My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 367

Let your mother die before you can be with Yvette? Chuck will never do this!
Chuck gave a cold look at Yan Li without saying a word, “Auntie, take a rest early.”
Chuck turned and went out.
Yan Li sneered, “Damn, Damn!”
The shame in Yan Li’s heart was at its extreme. She couldn’t get through this hurdle. She felt that one day she would always act against Chuck!
Why did Chuck see his body that day? Yan Li knew that Chuck was not deliberate, and also saw that Chuck was forced, but this kind of thing was absolutely unacceptable to Yan Li!
She wants to dig Chuck’s eyes, let you see!
Chuck came out, and of course Yan Li’s bodyguards went in. Yvette looked down on Chuck, and Yvette felt distressed. He must have been scolded by his mother.
“Hubby, don’t be sad.” Yvette comforted.
Chuck sighed, was this due to Yvette? Chuck hugged her, Yvette felt Chuck’s lost mood, she was sad, “Husband, don’t think about it, I will always be you alone, I will not let anyone touch me, I can only touch you .”
Yvette had such an idea. When she was studying, everyone who wanted to chase her felt inexplicably disgusting and hated it. This was Yvette’s heart, and she was determined to be Chuck.
In addition to Chuckbang, everyone else touched, even if it was just a hand contact, Yvette would feel sorry for Chuck. This kind of thinking has been deeply ingrained until today!
Chuck didn’t want to do anything, so he hugged Yvette most at ease, but he didn’t know how long he could still hold.
Chuck sighed.
“Don’t sigh, my husband, I will give you, I will give you today, do whatever you want, let me do what I want, I will do what I want, will I succeed?” Yvette comforted thoroughly, she felt only It was so comforting that she was willing to pay attention to it.
Chuck was moved and hugged her.
Chuck wanted to ask his mother, the ins and outs of this matter, Chuck will never let his mother die unexpectedly, and will never give up Yvette!
“Do you want me? Husband.” Yvette whispered, she could speak out such words.
Yvette felt that she was “forced” by Chuck.
This is a big boy, he has to coax, he has to be comforted, he has to listen to him, Yvette has long understood.
Anyway, there is a hotel nearby. It doesn’t matter if you go there. Listening to Chuck’s words, he wants to do what he wants, and he will do what he wants. If I’m embarrassed, I have to listen.
Yvette decided. boom!
There was movement in the room not far away, and Yvette was frightened. This was her mother Yan Li who warned herself that Yvette was helpless.
Chucksong’s hand, “Go to bed early, remember, call me wherever you go,”
“Got it,” Yvette took the initiative to kiss Chuck and felt sweet in his heart.
Chuck sighed and turned to go downstairs. Yvette was a little uneasy. She went downstairs and saw Chuck getting in the car. Betty drove back. When she was about to go back, she suddenly saw Chuck’s car seemed to be taken by someone.
Yvette is particularly alert. She thinks it is.
She ran to the house, “Mom, I’m going out!”
Yvette ran out again, Yan Li scolded, “Daughter, what do you want to do? He is the son of your father and enemy!”
Yvette was particularly anxious to call Chuck, but the signal could not be reached and the signal was disturbed.
This is the person behind the car, what equipment used to interfere? Absolutely.
Yvette ran to the side of the road, chasing Chuck’s car, but the car was soon away, how could anyone catch up with the car?
“Husband!” Yvette’s eyes were red with anxiety, poof! A car stopped in front of her, the door opened, and Yvette expressed his vigilance, “Who!”
“Our boss wants to see you and wants to kill Karen Lee, then you come up!” There was a man’s voice in the car.
“I want to kill is to do it myself, I will not let others help!” Yvette will make himself strong, and then go to Karen Lee alone, duel! !
In this process, Yvette will not let other people help, because, as for Karen Lee’s character, as long as Yvette has the strength, she can be called out by a phone call.
Last time Yvette knew Karen Lee’s Character.
“Hum, don’t go to see our boss, I immediately let the car in the back blow up Chuck’s car with a bomb. Can’t you get in?”
“Don’t!” Yvette’s eyes were anxious. She stared at the inside of the car and looked back at Chuck, who could no longer see the figure. She was worried about her husband. Don’t worry about it!
“Okay, I’ll see you, but if you dare to move my husband, I’ll take you to die together!”
The man in the car frowned, this look can actually make people feel scared!
Yvette got on the bus.
After the car turned, he headed towards a place. Yvette had been staring at these people, and more than ten ways to get out had been planned in his mind.
About half an hour later, came to a place, this is a villa!
“Go inside yourself and our boss is inside!” the man said.
Yvette frowned, got out of the car, and grasped the dagger in her sleeve tightly.
She entered the villa.
The man in the car pulled out the intercom. “How is it tracking?”
“Can’t be too tight, Betty’s alertness is high!” There was a serious voice in the intercom.
“What about the bomb? Can you throw a bomb over? The boss said, tell him, the boss is coming to China!” The man’s face flashed sternly!
“No, Betty will definitely avoid it!”
“Well, keep following!”

Yvette came in, the lights were not turned on in the living room, but a man was sitting on the couch, holding a wine glass, shaking.
This is Chuck’s cousin Li Shidao! He came to China!
“Sit.” Li Shidao said.
“Who are you? Why should you follow Chuck?” Yvette was alert.
“You don’t need to know who I am, as long as you know, everything is under my control, you are one of my chess pieces!” Li Shidao took a sip of wine with a smile on his face.
Yvette frowned.
“You want to kill Karen Lee, only I can help you, because I understand Karen Lee, her fighting skills, I understand!”
“I don’t need your help!”
“Without my help? It is unlikely that you will kill her alone in your life, but it is also possible, how to say Karen Lee is more than forty, when you are forty, she will have to enter the coffin, when you were It’s still possible to kill her, but are you willing to wait for more than ten years?” Li Shidao said.
Yvette’s eyes stared at her, “Don’t think you can’t see you without turning on the lights. You are a bit like Karen Lee. Is Karen Lee your mother?”
“She also deserves to be my mother? She is just a sister of my dad,” Li Shidao sneered, her eyes cold.
“Then you are Chuck’s cousin, are you still killing him?” Yvette shot coldly, is that true?
Is this a fight for family property or something? ? Only for this reason!
“I’m not his cousin, Chuck is not qualified to be related to me, he’s so trashy,”
“I don’t allow you to say that to him!” Yvette’s eyes were cruel.
“No? Chuck I wanted to let him die long ago and let him live to the present. The only reason is fun. He is my plaything. Do you understand?” Li Shidao sneered, Yvette couldn’t help it. Suddenly attacked, “All said, don’t say that to him!” boom!
Li Shidao kicked, Yvette fell out, she was shocked, she learned fighting, why didn’t it work? Why is it so vulnerable? Yvette felt like he was going to pass out, too painful.
“You have this skill? Sure enough it is two rubbish, you still want to kill Karen Lee? You can only wait for Karen Lee to die by himself,”
Yvette got up and her eyes were even more ruthless. She was not afraid and died here, but Chuck could not be in danger.
“Let you come over easily. I will help you solve your cousin, you help me one thing, make me a little more fun, is this deal okay?” Li Shidao smiled.
Yvette ignored it and continued to attack desperately. Li Shidao frowned and kicked out. Yvette fell uncontrollably and spit out blood. Li Shidao came over and stepped on Yvette. “You Both Chuck and me are my playthings. Whatever I let you do, you have to do whatever you dare to resist. I let you die!!”

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