My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 313

“What are you going to do?” Chuck is too surprised. Isn’t she planning to acquire any project?
“Why can’t I go?” Murong Qing asked back.
“Well, okay, I’ll be on the plane tomorrow morning. I’ll book the plane tickets together for you,”
Chuck thought, just go, maybe she has other things?
A ticket should be, after all, the two people have to start cooperation, at least the relationship must be good!
“Do I have no money to order?” Murong Qing stood up.
“That was not what I meant.”
“You are, you don’t need to order, I will order it for you.” Murong Qing said.
Here, Chuck was a little ignorant. What did she do to book a ticket for herself? Forget it, she is not short of money, just a few thousand dollars.
“Thank you, Mr. Murong.”
“You don’t have a good name in your mouth, right?” Murong Qing hummed softly.
Chuck was embarrassed, “I’ll check out.”
Chuck went to pay. Yvette Ran’s flight ticket should be booked by her. Chuck mainly decided to determine Yvette’s situation. Others, Chuck didn’t want to bother with it. Anyway, he didn’t promise Yvette Ranyi Thing? Exactly.
When the two came out, Chuck asked her where to go? It’s almost night, should she go back to sleep?
“You control me?” Murong Qing replied.
“I mean, you don’t have to go to someone else’s hotel, you can go to my mom’s hotel, and the presidential suite is free to live.” Chuck means that.
“I can’t afford a hotel? I bought the hotel on your square.” Murong Qing said.
Chuck was surprised, this is the student hotel, too many college students. Murong Qing has a good vision. This kind of hotel can’t make a lot of money, but one year’s income will not be low.
As long as it is done well, it will make a profit.
Chuck thought that he was too lazy to go back to the place where Yvette rented a house. Sun Shangxue was there again, which was inconvenient. It was also a distress to go there. It might as well not go.
Going to his home, Chuck didn’t want to go back, it was space.
“President Murong, will I go to the hotel you bought to stay for one night? I’m too lazy to go back and go to the airport together tomorrow morning,” Chuck said.
“Just whatever you want.” Murong Qing hummed and walked into the elevator. Of course Chuck was together. When he arrived at the parking lot, Chuck simply made Murong Qing’s car.
“It’s very fragrant in your car.” Chuck said when he came in.
Murong Qing ignored him and drove away. Chuck murmured. When he arrived at the hotel, Chuck joked, “President Murong, would you like this hotel? I’m getting into shares, what do you think?”
“Shareholding? Do you want this hotel? I’ll give it to you.” Murong Qing simply.
Chuck didn’t speak in a hurry. How could it be affordable? But he joked, “President Murong, if someone is your husband, it’s comfortable, you don’t have to do anything, you can have whatever you want,”
Murongqing is so generous and has such a good figure, is it not good to be a husband?
Murong Qing hummed, did not speak, took Chuck into the hotel.
The front desk saw his boss coming, and brought a little handsome guy, what is this for? She was a little ignorant.
“Give him the best room.” Murong Qing told him to take the elevator.
The front desk was even more embarrassing, and I could only give Chuck the room card as he respected. Chuck and Murong Qing took the elevator, and Chuck entered the floor, but Murong Qing was the same. Stay with me, don’t get me wrong.”
Chuckxin thought of Yvette, what could he do with Murong Qing? But let’s talk about it, Chuck doesn’t believe too much. Murong Qing will save her twice for herself, and she will really accompany herself twice.
Chuck doesn’t think he has this charm, so he jokes, these things are not true.
“Shut up! I live on this floor too!” Murong Qing was angry.
“Okay, see you tomorrow morning.” Chuck let out a sigh of relief, but Murong Qing’s figure really made Chuck think a little bit. He is a normal man. How could he think of seeing such a hot body to the extreme?
Thinking of this, Chuck thought of Yvette to help himself that night. That feeling, but Yvette will no longer help himself, Chuck sighed.
Sigh again? Murong Qing’s expression eased, “I didn’t mean you so much, what are you doing with sighs?”
