My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 360

This situation is shameful. Yan Li dared not open her eyes at all. She felt that she would commit suicide. Although she felt, she did not feel that she had been violated, but she was seen by the man, and she was forced. Strategy watched. .
This makes Yan Li, who has always been proud, really want to bite his tongue!
Yvette was crying, and Yan Li didn’t do anything at all. While her head was dizzy, she went to sleep directly, and soon fell asleep.
The car arrived at the hotel.
Chuck got out of the car first, and Yvette had to help his mother put on her clothes.
Yvette cried while wearing it. Finally, Yvette took her mother out.
Four people took the elevator upstairs.
When he reached the top floor, Yvette had to take care of his mother, Yan Li, so it was two people living in a room.
Chuck lives next to him, just in case Yvette calls him.
Of course, Betty still protects Chuck personally.
At the same time, in a room, Yvette’s cousin exclaimed angrily, “I haven’t returned for so long, it must have happened, it’s all a group of waste, waste!”
The voice rang in the room, full of his anger!
“Mom, mom.” Yvette took care of his mother.
Even though she is tired, where can she sleep? Something happened to my mother.
Yan Li woke up, she opened her eyes, Yvette was surprised, “Mom, are you awake?”
Yan Li nodded, and Yvette lifted Yan Li a little, and let her lean against the back of the bed, which would make her more comfortable.
“Mom, are you okay?” Yvette felt that the matter just now could not be mentioned to her mother. If she knew that, then her mother would definitely be very sad and even commit suicide.
“It’s okay.” Yan Li shook her head, how could she admit it? I must pretend not to remember.
Otherwise, I really don’t know what it will be like, but Yan Li has hatred in her heart. That person should treat her so much to herself! !
Yvette sighed in relief. Her mother didn’t remember what happened just now. This is the best. Otherwise, Yvette didn’t know how to comfort her.
Yvette hugged Yan Li comfortably, “Mom, you have a good rest, it’s okay, it’s okay.”
“Yes.” Yan Li lay down again, and Yvette covered her with a quilt. “Mom, you sleep, I take a bath,”
Yvette opened the door and went out to the bathroom. She felt sick all over and had to wash herself!
Yan Li stared at the ceiling, she climbed up, and her tears came out, she felt that she was dirty, she went to the bathroom in the room to take a shower, and rushed for a long time, she squatted in the bathroom alone, crying with tears .
When Yvette’s father died, Yan Li only had tears in her eyes, but today, this insult, which makes Gaoao, Yan Li, who has always had a strong self-esteem, was hit, her self-esteem collapsed, and she came to a collapse.
The water washed down, masking Yan Li’s cry…
At this moment, she was just an injured woman.

