My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 291

“Forget it, just give it to him, anyway, it is the classmates,” Yvette Ran felt, how can he get back what he gave?
“That’s cheaper for him, hum, actually dare to scold our family.”
“I don’t know if he has been in such a dance party since he saw it. He must be taking pictures when he enters, and then take a crazy photo, and then send a circle of friends to force him!”
“Yvette Ran, to be honest, is this person really rich or fake?”
“There must be no money!”
“Don’t say it, he is really rich, even though he is hanging wire.” Yvette Ran said seriously, she muttered, unable to figure out, how can such a wire hanging person have so much money? Sure enough, reincarnation is a technical job.
“Yvette Ran, forget about it, don’t lie to us, let alone him, let’s go in quickly and can’t wait!”
My friend took Yvette Ran in. This masquerade can have a separate room for makeup, or you can directly wear a mask. Yvette Ran chose to wear a mask. This is so simple. After all, she doesn’t like makeup to be the same as non-mainstream.
Yvette Ran and they went in. Her friend went to make up. She went to the mask side, chose a rabbit, and brought it to her face.
Chuck looked down at the invitation in his hand and grinned helplessly. Forget it. She owed her a good relationship. He walked to the door and put the invitation out, and the security guard put Chuck in.
Chuck has never participated in this kind of masquerade, mainly because there is a chance before? No conditions!
He didn’t know how to do it. He could only walk inside. Chuck was a little lost.
“Hello, have you ever been to such a place?” A woman with a rabbit mask came over, her figure tall and perfect, especially a pair of long legs, it was almost white to the awesomeness.
Chuckzheng enlisted, but recognized it, this is Yvette Ran.
“No,” Chuck said honestly.
“Oh, really, come here! Are you wearing makeup or wearing a mask!” Yvette Ran said, really!
Don’t understand anything, what are you doing here?
“The mask is ready,” mainly because Chuck doesn’t wear makeup, is it?
“Here, come here, slowly.” Yvette Ran brought Chuck over.
Chuck looked at a bunch of masks and took one casually, also a rabbit.
“Are you sick? You are a big man with a rabbit?” Yvette Ran was upset, as he brought with him.
What was he trying to do? Show yourself? Want to chase yourself?
I will not care about him!
Chuck found that it was a rabbit, and did not plan to put it down, mainly because the other masks were all fierce, not good.
“My mask is male, and yours is female. It’s very different.” Chuck took the mask up.
“Dirty you, what kind of male and female?” Yvette Ran hummed and swayed his long legs into it. Of course Chuck followed him in. Yvette Ran had been there many times and was very familiar. Chuck came in and found many people inside. Ah, men and women.
It is mainly a lot of long legs, especially eye-catching and beautiful.
Chuck Duo looked back a few times, and then returned his gaze. So many women are wearing masks, so will Yvette be among them?
Chuck looked and looked, Yvette’s figure was perfect to the extreme. Chuck felt that he should be able to distinguish it without looking at his face. Chuck looked carefully.
This look… makes me mad! Yvette Ran found it, regretted it, and actually came in to hunt for beauty, wasting the invitation letter.
“You play with yourself, don’t follow me.” Yvette Ran hummed.
“Thanks.” Chuck said, he walked into the crowd, with long legs all around, Chuck saw his eyes spent, this is a lot of people, and occasionally encountered, Chuck felt this The place is good, this boss has ideas!
Yvette Ran hummed. She recognized some friends and walked over to prepare to play.
“Hey, was that rabbit a handsome guy just now?” asked his friend hehe.
“What a handsome guy? A rich hanger,” Yvette Ran pouted.
“Oh, the person who just wanted the invitation letter? What did you talk to him?”
“That’s right, don’t waste time, I’m going to find a goal.” Yvette Ran’s friend went to the crowd himself.
Yvette Ran thinks it’s better to drink alcohol.