Chuck was in a trance, the voice was a little gentle, Chuck felt that touched the heart in his heart, what Yvette said, Chuck was suddenly sad, and wanted to find someone to comfort, Chuck opened the door and pulled Murong Qing and came in .
He wanted to find the feeling of Yvette on Murong Qing. Murong Qing was stunned, “What are you doing?”
Chuck closed the door, the lights were not turned on, but breathing sounded in the room.
Murong Qing was nervous. She had dreamed about such things many times. It was all Chuck forced her to do. Didn’t expect the dream to come true today?
She instinctively wanted to slap Chuck, but she couldn’t beat it.
“Chuck, woo…” Murong Qing said and Chuck came over.
She widened her eyes, he actually kissed herself? Murong Qing particularly wanted to resist, but this is not the scene he dreamed of?
However, Chuck suddenly spoke, and Murong Qing woke up suddenly!
“Wife, wife,” Chuck thought of Yvette, his eyes blurred.
“Chuck, you bastard!” Murong Qing struggled, slap Chuck with his hand, opened the door, and went out. The face was hot and painful. Chuck was awakened. He saw that the room was empty and he sighed. , What did you just do?
Chuck wanted to apologize to Murong Qing, but at this time, Murong Qing must be in a rage.
Now that he has passed, isn’t he looking for death?
Chuck felt that it would be better tomorrow. After Murong was relieved, he would take a shower and sleep by himself.
Murong Qing returned to his room and was particularly angry, “Asshole, disgusting, disgusting!!”
“Pull me into the room and think of other women, what should I do? What should I do?
Substitute? Asshole! Go to hell!” Murong Qing was annoyed and fluctuated.
She didn’t know how to fall asleep.
The next morning, Chuck heard the sound of knocking on the door, and Chuck woke up confusedly and went to open the door. There was a faceless Murong Qing at the door, “What time is it, what time is it? Are you going to Huagang?” ”
Chuck was only awake at this time and went to wash immediately. By the way, today he was going to Huagang to find Yvette and he also made an appointment with Yvette Ran.
Packed up, Chuck came out, Murong Qing had arrived at the elevator door, Chuck looked at her lips and whispered, “I’m sorry about yesterday’s things,”
His face was still swollen. Murong Qing’s slap was too heavy yesterday, and he almost stunned Chuck.
Murong Qing hummed, “You are really disgusting!!”
Chuck didn’t talk back. What happened last night was indeed wrong. He shouldn’t pull Murong Qing into the room. Sure enough, Murong Qing said that he would sleep with him twice. That was deceptive. He kissed her yesterday and actually hit him. Slap came out, Chuck felt wronged, but he was wrong, and really took it seriously.
Of course Murongqing doesn’t know Chuck’s thoughts. If he knows what he thinks, Murongqing will be more angry and may even slap Chuck.
The elevator door opened, and Chuck also got into Murongqing’s car, and Murongqing drove to the airport.
Yvette Ran has been waiting at the airport for a long time. She has been waiting for a long time.
Why can’t Chuck still come? Is it deceiving? Yvette Ran felt a little angry. She took out her mobile phone and prepared to make a call. She saw a car driving into the parking lot. She was waiting in the parking lot.
Because she knew Chuck would drive over.
She saw Chuck came out, she was relieved, really came, she opened the door and ran over.
“Hello…” Yvette Ran said.
Chuck came out, but Yvette Ran saw Murong Qing also came out, but carried a valuable bag, this is also going?
Of course she knew Murongqing. Last time Murongqing bought her street.
But why would Murong Qing go? why? Yvette Ran was angry, “Chuck, I want you to come alone, why are you bringing others?”
What is this, obviously you promised, why take someone else? What is this promise?
Yvette Ran couldn’t help it, and said in the face of Murong Qing.
“It’s just one more person, what does it matter?” Chuck was speechless.
“Why would there be one more person? Why?” Yvette Ran and Murong Qing spoke in unison.
Murong Qing was angry last night. Today there is a woman together. What’s the matter?
Murong Qing was not annoyed.
Chuck collapsed, he just wanted to go to Huagang to see Yvette quickly, he didn’t want to control the others, but how could the two of them be like this? ?

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