My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 294

How could it be!
Yvette Ran completely collapsed. The devil man attracted Yvette Ran with a muscle and a man’s breath, but this devil man was actually a wealthy man? ?
Did you take the initiative to talk to him? And he is going to be invited to drink?
“What’s your name?” Chuck frowned.
Isn’t this silly woman recognizing herself? Chuck thought that she could recognize this firebreathing look. After all, she didn’t wear a mask. The other clothes were the same as those in the bar. She was not stupid. How could she not recognize them?
“No!” Yvette Ran was annoyed and could not be blunt, absolutely not, or would he shame himself?
“It’s all right, are you okay? Drink so much wine?” Chuck asked.
“Do you want to control it? Go die!” Yvette Ran kicked Chuck, Chuck grinned in pain, “Are you sick?”
“I’m sick, yes, I’m sick. Chuck, I’ll take you into the bar, you just stay right, are you okay to change your mask?” Yvette Ran was annoyed.
“I change your mask, what’s your business?” Chuck certainly won’t admit it. He didn’t change it on purpose. The key is that there is so much in the bar. He is a big man wearing a rabbit and has been touched. Where does Chuck go? Go wrong?
“Yes, it’s none of my business, you…”
“I’m going! Are you sick?”
Chuck was shocked and saw Yvette Ran bit his lip, suddenly opened his mouth and vomited.
I vomited in the elevator, and vomited on Chuck, Chuck was going to collapse.
Yvette Ran vomited, his eyes closed, he was drunk, and fell into the dirty vomit, Chuck was shocked, this.
Chuck walked out, but looking back at Yvette Ran like this, sleeping in such a place, would he suffocate because of vomiting? Chuck gritted his teeth and walked back, dragging disgusted Yvette Ran out of the elevator.
He felt that a good person would do the job, considering that this is Yvette Ran’s hotel, but it was not good for her employees to see the boss like this. Chuck dragged her into her room.
Chuck dumped her on the bed.
“Asshole, don’t touch me!”
Yvette Ran, who was lying on the bed, “was mad and said dreams.”
She was shocked and collapsed. She just learned that Chuck was actually a man he had a good opinion of, and she still talked to. She collapsed and felt embarrassed.
When she wanted to scold, she couldn’t help vomiting again. The key was to vomit Chuck. She felt more embarrassed and didn’t know how to deal with it. Chuck would definitely scold her by the question, as she did last time.
She simply pretended to be asleep, and she always swears only a few words, not to scold, hoping that Chuck will leave on her own floor, However, Chuck didn’t know what was going crazy, and actually dragged herself, her mother dragged it out, and it was dragged into the room.
If it wasn’t all carpets on the ground, wasn’t it a disgrace?
I’m still throwing myself on the bed so vigorously, what is it doing to myself? ?
“Are you sick? Dirty, who will do to you? I tell you, wake up tomorrow to pay for the old man’s clothes, did you hear?” Chuck came over and hit her face, of course, not much effort.
Yvette Ran opened his hand in exasperation, “Go away!”
Chuck was hurt, annoyed while she was drunk, and hit her behind.
Yvette Ran was shocked!
“Disobedient, it’s time to fight! The figure is pretty good, much better than when I was studying.
When you were in high school, I saw you. You should not know that when you usually bend down, forget it. I will lose my clothes tomorrow. “” Chuck finished speaking, took off his clothes, put on clean clothes, and took his luggage to go downstairs to open another room.
Chuck went out, and Yvette Ran dared to open her eyes. She was sitting on the bed, annoyed,
“Rogue, you, how old was I when I was studying? How could my body grow, get rid of it?
The more Yvette Ran wanted, the more this guy looked at himself while studying? She looked down at herself and became even more angry. Was she blinded when he was studying?
But for a while, she was downcast.
She went to the bathroom to take a shower and lost the dirty quilt. She slept, but she couldn’t sleep. She felt very annoyed. The brain was full of the man with the devil’s mask, but why are you rich with money?
She tossed and turned, and fell asleep at three or four in the morning. Chuck woke up in the morning and found that he had not taken anything. He came in with a card and inserted the card, and found that Yvette Ran was lying on the bed, and there was nothing wrong with it. .
Chuck looked at it for a while before leaving silently. She was still in good shape, but just look at it. What if Yvette Ran woke up? Isn’t that embarrassing?
Chuck went downstairs to have breakfast. Yvette Ran woke up. She had a headache and drank too much. She shook her head and put on dirty clothes to go out. She returned to her room, took a bath and changed clothes, and went downstairs to the front desk to ask.
When asked, Chuck opened the room again, and Yvette Ran pouted.
It happened that Chuck came back for breakfast and saw Yvette Ran.
“Let’s vomit you last night, right? Pay you.” Yvette Ran asked Chuck’s WeChat to transfer the money to him.
Chuck gave it, Yvette Ran turned 10,000. Is it enough? Chuck didn’t hack her, enough.
Chuck returned to the room.
“Hey, how many more days do you want to stay?” Yvette Ran pouted.
“I don’t know.” Chuck would go to the bar last night when he returned to the room to pick up something. What if he encountered Yvette?
“What the hell are you doing? Don’t know for a few days?”
“What do I have to do with you for a few days? I will not give you any money?” Chuck looked back at her.
“Who wants your money? Say, how many days do I live, I will ask the front desk to register you.” Yvette Ran got angry.
“No, maybe I will go tonight, and you will drink less if you don’t drink, and you will vomit and die,” Chuck took the elevator and still smelled.
Yvette Ran’s face became red, and she went to the front desk, “This bastard, don’t charge him money in the future, he thinks that money is great, I don’t want to earn you?”
The front desk was dumbfounded, “Yes.”
Yvette Ran left indignantly. As soon as she got into the car, she saw Chuck came out and came to the side of the road and stopped a taxi. She hummed. She didn’t succeed last night, so she came back early, sure Is not successful.
Yvette Ran suddenly thought that if Chuck kept on pretending last night, would he want to be the one he was? Thinking of this, Yvette Ran was red-faced…

