My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 370

Yolanda just got off work, she received a call from the security guard of the square, saying that the square was on fire, she panicked and shocked.
She manages the square, and she knows the facilities of the whole square clearly, letting people check it once every few days, Yolanda is afraid that such a thing will happen!
The first reaction she received from this call was that someone set fire!
She had just returned home and was ready to take a bath and sleep. After receiving this call, she hurried out and drove to the square!
Because she was so close, she saw the black smoke billowing up from the sky, and she froze.
She got off the bus and a woman ran inside!
This time is early morning!
There was no one on the street, but suddenly there was a fire. Someone immediately took photos and videos to spread the circle of friends!
A few of Lara’s classmates saw this amazing picture just after playing from elsewhere.
A few of them laughed.
“Wow, it’s on fire!”
“Hurry up and send a circle of friends to like it!!”
Several classmates take photos, videos, and upload circle of friends! They are gloating!
The title is shocked, the city square caught fire in the middle of the night! Dead!
Classmates comment soon What is the situation?
The nickname caught fire!
The garbage plaza of the city square must be an unsafe facility! Just caught fire, don’t go anymore!
Fortunately, I feel that the city square is very good. The former school HuaYolanda is still a manager there!
Really! Isn’t Yolanda unemployed this time? ?
Haha, may be fired, let’s team up to comfort her!
Haha, well, count me one!

“Cousin, what about my pajamas?” Lara came out of the bathroom and wiped her hair.
Envious of Charlotte, he said, “Hey, can you put on your clothes after showering?
What are you showing off?”
Lara’s figure is so good. For Charlotte, a skinny beauty, she is really envious of vomiting blood. They are all relatives. Why is there such a big difference? Charlotte was frustrated.
Lara grinned, “How can you show off?”
“Here you, put it on quickly, hate to die.” Charlotte lost her pajamas and Lara smiled and put on next.
After blowing her hair, she lay on the sofa and opened WeChat to send a message to Chuck, but Chuck hadn’t returned in a long time, and Lara pouted, “When will I take care of me?”
Lara said he was disappointed. He was very disappointed. Chuck didn’t return because of the message, but he also had great expectations. What if Chuck returned?
She quit boringly and looked at the circle of friends, and soon she saw a good man sent, the city square caught fire…
She widened her eyes and clicked to see that the square was on fire and the smoke was billowing…
“Cousin, cousin.” Lara was shocked.
“What are you doing? I’m going to sleep.” Charlotte was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. She was going to work tomorrow, and she was exhausted.
“The city square caught fire, Chuck’s square caught fire,” Lara jumped out of bed and hurriedly dressed.
Charlotte sat up in shock, “What are you talking about?”
Fire in the city square? What’s happening here?
“Quick, let’s go to the square!” Lara was dressed, Charlotte was shocked, and she hurriedly put on her clothes. The two of them ran out in a hurry to stop the car.
“Will Chuck be inside? Chuck’s square is burning,” Lara was anxious. She was not worried about her store because it didn’t burn there, but the square was Chuck’s!
“I don’t know,” Charlotte was anxious. “Master, please hurry up.”

Murong Qing was asleep, she was dreaming, and dreamed of a scene, she was meeting in the office, Chuck rushed in, in front of everyone, put herself that, she resisted in the dream, but Chuck like a beast, did not stop at all .
Murong Qing opened her eyes, and she sat up angrily, “What are you doing?”
She rubbed her hair angrily. She couldn’t fall asleep and turned around, when did Chuck invite herself to dinner?
Murong Qing was tangled, looking at the ceiling and wondering what to do.
Suddenly, the phone rang. She glanced at it and was not ready to answer it, because what time was it? It’s more than two in the morning.
But Murong Qing snorted softly and answered, there was a voice coming out,
“President Murong, something happened in the city square.”
Murong Qing immediately sat up, “Hurry, what happened?”
She got out of bed and dressed.
“It caught fire,”
“Fire? What’s going on?” Murong Qing was anxious.
“I don’t know, it just caught fire suddenly.”
“Then don’t you help fire?”
Murong Qing hung up the phone, ran out after getting dressed, “Chuck, what are you doing. Your square caught fire!!!”
The same thing happened to Zelda. She was insomnia. Her mother called and asked her to take her boyfriend Chuck back. Otherwise, she came over to find herself. Zelda was in trouble and had trouble Zhang. She can’t do it, I don’t know how to speak!
She simply sat up. Suddenly, her cell phone rang. She looked puzzled and answered. Three seconds later, she froze. “What? Fire? I came over immediately!”
Zelda put on his clothes and ran out.

Betty drove Chuck to the square when he drove. Chuck got off and saw a blazing fire on the first floor. It had burned about one-fifth of the place and suffered heavy losses!
Twenty off-road vehicles stopped behind the car. Hundreds of people rushed over with fire-fighting tools. Someone called the police and firefighting was also on the way.
Chuck carried a fire extinguisher, and Betty stopped Chuck, “Master, don’t go, it’s too dangerous,”
“This is my hard work.” Chuck red eyes.
“Master, I know it’s your hard work, but it’s too dangerous. Li will always buy you ten, one hundred, one thousand squares. She doesn’t want you to be in trouble.”
Betty was very serious.
This is true. In this case, as long as Chuck says, there are as many squares as there are squares.
Karen Lee would agree without hesitation.
Chuck’s heartache, Li Shidao! Chuck vowed to find this person!
“Master, don’t worry, I will find this arsonist now!” Betty’s look was particularly cold, and she immediately started to mobilize satellite monitoring.
At the same time, in the large villa, Li Shidao held a red wine glass in hand and looked at a picture on the screen. He smiled. What would you look like when Yi Nan set fire? I guess, you will turn your face with Yvette, don’t let me down, because I think Yvette!”
Li Shidao watched the fire in the square getting bigger and bigger, he smiled more happily.
On the side of Chuck, Yolanda ran over, “Chuck, I’m sorry, I have no defense…”
Chuck saw Yolanda’s disgraced face. She went in to save the fire. Chuck shook her head. “It’s not your reason.”
Yolanda knows, is it really someone else who set fire? She felt so distressed when she saw such a big fire.
Because of this square, she also used too much thought on it, and now it is going to be ruined.
“Sister Li, who found this person who set fire?” Chuck asked, and Betty had not found it yet. “Wait a minute, Master, I will find this person who set fire, I will catch it!”
Chuck is silent, his eyes are cold, this person is really looking for death!
At this time, the fire truck came and many firefighters came down to fight the fire.
The scene was particularly chaotic, but Yolanda said that there was no one on the scene and there should be no casualties.
Many people came to watch in the middle of the night.
Chuck kept staring like this, he suddenly saw a person, Chuck hurried over,
“Wifey, why are you here?”
Seeing Yvette here is really too unexpected for Chuck. This is where Yvette received the information and ran from afar.
Chuck was moved. Yvette was so good. He was still concerned about himself so late. Chuck walked over and hugged her. Yvette’s body was shaking.
“Wifey, you wait for me to go back to rest first, it’s okay,” Chuck felt Yvette’s trembling body and thought she was cold.
“I…” Yvette was terrified. When she reached her mouth, she couldn’t say it, because when she said it, Chuck would be angry, would break up with herself, and would never call her wife again.
“What’s wrong with my wife?” Chuck was worried. When she released Yvette, she saw tears in her eyes. Chuck felt distressed, “Wifey, what’s wrong with you?”
“Hubby, it’s me.” Yvette shed tears.

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