My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 290

“Yes.” The assistant was ready to do it immediately. Yvette did appear, but it appeared inexplicably, and it was cleverly concealed.
The assistant thinks it’s more difficult to catch Yvette. After all, Logan’s request is not to hurt Yvette at all, so this is very difficult.
“Wait,” Logan said suddenly.
“What else do you ask?” The assistant came back again, but she had followed Logan for several years, and for the first time saw Logan so indecisive.
“Don’t catch her.” Logan thought it was better not to do that.
“Then, don’t catch this woman, then this woman destroys your stuff,” the assistant was surprised.
“Destroy just let her destroy, just find her and then monitor her.” Loganmei turned her eyes.
“Yes! Can I ask you a question?”
“Just ask.”
“Do you know this woman right?”
“Well, it’s my nephew’s girlfriend,” Logan sat down with a slight smile.
“Yes, I call him Ceer. He is very simple and very flattering. He will take me out to play, take me out, take me out to eat delicious food.” Logan said with a smile.
The assistant was stunned. Where did Logan never go? What hasn’t been eaten? Why is it so… happy?
The assistant didn’t understand. She had followed Logan for a long time. Logan was usually quiet and smiled, but she wouldn’t be so happy. The assistant felt that Logan had been out for so long. This is very happy. Has everyone changed a little?
“Then you can call your nephew to come to Beijing to play.” The assistant commented. After all, she saw that Logan was really happy. Maybe this nephew really liked her.
“This is not possible. He has his own business. He is very motivated and usually busy. How can I let him come over with nothing?” Logan shook his head but could not disturb him.
At the very least, it is necessary to clarify Yvette’s affairs, so that he can pass by himself, or let Chuck come over, it’s okay, don’t disturb him.
Logansi thought about it, thinking that if Yvette’s matter was resolved, then she could take Yvette back and give Chuck a surprise. Presumably… Chuck would be very happy.
Thinking, Logan smiled slightly.
The assistant looked surprised. What did Logan think of? The smile is too natural and beautiful, and I must have thought of happy things, and the assistant is not easy to ask.
The assistant understood, “Then I will immediately do as you ordered.”
The assistant went out and arrived at the door, and she stopped suddenly, “Mr. Tang, over Hongye…”
Logan gave an order to monitor all the movements of Hong Ye. They had been doing it for nearly a month, but Logan never gave the next order.
“Well, just keep monitoring.” Logan suddenly felt unconscious and didn’t know what was wrong with her, and felt quieter.
“Yes, Mr. Tang, will you participate in the masquerade tomorrow?” The assistant continued to ask, then she had to prepare. This is Logan’s bar, a high-end ball. Once every three months, you can only enter with invitation letters. That is the member.
“Don’t participate.” Logan shook her head, she didn’t like to show her head.
“Yes.” The assistant opened the door and went out.
Logan felt bored. She held her chin in her hand and stared at the window. “It’s so late, I don’t know if Ce’er is sleeping… He said he came to Beijing to find me, when will he come?… Ceer is
19 years old, Nineteen…Why is it nineteen?”
Logan held his chin and muttered to himself.
Chuck slept soundly last night. The hotel in Yvette Ran’s house was good. There was no such thing as a small card at night. Chuck got up and did 200 push-ups on the floor. After taking a shower, he waited for the stranger’s phone. .
Chuckxin felt that it was still not right. Should I call Logan? All arrived in Beijing, Chuck hesitated, forget it, or don’t disturb her first.
Chuck waited for noon, and still had no information. Chuck could only go out for a walk. If he wanted to eat, he added a room for a day, went out for dinner, and came across Yvette Ran again.
Chuck feels that she has a relationship with this woman?
Of course Chuck ignored her, Yvette Ran snorted, “Hey, did you come to Beijing to participate in a masquerade?”
“Dance?” Chuck had never heard of it. He came to find Yvette.
