My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 309

In the end, Logan just hugged Chuck, let Chuck fall asleep on his own leg just like last time.
Logan stared at him distressedly, thinking how things would go on?
Chuck is now separated from Yvette, so what will Yvette do? What will Chuck do?
You know, the two of them did that kind of thing tonight? What if Yvette becomes pregnant?
Logan thought, beauty eyes closed too, she didn’t sleep all night, she felt sleepy.
How do you sleep? At this time, Logan was sitting on the sofa, Chuck was lying, his head fell asleep on his own legs, he slept on Chuck’s body, or did he just lean like that?
Loganmei turned around, and after thinking about it, she slept against the back of the sofa.
At the same time, in a luxurious room, the prince shook his head and was disappointed. “It seems that I still underestimated the relationship between Yvette and Chuck. Actually, this is not right for Chuck? But it doesn’t matter, Chuck, I will play with you. For play……”
When she woke up in the morning, Logan slept particularly well, but she blushed. When sleeping at night, Chuck might be drooling in dreams and dreaming of eating delicious food?
“This kid is so cute.”
Logan moved her body out with a smile and laid Chuck on the sofa. She went to the room to take a shower. After the shower, she saw that Chuck was still asleep and she went to make breakfast.
Chuck woke up and heard the movement. He sat upright and thought of Yvette, he sighed.
“Cer, brush your teeth and have breakfast.” Logan brought out the loving breakfast.
Chuck went to wash and ate breakfast. Chuck received a call from Betty and talked about Yvette’s situation, saying that Yvette left overnight.
Chuck was also relieved when he heard it. Fortunately, people followed Yvette, otherwise he might not actually see her. Chuck continued to ask Yvette where he had gone?
Betty’s answer might be to go to Huagang, the central city of Huagang? Chuck accidentally, what did Yvette do over there?
The person Betty called has already followed, and will always tell Yvette about the situation.
This is Chuck’s peace of mind. If Yvette has special circumstances, Chuck will immediately pass by.
“Cer, what are you going to do today? I will accompany you, at home, or go out for a walk?”
Logan smiled.
Chuck hesitated, he was ready to go back, he also had something to deal with, what if he had to leave at any time? I’m closer to Huagang on my own.
“Aunt Logan, I want to go back today,” Chuck whispered.
“Okay, I’ll take you to the airport.” Logan smiled and felt a little lost in her heart. She just prepared to take Chuck to have fun and relax.
Chuck was relieved, “Thank you Aunt Logan.”
“Thank you?” Logan smiled, reluctantly, “Go and pack things up, I’ll give you the fastest ticket.”
Chuck went to pack things. Logan was ready to drive. He drove Chuck to the airport. At the airport, Logan wanted to send Chuck in, but Chuck didn’t want to trouble Logan, so he said,
“Aunt Logan, go back,”
“Cer, when will you come to Beijing?” Logan asked gently.
Chuck thinks, maybe he has no time recently, but his current heart disease is Yvette. At the very least, he has to relax his relationship with Yvette. Chuck has the intention to come to Beijing to play.
Chuck said this, Logan’s gentleness is still the same, “Well, no matter when Ce’er comes, you can come at any time, no matter how late, you must call me and I will come to pick you up.”
“En.” Chuck took the luggage to the airport.
“Cer, safe on the road.”
“it is good.”
Chuck entered the airport.
Logan was sitting in the car, feeling uncomfortable, and especially wanted to go back with Chuck. She kept watching her eyes. At this time, the phone rang and Logan answered, with the assistant’s voice inside.
“I’m not available. I’m not available now. I will say it again in the afternoon, okay. It is set at three o’clock in the afternoon.” Logan hung up the phone and she drove away for a long time.
She had to go to work.
Chuck got on the plane, but silently, soon a beautiful woman also came in. First Class, Yvette Ran set the first class too. Yvette Ran saw Chuck and whispered, “What a coincidence? Why not go back and say a word?”
“Tell you, do you book a ticket for me?” Chuck said, and he was in a bad mood.
