My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 369

“Master, we may be in trouble!”
Betty’s alertness made her feel something was wrong.
When she was driving, she habitually looked at the rearview mirror. Although she didn’t forget to look at it, she found that a car followed her very frequently, which was not right!
In fact, two people have been chatting in the car just now.
Betty saw Chuck’s loss, and she also wanted to comfort.
So at first she didn’t pay attention, but now she noticed.
When Chuck heard Betty say so seriously, he of course turned around and looked at it. There were not many cars in the back, and Chuck could not see anything.
“Master, that car.” Betty pointed her finger.
Chuck stared.
“Master, please give me a call.” Betty said.
Chuck didn’t understand why Betty did this, but still took out his mobile phone and gave him to Yvette. All his thoughts at this time were Yvette.
But I can’t get out, what is the situation?
Chuck tried again, it was the same, just couldn’t get out, there was a clear signal, Chuck tried other people’s numbers, directly hit Betty’s, but still couldn’t get out.
“Sister Li, you can’t fight,” Chuck was surprised.
“Well, we were disturbed by the lock signal,” Bettymei’s eyes have cooled down.
Are you so brazen to start?
“It’s my cousin, Li Shidao made people do it?” Chuck analyzed, who else would do it?
Didn’t expect this Li Shidao to act on himself so quickly?
“Well.” Bettymei stared at the car behind.
“What should I do?” Chuck never encountered such a situation, but Chuck felt he should speed up and hurry back to the night hotel.
How to say, there are many mothers in the hotel.
“Young Master, don’t worry, I will protect the younger master well,” Betty is relatively calm. In such a situation, she has encountered too many, there is nothing terrible, but Betty is worried about Chuck.
Ordinary mobile phones will definitely be disturbed, but Betty has satellite mobile phones, which can be called directly to call people over.
If it is usual, Betty must have dragged the car directly, but Chuck is in the car, she must ensure Chuck’s safety!
Betty took out her mobile phone and called the hotel over to call everyone out.
Chuck’s safety must be guaranteed!
But as soon as she hit out, she found that following the car behind and left sharply, Betty froze.
Chuck was also surprised to see this scene.
What are these people doing?
“Sister Li, they…” Chuck dumbfounded.
“Master, Li Shidao is very deep in the city. Your mother’s assessment is that this person is very perverted and he likes to play.” Betty was wary, her speed accelerated.
“Love to play? What to play?” Chuck was surprised.
“Play with people.”
“No, he thinks people are his toys, so, in the eyes of Li Shidao, Master, you too…”
Betty stopped, she said later that she was not easy to say.
“I’m also his toy?” Chuck touched his nose. Is this person perverted? What fun is he?
Chuck doesn’t understand this.
“What fun do I have?” Chuck didn’t understand.
“So your thoughts are not normal, Master Li, you have made your heart a little harder, just to deal with these people.”
Chuck understands that this kind of person thinks that he is superior. Chuck doesn’t understand the ideas of these people. Chuck thinks that playing with women is the idea of normal men. Playing with men? This. . Chuck told the truth, creepy!
“Now that Li Shidao suddenly let people leave, is this playing with me?” Chuck thought of this, is this scaring himself?
Chuck was not scared.
“This is possible, young master, I will take you back to the hotel first, and then you take a good bath and sleep peacefully. It’s alright, I will protect the young master,”
Betty was very serious.
“Well, thank you Sister Li,”
Betty drove Chuck to the Yeye Hotel and entered the parking lot. Betty’s heart was stable. She personally protected Chuck into the room where he usually lived. She took out her mobile phone to make a call. Soon, there was a knock outside. The door sounded, Betty went to open the door.
At the door were ten men in black suits.
Well trained!
“Starting today, all of you will begin to protect the young master!” Betty said, she would still protect Chuck personally, but in case, just double protection is required.
Betty closed the door, the family’s elite team, Karen Lee returned to China this time, brought hundreds of people, all nearby! Several hundred people can appear on a phone call.
After completing these preparations, Betty was relieved. She began to check the location of Li Shidao. He came to China, so where would he be?
Betty couldn’t figure out Li Shidao’s idea. She wanted to discuss with Chuck.
When she got to the door of the room, she was about to knock on the door. She found Chuck’s door didn’t seem to be closed. The door opened with a squeak.
Betty froze, and Chuck walked around the room naked. Is this going to take a shower?
Betty’s face was red, and she hurriedly closed the door. “Sorry young master!”
Chuck was forced, he remembered that the door was clearly closed!
This is also relatively speechless, he is a big man, actually let Betty see through, but Chuck does not matter, “It’s okay, Sister Li, what are you going to say?”
“It’s nothing. Master, take a bath and sleep, and sleep peacefully,” Betty blushed.
This is Master!
Chuck didn’t care about going to the bath, but when taking a shower, Chuck thought it was still a bit of an idea, how to say, lonely and widowed, so personal protection, plus Chuck caught her twice before, plus Betty called herself Young master.
Men are all satisfied, and the woman is called young master, which means that this woman is very obedient.
Coupled with Betty’s accidental collision just now, Chuck’s moment, in fact, is a bit, pushing the boat down the river and thinking about Betty.
Then Betty will call Master’s obedient obedient, or refuse?
Chuck is more curious. Men all have some kind of stimulating thoughts. Chuck is no exception, of course, but Chuck dare not take action. In case Betty calls her mother to complain. . Finished.
Chuck dispelled this stimulating thought and rested in the bath.
Betty calmed down and started calling to continue to find Li Shidao’s position, but she had no clue. She was rather helpless. She sat on the sofa with her eyes closed and was ready to take a rest.
However, at this time, she received a call, and soon she stood up, “What? I’ll come over immediately!”
“Master, Master!” Betty anxiously opened the door again, and she froze, because Chuck just came out of the bathroom, she didn’t wear anything, and took a bath towel to wipe her hair.
This time Chuck was embarrassed. Betty watched it twice in succession. What happened?
Fortunately, it was the last time Chuck caught her twice.
Betty, embarrassed, did not show an expression on her face as much as possible, but blushed and betrayed her, “Sorry young master, please dress well, something went wrong.”
Betty turned around.
When Chuck heard Betty say this, of course he quickly put on his clothes, and if nothing happened, Betty wouldn’t break in like this.
Chuck quickly got dressed and came over, “Sister Li, what happened?”
“The square is on fire,” Betty said solemnly.
Chuck’s face sank. The last time the Luya milk tea shop was poisoned, the impact was resolved. At this time, it caught fire?
Li Shidao! Li Shidao! !
Chuck shot a murderous opportunity!
“Take me to the square.” Chuck said.
“Okay, young master,” Betty and Chuck went out, but there was someone standing at the door. Betty ordered, “All the people called, bring the fire-fighting tools, and go to the square of the master!!”
“Yes!” These ten people ran down immediately!
Chuck and Betty arrived at the parking lot. Betty drove and took Chuck to the square at the fastest speed.
A minute later, the hotel parking lot went out of twenty off-road vehicles, all following behind the Baili car, so spectacular the scene, let the people on the street marvel!
Chuck is anxious in his heart. The square has too much meaning for Chuck. This is Chuck’s first entrepreneurial project. In the past few months, Chuck has spent too much effort on the square. This Li Shidao actually Dare to set fire!
“Master, Li Shidao won’t do it by himself, so I will find the arsonist with all my strength, how to deal with this person?” Betty’s face was cold!
“Kill!” Chuck said coldly, dare to move his own square, no one can do it!
Soon, Chuck saw a place where black smoke rose from the sky, it was his square!

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