“No? Huh, do you want to participate? I still have an invitation,” Yvette Ran said lightly.
“No,” Chuck walked into the noodle shop next to the hotel. He planned to eat a bit.
Yvette Ran pouted, “Don’t even worry about it, and, if you are so rich, you actually eat noodles?
I don’t know if you are really low-key or pretending to be, when you are studying, then hanging wire, you can pretend to be like it!”
Yvette Ran murmured to drive out. She didn’t eat noodles. She went to her classmates to eat delicious food. She sat in the car and saw that Chuck was already eating noodles. Look, hum, too lazy to care about you,…”
After eating, Chuck went back to the room and continued to wait for the news. In the afternoon, he dialed the stranger’s number again, but the number was still missed, but in the evening, finally there was information coming to the Yijiu bar. Go in for the masquerade and you will meet Yvette. prom? What party? Wouldn’t it be the one Yvette Ran said during the day?
This can be difficult. Do you need an invitation for such a party? Call Aunt Logan? What do you say? Didn’t you trouble Aunt Logan again?
Chuck whispered, forget it, when he arrived at the bar, Chuck was ordinary clothes, thinking about whether to buy some clothes? Forget it, the prom is always casual, go to the bar to play, the black lights are blind, who will look at the clothes?
Chuck went out, thinking that there was nothing to eat in the bar, and simply ate a bowl of noodles next door before taking the bus to the bar.
At the door of the bar, Chuck was stunned. This bar is so big! Really similar to the palace, who will this boss be? Chuck came to the door and had a security arrangement to check. Only those with golden invitations could enter. Such a large bar should be a member system.
Chuck wants to go in to see if he can get a card and see if there is an invitation letter.
“Don’t you say you don’t want to participate? Then what are you doing?” Yvette Ran’s voice came from behind, and Chuck turned his head to see that Yvette Ran was upset. And there are a few friends around, both men and women, wearing clothes and accessories, it can be seen that the rich, and Yvette Ran should be similar.
Chuck is a little embarrassed. Where does he know?
“Do you want an invitation? I’ll give it to you.” Yvette Ran pouted.
“Who is this person?” asked a friend who came with Yvette Ran. Is Chuck’s clothes too ordinary? And have someone else give an invitation? What is this for? Go in for a photo and send a circle of friends?
“my classmate,”
“Classmate? Didn’t you say that no one in your classmate has an invitation letter? So you want to give him?”
“He is very rich, he may come here for the first time, so there is no invitation letter,” Yvette Ran felt. Chuck was pretending to be too powerful. He was so rich. More than ten pieces of noodles? Oh my God!
After she graduated, even if she was eating noodles, less than three hundred yuan, she did not eat, she was like this, so less particular than her rich Chuck?
“Rich? I can’t tell.”
“Yes, I didn’t see that there were no invitations with money. What is rich?” Yvette Ran’s friend shook his head and expressed his opinion.
“Don’t believe it, I didn’t believe it at first, but he was really rich,” Yvette Ran explained.
“All right, we believe he has the money to do it? Come in, don’t waste time!”
A few friends urged, Yvette Ran pouted, “Hey, do you want it anyway? Anyway, this one is going to be wasted, for you.”
Yvette Ran stuffed the invitation into Chuck’s hands and went inside with his friends.
“Yvette Ran, you said he was so rich, you let him spend money to buy it!” Of course, Yvette Ran’s friends don’t believe that Chuck is rich. This is certainly not a rich person. Like himself, this is a rich person. Well, taste, this person doesn’t understand, obviously it has nothing to do with money.
“I don’t want it, I don’t want his money. He, who is richer than my family, feels terrible. He scolded me last time!” Yvette Ran pouted.
She looked back at Chuck.
“Really? There are all these people? I hate it. I don’t give him the invitation letter. I actually scolded you. I’ll help you come back. I won’t give him in the trash!” Yvette Ran said.

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