Chuck just got on the taxi and received a call from Logan.
“Hey, Ceer.” This is Logan’s gentle voice.
What Chucksi wanted to do was still to tell the truth to Logan, “Aunt Logan, I have come to Beijing,”
“Come and find me. I made lunch and it was just ready to eat.”
Chuck asked the address, Logan said, Chuck hung up, why was Logan not surprised? Does Aunt Logan know that she has come to Beijing? It should be impossible, Chuck didn’t say anything to Betty.
Chuck shook his head, looked down at the strange number on his phone, went to the bar last night and saw Yvette, but how did this person know?
Chuck took the car to a super luxurious villa area, the driver’s brother was suspicious, “Boy, are you sure this is?”
This place is not a place where ordinary people can live. At least tens of billions of dollars are enough to live here. Chuck by car is not so rich!
“Yes, my Aunt Logan lives here.” Chuck smiled slightly and got off the car.
The villa area seems to be all Logan’s. At the door, Chuck saw Logan greeted him with a smile on his face and gentleness.
“Aunt Logan,” Chuck felt relaxed when she saw her. This smile was too gentle.
“Cer, come over and have lunch,” Logan took Chuck to her house.
Chuck followed, and the villa was too luxurious, simple, and Logan’s character.
Logan asked Chuck to sit down. She served dishes in the kitchen. Many of them were very rich.
Chuck was hungry and ate it immediately. Logan chewed slowly, watching Chuck eat so well, she was gentle With a smile, “Slow down.”
“Auntie Tang, you are really delicious,”
“Then eat more.”
“Right, Aunt Logan, I went to a bar yesterday and met Yvette.” Chuck said.
Logan was embarrassed, “Is it?”
“Yes, I saw her, but she wore a mask, but I kissed her yesterday.” Chuck recalled, that feeling, Chuck was just a little bit, but Chuck felt that he could not forget the feeling at that moment.
Logan is even more embarrassed, silly boy, you are not Yvette, but me.

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