My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 29

“I’m screwed? Haha, are you going to make me laugh to death?” Manager Yarn burst out laughing as if he had heard a joke.
Yvette shook her head in the face of Manager Yarn’s mockery, the feelings of dependency that Chuck had given her just now disappearing without a trace. Chuck couldn’t even lift a finger against him. If he couldn’t afford to take him on, she wouldn’t blame Chuck if he avoided the confrontation. There was no need for Chuck to put up a front just for her and go against the manager, or else Chuck would definitely get hurt in the end.
Seemed that although Chuck had taken on a new look, deep down he was still the same old Chuck. Yvette’s face was full of disappointment at Chuck.
“Who the hell are you to tell me that I’m finished? Let me tell you, my uncle is the sworn brother of the owner of the square. One word from me and I can make your wife Yvette pack up and get out of here tomorrow. Do you understand me?” Manager Yarn came over in disdain and continued scolding:
“I really want to see how you want to finish me!” He taunted arrogantly. “Why don’t I teach you how to finish me? Call the police, you can call the police!”
Yvette frowned. She had really thought of calling the police.
However, Manager Yarn continued, “Well unfortunately, I don’t have a CCTV in my office, so it’s useless for you to call the police. You can only blame your wife for provoking me. Tell her to stay away from me next time. Otherwise, I’ll beat her if I see her again.”
Yvette’s face turned red with rage as the insults had gotten too far. Once again, she turned to look at Chuck and confirmed the discontent she felt towards him. Did you bring me here just for me to be insulted again? If so, then you did it. Her frustration was with reason, as Chuck just silently stared at Manager Yarn, then walked aside and took out his phone.
“Haha, Yvette Jordan, your stupid husband really called the police. This is really hilarious, I knew he was nothing but a useless rag.” Manager Yarn burst out laughing as he was amused by Chuck’s reaction. He thought that Chuck would attempt to pick a fight with him, but he didn’t expect him to actually call the police! He’s really useless!
Yvette’s patience was thinning out. She really wanted to leave this place, and she bit down hard on her lip as she saw Chuck who was making a call not far away.
Manager Yarn simply waited with a sneer. You want to play? Well, I’ll play with you today! If I don’t make you kneel down and beg for mercy, I’ll change my last name!
“Mom!” Chuck walked aside and called his mother. He was suddenly reminded of the fact that his mother was rich, why not ask her to just buy the whole place? Since Yvette’s company was here, Chuck naturally had a good understanding of the flow of people in the square. To be honest, the square wasn’t doing well and the flow of customers wasn’t as high as expected. Despite opening shop 5 or 6 years ago, there were still shop lots that were yet to be rented out. Hence, anyone would know that this place wasn’t actually the best.
However, this place can be improved as long as it can be made unique. Because there were several universities nearby and there were a total of 40,000 to 50,000 people. As long as there’s something unique, this square could definitely succeed.
His mother said that she wanted to buy it, didn’t she? Chuck Cannon had a good feeling about the square. He learned design, so he generally knew that the price of this square might be 500 to 600 million dollars. If they bought it, it most probably would be around 700 million dollars.
But Chuck was nervous. Did his mother really have so much money? After all, it was six to seven hundred million dollars. It was really an astronomical figure. After all, Chuck came up with this idea entirely because of the three powerful words his mother said on the phone: buy, buy, buy!!
“Chucky, what’s wrong?” His mother’s voice sounded a little tired, as if she was exhausted.
Chuck was a little worried. “Mom, what’s wrong with you?”
“I’m fine. I just got off the plane. I’m a little tired.”
“So mom, you’re back?” Chuck was pleasantly surprised.
“I’m back, but I have to go see some old friends first, then I’ll go to find you.”
“Well, Mom, I want to tell you something.” Chuck was nervous.
The person on the other end of the line chuckled. “You’re my son. Why are you beating around the bush? What’s the matter?”
“Mom, I want to buy a square….” Chuck said cautiously. “Does my mom really have so much money?” He thought to himself.
“Buy a square? Which place? Is it in the center of the town or near the school? How large is it? Is it a simple square, or does it have office buildings?” Chuck’s mother asked a lot of questions. Could this be a sign of interest?