Chuck fell asleep long ago, but he was punched several times. His stomach and chest hurt. He didn’t know if he could fall asleep today, but Yvette was fine. Chuck was relieved.
Otherwise, Chuck could never fall asleep, Chuck asked what happened to Betty outside?
“I’m fine, young master, you have to rest early.” Betty is really okay. She also crawled out of the dead man. This injury is nothing.
But when they wanted to sleep, someone knocked on the door.
Chuck opened his eyes and heard the voice outside. It was actually Ouyang Fei.
The manager kept saying that he could not disturb the young master, but this Ouyang Fei kept knocking on the door.
Betty frowned!
Chuck got down from the bed and walked to the door, seeing Ouyang Fei outside through the cat’s eyes.
“Thank you.” This is what Ouyang Fei said.
She was at ease, including the manager, because when the manager heard that Ouyang Fei was looking at her skirt, she also took a look. She actually found that Ouyang Fei did not seem to be broken, so what was Du Xinye doing last night?
Chuck was a little bit confused. Of course she didn’t know that Ouyang Fei was still intact. He wondered how Ouyang Fei came to thank herself?
“Can you come out to meet me, I am very grateful to you,” Ouyang Fei’s words are sincere, how to say he fainted, if not this young master, then he may be picked up by other people, then the consequences are unbearable! !
The young man’s kindness saved her.
Of course, Chuck was too lazy to take care of her. Fortunately, Ouyang Fei knew that it was inconvenient to say more, so he said a few words of thanks, and saw Chuck didn’t open the door and left.
“Is this woman crazy?” Chuck said back, and Betty heard the two people staring at each other. Betty was embarrassed.
Chuck also felt embarrassed, “Sister Li, you rest early.”
“Master, you too.”
Early the next morning, Chuck knocked on the door, and Yvette opened the door, or his face was a little white. This is because the anesthesia needle has not passed yet. Chuck was so distressed that when he saw Yvette, he reached out and hugged her.
Yvette was moved. “Hubby, I will tell you something.”
“You said.” As long as Yvette mentioned it, Chuck would agree to anything.
“I don’t want to tell her about my mother’s affairs. She doesn’t remember what happened yesterday.” Yvette was afraid that Chuck would suddenly say that she was leaking, so her mother might collapse!
Chuck felt wrong, did Yan Li remember? This should be impossible, how to say Yan Li at the end of the coma, but also blamed Chuck is still watching.
Is she really gone? Of course Chuck will not mention this matter, after all, Yan Li is also her mother-in-law.
Chuck was shocked last night, so after watching it for a few seconds, it was a dumb blow. If he knew it was Yan Li, Chuck wouldn’t even look at it more.
“Well, I know. You have a good rest today.” Chuck felt that no matter whether Yan Li really forgot or falsely forgot, this matter could not be mentioned again.
“Well, thank you husband, husband, go to school quickly, you will be late.” Yvette advised that she is most concerned about Chuck’s studies.
“I want to accompany you, I won’t go today.”
“No, husband, be good. Reading.” Yvette felt that Chuck was also inappropriate here. Her mother was in the room inside, and she didn’t have time to stay with Chuck, although she was a little bit miss you.
She said this, Chuck could only promise, and told Yvette not to leave, Yvette promised that Chuck was assured to go to school with Betty.
Yvette sighed. She received a call from her mother’s bodyguard. Yvette rested a little and let the bodyguard rest first and then find a place to settle down. Yvette felt that she couldn’t stay in this hotel forever!
My mother will not agree.
The bodyguard over there said that, Yvette went to the room to take care of his mother.
As everyone knows, Yan Li has not slept all night, how can she sleep? She heard Chuck’s voice just now and she felt that her scalp was numb. She wanted to leave here immediately!
… school!
Du Xinye was in the parking lot, he saw Ouyang Fei driving over, he smiled, Ouyang Fei changed his clothes, his long legs were particularly charming, Du Xinye watched Ouyang Fei leave.
He is actually very annoyed! how to say? When he was preparing to do something to Ouyang Fei, his sister kept calling and even sent a video. Du Xinye was shocked, he couldn’t take it, he could only go to the next room to chat with his sister , Chatting most of the night.
That’s right, Du Xinye was asleep because of chatting. When he woke up, he was shocked and it was more than six o’clock.
He whispered to see Ouyang Fei. There was still plenty of time and he could do something. When he took off Ouyang Fei’s clothes, he was suddenly frightened because Ouyang Fei seemed to wake up. He hurried to hide!
Fortunately, Ouyang Fei was telling dreams at that time, which scared Du Xinye.
Du Xinye didn’t feel it anymore. This was suddenly scared, because the men were all insane. He was so annoyed that he could only take the fruit photo of Ouyang Fei, and then went back at six in the morning.
With the fruit photo of Ouyang Fei, so afraid of Ouyang Fei’s disobedience? If you are not obedient, let the whole school see the pictures of your school flowers!
Du Xinye smiled abnormally. He took out his mobile phone and admired Ouyang Fei’s photos. There are many, haha!
Du Xinye opened the car door and went out, he felt that he had to threaten Ouyang Fei today, let Ou Yangfei do something with him in the car, or go to the toilet.
Anyway, he didn’t care, he felt happy, he chased Ouyang Fei, face His face made his handsome face abnormal.

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