My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 293

Being so hugged by Chuck, Logan thought about how to tell Chuck, put forward so directly, Chuck would definitely die awkwardly.
“Wife, it’s too noisy here. Let’s go out.” The black lights were blind and the lights were dim.
Chuck wanted to chat with Yvette and asked her how she had been during this time.
Chuck is at ease, because this woman with a cat mask is too similar to Yvette’s figure, and she doesn’t resist. She has been allowed to hug herself. So who is Yvette?
Chuck took Logan’s hand and walked outside. Logan was helpless, how to say?
So the two went out.
Yvette Ran wearing a rabbit mask saw it, and he was so angry that he couldn’t do it. Just get out of it, but just grabbed himself in front of him twice, and it was painful. He didn’t pity Xiangxiyu at all. If it was left outside, Yvette Ran had already got angry. .
I grabbed myself twice, but at this time, I took the other women away. What was it for? ?
Yvette Ran decided to chase after to give himself an argument, so he was caught twice in vain?
Yvette Ran chased, but suddenly found that she had a hand on her thigh. Yvette Ran was still angry, of course, she was angry. She grabbed this hand and saw the man’s mask, she was angry!
Nima! It was actually a rabbit! ! Chuck, you dare to touch me!
Yvette Ran lifted his long legs and kicked out, kicking heavily!
This guy just flirted with someone else and was beaten. Now he doesn’t get his eyes on his side?
“Ouch!” The man with the rabbit mask fell to the ground.
Yvette Ran suddenly froze. Why didn’t this sound seem like Chuck?
She squatted down and pulled off the mask. She was stunned. She was a wretched man, not Chuck at all!
How is this going?
Isn’t Chuck wearing this rabbit mask?
“What mask did you mess with?” Yvette Ran threw the mask on the ground in exasperation. She glanced in the crowd. No one was wearing a rabbit mask, so Chuck went back? ?
“Huh, how long it took to go away, wasting my invitation! Huh, ah, what about the devil man?”
Yvette Ran chased out angrily, but how can he still see the “devil man”!
She stomped her foot indignantly, “I’m so mad, grabbed me, and took other women away! Go to hell!”
Yvette Ran went back angrily, but her eyes were still reluctant, she pouted, “Damn asshole…”
She thought of the “devil man” line muscles, he must exercise regularly, good figure!
Yvette Ran hummed and re-entered the bar, but felt that the drinking was tasteless, she sighed, and finally encountered an interested man, and actually took the other woman away.
“Sure, drink!” Her friend came over, and all brought new boyfriends, and she sighed even more.
There is a quiet path behind the bar.
Chuck took Logan’s hand and walked. On a quiet night, both were quiet.
“Wife, you took the mask, I want to see you.” Chuck tenderly.
He missed Yvette too much, but at this time, the woman in front of him hadn’t taken off the mask.
Logan shook his head.
“Well, I know my wife you have been tortured a lot.” Chuck sighed and felt distressed. When he saw the picture, he saw Yvette’s face hurt, and now it is not good because it is not good. Will Ken take off the mask?
“Wife, let’s sit down for a while.” Chuck pulled Logan to sit down on the grass.
Logan sat beside him without a word.
“Wife, can you talk about your recent situation…well, you don’t want to talk, I know, then I’ll say it.”
Chuck smiled, “I was very collapsed when you disappeared, looking for you everywhere, but day by day, you are missing more and more days, I found that I was desperate, and I was comforted at that time. , Is my Aunt Logan, she is really kind to me…”
Logan under the cat face mask was stunned, and her eyes turned.
“I was decadent, she accompanied me decadently, she obviously came over to play with me, and she didn’t go out all day, so she stayed at home to take care of me and comfort me. At that time without her, maybe I don’t know how Go on.”
Chuck lamented, yeah, Chuck collapsed at that time, Logan’s meticulous care, to a large extent made up for Chuck’s emptiness.
Chuck remembers that when he slept all night on Logan’s legs, he didn’t know what happened to Logan that day, but Chuck slept too well.
“Later, I went to training with my mother, and an old man gave you a picture, and I went with it.
I didn’t expect to be caught. When I faced death myself, Aunt Logan appeared, she and the goddess Same, Superwoman…”
Chuck muttered to himself, Logan sitting next to him chuckled, was he superman? ?
Chuck came back, “Aunt Logan stabbed herself three times that day, and so much blood bleeds.
She was here to save me. That’s the way. I swear that day, Aunt Logan, I want to treat her all my life.” Well, my wife, and Aunt Logan, and my mother, I will protect the three of you if I die.”
Loganmei’s eyes circulated, and there was a touch in her heart suddenly.
“Then I went to the capital and met you. I haven’t told Aunt Logan. I was worried that she was too busy. I said it would disturb her.”
Logan shook his head, how could this silly kid bother? If you come over, you will surely let go of everything.
“Now I have found you, and I will take you to meet my Aunt Logan tomorrow.” Chuck felt this way. It would be better to see Aunt Logan tomorrow.
Logan could only nod and respond.
“Wife, I haven’t seen you in such a long time. I want to kiss you.” Chuck was emotional. He missed Yvette so much. At this time, Yvette sat beside him!
Logan is stiff, kiss yourself?
She shook her head and stood up, but Chuck still took her hand. Logan was helpless. Chuck wanted to treat herself as Yvette.
Logan struggled with Chuck and pulled out his hand. Chuck also stood up and hugged her from behind. Logan was embarrassed, “Ce…”
But Logan’s words hadn’t been finished yet, Chuck had kissed her like a little bit of water.
Logan froze, she was stunned, the face under the mask was the embarrassed child.
She broke free lightly, and then ran into the darkness. Without leaving, Logan didn’t know what Chuck would do, and she couldn’t refuse.
Of course Chuck was scared. What happened to Yvette? He hurriedly chased, but Logan’s speed, how could he be able to catch up, plus Logan is familiar with here, and disappeared after blinking.
Chuck looked for a long time, what happened to Yvette? I think I have a wound on my face so I don’t want to meet?
Chuck had been searching for more than an hour and could not find it anymore. Logan kept staring. She saw Chuck sitting on the lawn for a long time, dejected, and didn’t leave until early in the morning. She was relieved.
She secretly followed Chuck back to the hotel. When Chuck left, she said aloud that she would come here to wait for her tomorrow.
Without waiting for her, Chuck would not go back.
Logan saw Chuck returned to the hotel. She watched for a while before sitting in the car. She suddenly didn’t want to leave. She wanted to stay here. She hesitated and took out her mobile phone. Why didn’t he call to report safety?
When to fight?
Chuck came back in the elevator, but Yvette Ran, who had just returned, came back drunk.
Chuck saw her and pressed the elevator to let her in. This woman drinks so much alcohol?
Yvette Ran was very sad. She searched for a long time in the bar. She didn’t even see the “devil man” anymore. She actually caught herself and took the other woman to leave the room.
Seeing that her friend had found a new boyfriend in the bar, she drank a lot sadly.
“Chuck, didn’t you leave long ago? Come back now? What are you doing? I wasted my invitation.” Yvette Ran saw Chuck, she pouted, her stomach was churning, she wanted to vomit .
She shook her body and supported Chuck’s arm, so strong and familiar, she looked puzzled and found that Chuck was wearing short sleeves and exposed muscles with obvious lines. Is this? ?
Yvette Ran felt stunned, this muscle? Yes Yes! Isn’t it! Isn’t it?
Won’t it be the devil man? No wonder he didn’t say a word from beginning to end, Yvette Ran suddenly collapsed.
“Ah!!! You bastard!”

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