“It’s not expensive, I can’t afford it?” Yvette Ran sat down angrily. When she came back, she wanted to give Chuckding, but Chuck didn’t go back to her hotel, how could she decide?
At this point, Yvette Ran was the most angry. He didn’t need money to live in his hotel. If you lived, wouldn’t you come?
However, Chuck didn’t respond, and Yvette Ran couldn’t help it. “What’s wrong with you?
Downcast? Did something happen?”
Rarely see Chuck like this, this is to break up with his girlfriend? Chuck ignored her. If Yvette said something, wouldn’t Yvette Ran read the joke? Chuck ignored her all the time, and Yvette Ran pouted her lips angrily, “What are you doing? I don’t care what I say.”
When he arrived at the airport, Chuck went to the parking lot to drive. His car had been parked here, and Yvette Ran followed him. Chuck looked back at her and said, “Don’t think of rubbing the car, go back by yourself,”
Yvette Ran was angry, “I’m going to sit.”
Of course Chuck ignored her and opened the car door to get in. Yvette Ran couldn’t be angry, blocking Chuck from letting go. Chuck finally compromised intelligently, “OK, you get in the car.”
“I have a car, but you said me just now, and I’m going to sit.” Yvette Ran came in. “Take me home.”
Chuck asked helplessly and sent her back.
“What’s the matter with you? Tell me, I’m your classmate.” Yvette Ran felt that she seemed to have taken the initiative, but her group of friends talked, and Yvette Ran felt that she didn’t know what to say and how to say. I was also fascinated by Chuck’s figure, did you like him?
Yvette Ran himself was negative, but Chuck actually met on the plane just now. Does this mean fate?
Yvette Ran was so embarrassed that he didn’t have a chance. How come he met all this coincidence? Yvette Ran thought it was unbelievable. She thought of the night at the bar. Chuck grabbed herself twice and died of pain. Yvette Ran grunted.
“It’s okay, is your house right?” Chuck certainly wouldn’t say it.
“Yeah, don’t talk to me anymore.” Yvette Ran was angry. Chuck drove Yvette Ran back. This is also a villa. Chuck drove in. When he got to the door, Yvette Ran got out of the car. “Never see you again!”
Yvette Ran walked home angrily, but Chuck was speechless, this woman didn’t take things, Chuck could only press the car horn, Yvette Ran was frightened, turned back to see Chuck out, carrying a bag in his hand, But the zipper of the bag was not pulled properly, the clothes inside fell out, and they were all close-fitting.
“You hooligans!” Yvette Ran blushed and walked over to pick up the clothes on the ground.
Chuck gave a few glances, “Well, such an open style.”
“Go to death!” Yvette Ran wanted to find a ground seam and drilled in. “Did you not see enough yet? You beat my ass in your room that night…”
Yvette Ran shut up.
“It turns out that you pretend to be drunk, I said, you will not hum, you will really lie,” Chuck felt cheated.
“I lied to you? You were, when you were in the bar, you clearly knew it was me, and you still caught me, are you watching my jokes, right?” Yvette Ran was annoyed.
Chuck shrugged and pierced, so there was no need to hide it again, “Yes, I know it is you.”
“You nasty bastard you!” Yvette Ran was angry.
“It should be said that you have sex, come and talk to me on your own initiative, why do you want to sleep with me?” Chuck looked at her, this was originally, didn’t he take off his coat? Actually let her come over and talk up, Chuck was in a state of coercion.
Yvette Ran clenched his fists, angry, grieved, and tears twirled in his eyes…

Logan was in the office in the afternoon. Her eyes were always stunned. She felt that she didn’t think about anything. The assistant knocked on the door and came in, “Mr. Tang…”
“Go out, you have something to deal with first.” Logan said.
The assistant wondered, what happened to his boss? Why is it so absent-minded?
“Cer, when will you come to Beijing to find me? I will take you out to play, I promise you everything you want, when will you come?” Logan held his chin in his hands and looked down at the time, which was only half a day away. Yeah, Logan thought, “Do you like strategy?”

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