My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 368

Yvette struggled to get up, but this Li Shidao was really terrible, completely unable to make her struggle. There was a feeling of facing Karen Lee. Is this Li Shidao as powerful as Karen Lee?
Can only be trampled by Li Shidao’s foot.
“Go away!” Yvette was stepped on his shoulder, his foot was actually moving, moving in front of himself.
Li Shidao teased, “You said Chuck trash is not trash? I step on you like this, where is he!”
“You are not allowed to say my husband!!!” Yvette’s eyes were cruel, and Chuck was her anti-scale!
“Ah!” Yvette bit his lip, and Li Shidao’s feet were straining. With that kind of pain, Yvette felt that his shoulders would be broken.
Yvette screamed, then clenched his teeth, and stopped screaming, letting this pain penetrate the bone marrow!
But Yvette just held back!
A pair of eyes have turned red, this is the same look as the female leopard!
Li Shidao frowned, “To be honest, Yvette, I think you are good, a little sturdy, body, and appearance are top-notch, if you follow me, I don’t mind if you are taken by Chuck!”
In this sentence, Li Shidao didn’t lie, but he was so serious. When he saw Yvette, even if he had seen so many women, there was still a moment of surprise.
This feeling, she has only been in three women, Logan on the other side of the capital, there is a killer on the other side of the country, the last one is Yvette!
But what made Li Shidao a little irritated was that two of the three people he felt amazing about himself were so kind to Chuck. In this case, he actually felt so jealous!
Chuck that trash!
Yvette’s character is strong in his heart, which Li Shidao likes, but this kind of woman cannot give in.
“How about, I don’t mind if you are taken by Chuck… Hey, look at your leg shape, is it still intact?” Li Shidao was particularly surprised.
He has seen too many women, what leg shape is intact, what leg shape is a bus,
10,000 people, he can still roughly distinguish.
At this time, Yvette’s legs seemed to have no open vise, which made Li Shidao
80% sure that Yvette was still intact!
I didn’t expect it!
Chuck hasn’t even treated Yvette yet! Haven’t the two been together for a long time?
“That’s fine, in fact, even if you were taken by Chuck, I wouldn’t mind, let alone you haven’t been taken? Well, follow me, I also committed suicide to you Karen Lee!” Li Shidao smiled.
He saw Yvette suffering, but said nothing, this kind of ostentatious woman, he liked it!
“Speak, follow me, I will let you know what a man is, you will realize how fast it is to be a woman…” Said here, Li Shidao’s face muscles twitched, because his face moved on Yvette, but Yvette suddenly looked up and bit his own leg!
So hard, Li Shidao is a master of fighting, and it is inevitable to show great pain! boom!
Li Shidao kicked out, Yvette was kicked off, Li Shidao looked down at his leg and actually bleed.
There was endless cold on his face, “Dare you dare to bite me?”
This kind of woman, he has never seen it, can be ruthless!
Li Shidao is annoyed, but he appreciates Yvette even more. Such a woman gives Li Shidao the conquest of conquest and feeling. He is not like other men. He can only give medicine when he does not. He has always conquered with strength! Disdain to do that.
As long as it is the woman he fancy, he will definitely get it! !
Yvette climbed up holding her stomach, and spit out blood in her mouth. Li Shidao’s foot was too heavy. Yvette almost instantly fainted, but her strong willpower made her persevere!
“I won’t do anything for you! Chuck’s mother, I will kill myself!” Yvette turned and left!
“I want to go so simple?” Li Shidao smiled. The pain in his leg didn’t matter. But his body had undergone strong training. Yvette’s bite was nothing.
Yvette really wanted to leave because she wanted to tell Chuck that he was in great danger!
This person is amazing!
Yvette didn’t see Karen Lee, why didn’t she come back?
Such a person can only be dealt with by Karen Lee in person!
“Kill me, I won’t be able to leave.” Yvette regarded death as his home.
“Kill you? How can I be willing to kill you?” Li Shidao shook his head, but to be honest, Li Shidao really liked Yvette even more like that.
Let him conquer Yvette’s heart even more, such a woman, absolutely can not be cheap!
“You go out now, I will immediately let my people kill Chuck!” Li Shidao said.
Yvette stopped. This is what she was most worried about. The strength of Li Shidao, Betty, who personally protected Chuck, could not deal with it, so Chuck was too dangerous.
“You move Chuck, I will die with you!” This is Yvette’s thoughts at the moment, if Chuck died, she had no intention of living.
“Your current strength is not qualified to die with me.” Li Shidao said with a sneer.
It’s very simple. Yvette was a little bit stubborn, but he still killed easily.
“Also, I didn’t let you go, you can’t go,”
Yvette turned his head and stared at him fiercely, “What the hell do you want me to do? Is it possible to stay in touch?”
Li Shidao smiled obviously, but it quickly became ugly, “You are a fool? How could I not move that Chuck’s rubbish? When it comes to Chuck’s things, you will have no such ruthlessness, and you will do everything for Chuck. ?”
Li Shidao was jealous, did Chuck actually teach Yvette so well?
Yvette was able to compromise when he mentioned Chuck.
Li Shidao’s heart to kill Chuck has become richer than ever!
Yvette’s eyes stared at him, “If you do, you have to move Chuck. If you don’t do it, you have to move too. Then you have to die with you!”
Yvette clenched his dagger!
It’s just that at this time, she has a little bit of loss and sadness in her heart. Is she going to die at this time? I haven’t announced to my husband that I haven’t given my body to my husband…
I haven’t had a baby for my husband. .
Li Shidao frowned and snorted coldly, “Okay, you’re going to burn a fire in Chuck’s square now. I won’t move him for a month.”
Yvette’s eyes narrowed, “Let my husband know that I burned his square, he will break up with me!”
Li Shidao smiled slightly, all he wanted was this purpose, and playing Chuck was his great fun now!
If Chuck sees it, it is Yvette who burned his square, then the two people may still be together? No, Chuckhui and Yvette broke up, so Li Shidao’s chance came.
“You’re right, remember, let Chuck’s trash clearly see that you set it on fire. If you can’t do this, I won’t give him a month.” Li Shidao said.
Yvette’s eyes had a pain in it. In a month, did he break up with Chuck? Yvette fell into pain all of a sudden.
“I’ll give you the opportunity. You should go to set fire now. Remember to put a little more gasoline and make the fire bigger. That kind of garbage square should be burned!”
Li Shidao said fiercely, “Otherwise, I will let someone do it now. But he was sitting in the car at this time. If a bomb was thrown over and he came under his car, what would you say about him? I look forward to such a picture appearing. It!”
“Don’t!!” Yvette’s eyes are red, so Chuck will definitely die.
“Don’t just do what I say!”
Yvette struggled, and soon she was ashamed, “Remember your words, give Chuck a month!”
Yvette turned and walked outside, and the sadness in her heart caused tears in her eyes.
Yvette went out, Li Shidao sat on the sofa, “Come here!”
Someone came in and saw Li Shidao’s leg injury and hurriedly knelt down to deal with it. Li Shidao looked at it like this. He took out his mobile phone to call and asked to follow Chuck’s situation, and soon he smiled, “There is a good show I read…”
Yvette walked out of the villa, tears flowing out of tears, she left here, and someone followed, she felt that Yvette took out her mobile phone, but Chuck’s phone was still unreachable, or was interrupted, Yvette Tears came out, “Husband, I’m sorry you…”

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