“Are you sure Yvette came in for the masquerade?” Logan was so serious.
Is this going to make trouble?
“Yes, Mr. Tang, I have monitored her. She has entered the bar, but when she went in, she changed her face. I don’t know what mask she was wearing.” The assistant was embarrassed. In fact, she did not monitor Yvette Yi last night. Nan.
But just now, she discovered Yvette from the bar monitoring, but she didn’t know what mask Yvette was wearing.
Logan is quiet.
“Mr. Tang, need me to bring someone in to find her?”
“Many of the people inside are rich people, it is inconvenient to disturb them, let me go.” Logan stood up from the sofa, Yvette came to the masquerade, then certainly not come to play, his assistant shot, one On the one hand, it will make some people unhappy. On the other hand, Logan feels that it is better to come by himself and ask Yvette what he is going to do.
“Yes, then I will prepare a mask for you.” The assistant went out and came in quickly. There were a few masks in his hand. Logan chose a cat’s mask and took it directly out of the room. He drove to the bar, very close Distance, she went in from behind and got inside the bar.
Jiuchi Roulin is very popular, but there are hundreds of people in it, mostly women, Logan under the cat mask, the eyes are turning, “Yvette, which one is you?”
She entered the crowd.
Chuck collapsed, why? Because of the rabbit, her mother had many men come to talk, mom, this is when he is the same? There was actually a perverted man pinching himself, Chuckhuo was terrible.
If he was not in a hurry to find Yvette, he must have beaten the man, the rabbit was in trouble!
Chuck walked to the front, took off the rabbit, put on a devil’s mask again, and took off his coat, so as not to be mistaken again by the man, showing his muscles with full sense of lines, Chuck entered the crowd again and continued Find Yvette.
Chuck saw a woman wearing a cat mask from the crowd, sitting elegantly, wearing a delicate dress and showing her perfect calf. This woman has a good figure and should be superb.
Will this be Yvette?
Chuck is ready to ask in the past. But there was a voice before and after, “Hey, are you alone? I invite you to drink the bar!”
Chuck looked back weirdly. This sound seemed to be… Chuck looked back and saw a pair of long legs, with delicate high-heeled shoes, hot pants, and a rabbit’s mask. Isn’t that Yvette Ran?
Chuck was forced, too, changed his mask himself, and took off his shirt. This tendon exposed many women’s eyes, but actually attracted Yvette Ran? Chuck was too dumbfounded.
Yvette Ran was nervous. At first glance, she saw Chuck among the crowd. The muscle lines made her jump in the heart, and the mask she wore was the devil, so she had a character! It must be very cold.
Yvette Ran decided to come over and take the initiative to meet, she wanted to know this devil man.
“Please drink.” Yvette Ran repeated.
Chuck wants to talk, what are you doing here? But Chuck thought, so to say, Yvette Ran will definitely be particularly embarrassed, how can she say that she gave an invitation letter before Chuck can come in!
Chuck shook her head, which meant refusing. Leave her a little face, otherwise let her know. The person who came to take the initiative to talk to herself is herself. In addition to embarrassment, she will definitely collapse, how to say she still looks down on herself.
But what fell into Yvette Ran’s eyes was her character. She felt that her figure was so good. Just now, there were several men who came to talk, but the devil man in front of him actually refused her invitation.
This aroused Yvette Ran’s desire to conquer.
She came to the bar, and besides drinking, she certainly had an idea to see if she could meet a favorite man in this place. After all, she had been single until now after graduating from college.
“I must invite you to drink.” Yvette Ran got up and took Chuck’s hand directly to the bar. Chuck was forced, as if to say you were sick?
Yvette Ran suddenly saw a man with a rabbit in the distance. She pouted, “Are you still hunting for sex? Rich money hanging wire, hum.”
Chuck heard this sentence, Yvette Ran thought that person was himself? Chuck felt that he had to give Yvette Ran a lesson.

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