Chuck was so excited that he said in a hurry, “Mom, the square I want to buy is near the university I’m studying at. Midland village and four other universities are also nearby, but there are no office buildings here. Also…” Chuck gave a general description of the place and then waited anxiously for his mother’s reply.
A few seconds later, his mother asked, “It doesn’t sound bad. We can actually pay for it. How much is it?”
Chuck fell silent. He didn’t dare to say that it cost about 700 million dollars.
“Why aren’t you saying anything? Is it very expensive? Maybe 50 to 60 billion dollars?” His mother asked curiously.
Chuck was stunned. “So, mom, do you mean to you only 50 to 60 billion would be counted as expensive?”
“No, it’s not expensive. In fact,it’s not a big amount to pay at all. What I meant was that Chucky, you’re still young. I’m very happy that you want to start your own business, but the investment of 50 to 60 billion dollars is too big for you. You may not be able to handle it. I’ll give you this amount of money when you reach 30 years old or when you can earn ten billion dollars. However, now that you’ve just started, you’ll have to do it step by step….” His mother explained.
“I understand.” Chuck knew that his mother was being reasonable and hence accepted her explanation humbly. He had just started, so it was better for him to be careful. In addition, he wouldn’t know what to do with such a large investment anyways. It would be better for him to start small and progress slowly from there.
“Mom, I won’t buy this square anymore,” Chuck said.
Since he wasn’t going to buy the square anymore, he could only try to meet the owner of the square on his own. With his current purchasing ability, it probably wouldn’t be such a big problem if he had the owner fire the square manager. Since he was going to make his way into the social circle for the rich, he might as well just start from the square owner.
“I’m very pleased to hear you say that, but tell me are you not buying it because it’s a little expensive?” Chuck’s mother was curious.
“It’s a little pricey, around 700 million dollars.” Chuck confessed.
“Only 700 million dollars? Chucky, it’s only 700 million dollars, why are you beating around the bush with me? Go ahead and buy it!” His mother chuckled amusingly which tok Chuck by surprise. Did she just say “only 700 million dollars”? How much did his mom actually have?
“Mom, are you serious?” Chuck could barely think straight.
“Of course I am. I was going to give you a billion dollars to start your own business when you’re 19 years old. But now that you’re almost the 19, it doesn’t matter if I give it to you in advance. However, since you’re buying the square, you have to manage it properly, ok? Money is not a problem and it doesn’t matter if you lose it. But if you waste the money because of bad management, I’ll be angry!” His mother’s tone was serious.
Chuck agreed excitedly. He already had a few ideas when he was talking about this to his mother just now. However, he had to think about the details carefully, since he mustn’t let his mother down.
“Tell me what’s the name of this square, I’ll ask my friend to help you negotiate with just a phone call.” His mother said.
“It’s City Square!” Chuck replied.
“City Square? Chucky, the place that you wanted to buy is City Square?” His mother’s voice was tinged with surprise.
“Is there a problem with it?”
“No. In fact, I’m very familiar with the place. Actually, I’ve had my eye on the City Square that you mentioned, and I was going to buy it first thing when I went back. But there’s one thing you’re wrong about, City Square is not worth seven hundred million dollars! That friend of mine is able to negotiate and bring the price down to five hundred million dollars just over the phone. The owner has been wanting to sell it for a long time!” His mother’s words gave Chuck a big shock.
It seemed that he didn’t know much about this for the time being. However, Zelda Maine said that the square owner was willing to rent her a shoplot at only half the rental, so that meant that the square wasn’t doing well! No wonder it wasn’t worth that much, indeed his mother was such better than this.
“Got it, I’ll keep that in mind.” Chuck listened attentively since this was what his mother was trying to drill into him. He had to learn it seriously.
“Okay, give me about ten minutes, someone will contact you to sign the contract.” His mother said.
“You have to be serious after you buy it, alright?” His mother put in a word of advice.
“Okay, I know.”
“Good boy, I’ll hang up now.”
Hanging up the phone, Chuck was absolutely delighted. The place he wanted to buy was actually the place his mother had an eye on. What a coincidence.
He placed his phone into his pocket and stared expressionlessly at Manager Yarn, who was looking full of himself. Now that the square belonged to Chuck, Manager Yarn had a hell to pay!

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