slept through countless nights with her in his embrace. Although they were now apart, he still couldn’t suppress his anger at the sight of her swollen face. He walked towards her without thinking.
“What happened to you, Yvette Jordan? Did somebody slap you?” Chuck asked in a worried tone.
Yvette came to her senses immediately and covered her face. She said in a strange tone, “Why are you here?” It was the first time she felt vulnerable in front of Chuck.
“I’m here to see you.” Chuck had a cold look in his eyes. “Who hit you?”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ve already found someone to help me.” Yvette shook her head and tried to avoid his gaze.
Chuck smiled bitterly, since that person she found was him. Since Yvette had a really pretty face, it was unimaginable to see a red palm print on her face, with dried up tears still visible on her face. Chuck felt his heart twitch violently.
“Was it the manager?” Chuck asked coldly.
He couldn’t be far from the truth since he knew that the one in charge of the shop in this square was Manager Yarn. He was the one Yvette Jordan should look for to renew the contract. But that didn’t explain him slapping her like this.
“It is, but what are you going to do?” Yvette was a little surprised. She could clearly feel his anger. Was Chuck angry because of what had happened to her? The Chuck Cannon who was always weak and feeble could actually be furious. But what was the use of getting angry? That wouldn’t help one bit in her situation.
“If he really slapped you, I’m going to make him pay dearly!” Chuck had a deathly glare in his eyes.
Yvette shunned away at his expression. She was terrified at how Chuck had transformed. Looking at the current Chuck who looked like someone completely new, Yvette was lost for words. He felt different from usual, could stand up for her and got furious, this was a far cry from the Chuck Cannon that she knew. A strange feeling rose in her heart, maybe at some point he had changed.
But Yvette was still level-headed. “Chuck Cannon, stop messing around. I’ll drive you home. Someone is already helping me out, so don’t get involved!”
How Chuck wished she knew the baller was him! But he stopped himself when he saw that gleaming light of anticipation in her eyes. If she knew the truth, she would be disappointed.
“Trust me this once!” Chuck grabbed Yvette’s hands and started walking to the manager’s office.
Yvette was stunned. She couldn’t believe that Chuck had grabbed her by the hand. Could Chick solve her problems? Yvette suddenly felt like he had grown up. But she knew this was wishful thinking, and immediately she started to analyze the facts. It was impossible he could help her. First of all, Chuck wa nobody, how would he even have the ability to stand up for her? The only advantage he had was knowing Zelda Maine, but even though possibility of Zelda lending her help to Chuck was close to zero.
Secondly, the manager was not easy to deal with. Although Chuck was as tall as him, he looked like a stick if he stood beside the manager. If they actually fought, Chuck was going to lose.
“Chuck Cannon, stop fooling around. Ill take you to dinner. Forget about it!” Yvette tried to break free from his grasp, but Chuck held on to her hands tightly. She couldn’t escape nor run away, so she was dragged to the manager’s office by Chuck.
“Chuck Cannon.” Yvette pictured Chuck beaten up and got a little anxious. Although they had separated, she still did not want to see him get beaten up, especially for her sake.
“Trust me once, I’ll avenge you today!” Chuck said seriously.
Yvette sighed in resignation. “If you’re just going to cause trouble and fight with him, then what’s the whole point? Let’s just forget about it, I’ll take you to dinner.”
However, Manager Yarn just had to choose this timing to come out of his office and his eyes fell on Chuck’s unfriendly face. He turned his gaze to Yvette who was lowering her head and suddenly sneered. “Yvette Jordan, is this your husband? He looks like he’s going to beat me up, right?”
Yvette lowered her head even further and did not speak. For a moment, she was even more disappointed with Chuck Cannon. He was too impulsive. What was the point of doing this over a fight? Manager Yarn sneered.
“It’s you who hit my wife, isn’t it?” Chuck stared at him.
“Yes, I did hit your wife. But looking at you right now, I feel like hitting you too! Get out of here! Don’t get in my way.” Manager Yarn sneered. When he was about to leave, he heard the cold words of Chuck, “You’re screwed!”

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