My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 310

“No, how can I like Ceer? I love him so much, he is so young, only 19 years old, how do I like him?”
Logan hurriedly denied, her hand continued to support her chin, “But why do you miss him so much? When he was sleeping last night, it was so cute…”
Logan smiled, “Cer, your first kiss was taken by you…but you don’t know it is me, you still don’t know that the person you kiss is me.”
There is a small loss in Logan’s heart. This matter must not be told to Chuck. If so, how would he face him?
Logan felt that she couldn’t think about it anymore, “Ceer is still young, still young…”
Loganyue thought so, her beautiful eyes were a little sad, “Yeah, you are young, but I’m thirty…”
“When will Ce’er come? Well, why don’t I go and find him, but what is the reason? It’s only been a long time.”
“It’s troublesome,” Logan felt his head hurt. “But, he is my strategy. It’s not normal for me to go to him? When the time comes, how good will he take me out to play? Ha ha,”
Logan smiled, “Well, endure for two days, go again, Ceer may be a little busy recently, but can’t disturb him, but it’s boring…”

Chuck also felt that he was wrong. Forget it. Yvette Ran all cried. He was a man. How should he comfort him? “I’m sorry, right?”
“I’m sorry, who wants you to say sorry?” Yvette Ran wiped away her tears, feeling aggrieved.
Your body is not so good, then you will not accuse you?
“Then what do you want me to do?” Chuck thought he was enough.
“You made me cry, do you know? Last time I scolded me, and said me again this time.” Yvette Ran was wronged, when did he say so!
“What the hell do you want to do?” Chuckzhi said.
“Promise me one thing, even if you apologize to me.” Yvette Ran thought about it, she felt that she had lost enough of her face today, don’t mind losing a little more.
The main reason is that it is not easy for Chuck to compromise. You must seize this opportunity.
Also, Yvette Ran didn’t think of a way out.
“what’s up?”
“I hadn’t thought, hello, you made me cry twice, do you know?” Yvette Ran was angry.
Chuck reluctantly turned to sit in the car, “Okay, but I said yes, I don’t agree with anything, please eat, play or something.”
“Who asked you to invite me? There is a restaurant in my house. It is even less necessary to play.
My family does not have much money for you, but it is not too little,” Yvette Ran is still very confident.
“Come on, think of telling me.” Chuck drove away, but Yvette Ran ran over and said, “Chuck, I tell you, you are not allowed to talk to me, I told you about things and others, especially Those students, you are not allowed to say.”
What a shame if this is said?
Chuck looked at her like this. At this time, Yvette Ran bowed his body, a little bit lying on the side of the car window. The chassis of the sports car was originally low, and Yvette Ran was still lying on the same side. What Chuck saw.
“Hey, why don’t you talk? I’ll make you promise, give me promise, yeah, you rogue!!!” Yvette Ran covered his clothes in exasperation, and flicked Chuck with his hand raised.
But she was frightened, and busy rubbing Chuck’s blushed face, “I’m sorry, sorry, Chuck, I didn’t mean it, don’t be angry, sorry, okay?”
Fortunately, this slap is not heavy, otherwise Chuck will come out and hit her, “let go.”
“I’m sorry, who made you look around? Didn’t you catch enough that day? The pain was dead.”
Yvette Ran whispered.
“Hey, I told you, don’t talk nonsense!” Yvette Ran said, Chuck had stepped on the accelerator and left.
Yvette Ran stomped his feet, “Sexy, really a sex.”
Yvette Ran pouted and put the clothes she just dropped into her bag. She turned around and went back. Thinking about what Chuck should do?
As soon as she turned around, her mother appeared. This is a woman who still has charm. Just now Chuck honked her horn and she heard it. “Daughter, was your boyfriend just now?”
“Not really, classmate, just a classmate.” Yvette Ran blushed.
“Isn’t it? No classmates sent you back before, not to mention having a car and taking him back?”
“Mom, don’t talk nonsense, he is my classmate.” Yvette Ran looked back at Chuck who left, whispering, “Classmate Segu…”

Snapped! !
A slap came over and hit Yvette’s face. Yvette fell to the ground. Her eyes were cold. She arrived at Huagang and came to a place where Grandpa usually stayed. This is a company. Yvette Nan is about to take over, but the man in front of him is Yvette’s cousin.
Yvette said so, of course he was angry and fought out, and his cousin was a master of fighting, Yvette could not beat it.
Yvette got up from the ground, “cousin, grandpa said…”
Cousin slammed it out again, Yvette couldn’t hide, but backed away and didn’t fall to the ground.
“Who is your cousin? Go on, did you hear that?” Cousin sneered, what happened? He knew Yvette, but he had never seen it. Will he take over the company today? What is this for? ?
Yvette stared at him, “Grandpa said, I will take over this company now!”
“Hand your uncle!” Cousin kicked.
Yvette avoided, but she had no foundation, how to avoid it? She fell on the ground while holding her stomach. She was so painful that she was about to faint. She got up, and her cousin came over and grabbed her by the neck.
He suddenly roared, because Yvette had something in his hand, and stabbed him. Fortunately, he reacted, and his hand caught the dagger.
Cousin’s hand was bleeding. He angrily hit Yvette. Yvette was hit on the ground. Cousin stared at her and suddenly sneered. “It’s a bit cruel, but not enough. I’ll give you another chance, get out!”
Yvette shook her head and got up. She had nothing left. She had to close the company today so she could go to the country.
Cousin lost Yvette’s dagger and dragged Yvette out. Yvette struggled, and his cousin laughed unbearably, “Your dead father is garbage, useless garbage, actually died in In the hands of a woman, shameless or not? You also gave birth to your daughter who is so garbage. You should die, do you know? Go die!”
Cousin dragged Yvette and threw her out. Yvette didn’t make a call, but there was more in the eyes, “You are not allowed to say my father!”
This is the bottom line in her mind! She had never seen her father, but she would never have been without him!
Hearing what his cousin actually said, Yvette was chilled.
“I’m not allowed to say? What do you count? Tell me?” Cousin came over and kicked. Yvette couldn’t hide and fell to the ground.
“Look at you, what does the garbage look like? Do you still have a face to ask my company?”
Cousin sneered.
“This is your grandfather letting you manage.” Yvette knew why his grandfather was dying, and asked her not to tell anyone in the family that he was dead.
People in this family are not united, and as soon as the head of the family dies, the family members will separate themselves. Yvette vowed that such things would never be allowed, so he had to control everything in the family.
Otherwise, my mother in the United States will not feel better.
“Grandpa gave me, you said grandpa gave you, let grandpa call me.” Cousin snorted, he felt something was wrong, why did his grandpa suddenly want to hand over the company?
What did he think of.
“I c! Did you kill Grandpa and come over to fight for family property? You are a wolf-hearted thing!” Cousin kicked out, Yvette didn’t call, but the pain made her lie down on the ground.
He didn’t keep any hands at all!
Cousin saw Yvette not talking, he was pleasantly surprised, really dead? So you are not the heir to the family? ? after all. He is the only one in the family, and the rest are old and immortal, and there are a few more than ten years old. How do you fight with yourself? In addition to you, there are some qualifications!
Cousin got upset, he dragged Yvette back to the room, “It seems that Grandpa was really killed by you, you white-eyed wolf! You still want to come over and ask for the company, what qualification do you have? You are A dog, do you know? A dog placed next to Karen Lee’s son, the dog still wants a company?”
Cousin’s slap in the face was Yvette’s face.

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