My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 372

“Do not let go.” Chuck said.
It is true that Yvette beat himself for the first time. Yvette was five years older than himself. According to his age, he was a sister, and it was normal for her sister to beat her brother.
But from small to big, Yvette was not willing to fight at first. Chuck wanted to do anything. She agreed. She embraced Chuck at night. She was willing, but at the age of 16, Yvette’s mentality changed. Chuck never wanted to be herself at night, and her mentality changed.
She began to hate Chuck, but even if she hated it, she didn’t want to play Chuck in her heart.
Now Yvette is playing, Chuck is not sad, but she just feels that Yvette is under too much pressure. She didn’t mean it just now.
“Do not let me beat you again!” Yvette raised her hand, she was about to hit her hand on Chuck’s face, her heart is a struggling husband, you hurry.
Yvette’s hand was caught, Yvette was relieved, Betty shot.
She protects Chuck personally, but can Zhang Ze be beaten like this, just once is enough, and want to fight a second time?
Betty can’t see this happen.
“Yvette, you are enough,” Betty said.
Betty’s strength was so great that she grabbed Yvette’s hand and shocked her.
Yvette couldn’t control herself and fell to the ground. She was kicked by Li Shidao just a few times. The pain and tears Heart split lung.
Betty was surprised that she didn’t use much energy. Why couldn’t Yvette get up?
“Wifey,” Chuck squatted down to help her, “Wifey, Sister Li was not intentional,”
“Not intentionally, who is she? Who am I? You know.”
Yvette opened Chuck with her hand. She climbed up and turned away. The back was lonely.
Chuckchai, he is distressed!
“You don’t care!” Yvette bit her lip and ran into the crowd of onlookers. Chuck went in to look for it, and was very anxious in his heart, but Yvette disappeared into the crowd. Chuck couldn’t find anything. When he arrived, Chuck was in the crowd, and it was no use worrying.
There were many onlookers in the crowd.
They are shocked!
Not shocked by others, but shocked that Chuck could actually embrace Yvette?
You know, who didn’t know the teacher Yvette from the previous school? The goddess of many students, the dream lover, just left this semester, disappointing many boys throughout the school!
Just now Chuck embraced Yvette’s picture. Someone shot it and sent it to the circle of friends again!
Shock! !
Immediately caught the school circle!
Many students comment in the middle of the night Right? Chuck, the hanging man actually embraced my goddess? ?
Shocked, did Chuck chase Yvette? In the video, I heard that Chuck called Yvette’s wife. Yvette didn’t refuse. Is this true?
I think it should be true. Everyone can’t remember. At the end of Teacher Yvette, he often helped Chuck to talk. Mom, then the two were together? No wonder Mrs.
Yvette stopped teaching this year.
My goodness! Chuck? , What are the advantages? Why both of the big school flowers are looking for Chuck, and even Yvette has been conquered by him now, is that envious!
Haha, what do you envy, did you not see Teacher Yvette playing Chuck? The two of them must have broken up, and the dangsi man will take the pick!
I am coming too!
The circle of friends is hot again, which is even more hot than the square just fired, because the square has something to do with them, they will watch a lively, but Yvette is the goddess, which is related to them.
Du Xinye saw the fire in the city square, he smiled, and he was very happy, Chuck you luck! Who made you sleep Ouyang Fei?
And Ouyang Fei also saw the fire in the square through the circle of friends. She sneered, “Your square is on fire, it must be scrapped. This time it is even less than Du Xinye. Who told you not to like me? It deserves!! ”
Ouyang Fei repeatedly watched this video and felt that the more she watched, the more happy she was, she wanted to go to the scene to mock Chuck.
At the same time, Li Shidao saw such a scene, he smiled and felt very happy, so it is fun to play like this! He thought his idea was awesome.
Just a month? Will you spare Chuck for a month? It doesn’t matter, what kind of person, how about one year? Isn’t it garbage, can garbage grow? No!
The fire was extinguished, and many students found it boring, and the crowd slowly dispersed, but it was Zelda who arrived, Murong Qing, Lara, and Charlotte.
They felt distressed when they saw the square.
Zelda’s restaurant just opened, and it became like this. She didn’t think it was a problem. The square she loved Chuck became like this. The square finally became like this now.
Murong Qing was particularly angry. Who did this? Who set the fire? When she hurried over, she saw Chuck standing in a place without a soul. Murong Qing wanted to comfort him in the past. The square caught fire. Was he particularly sad?
Certainly yes, otherwise it won’t be like this.
“Young Master.” Betty walked past, she just found a detail, that is, when Yvette was set on fire, there seemed to be tears on his face, why?
“Sister Li.” Chuck sighed and was about to drive to find Yvette. At this time, she must have gone back.
After all, her mother Yan Li is still there!
Chuck is going to find her.
“Master, I think Yvette should not set fire because of President Li’s reasons,” Betty analyzed. Karen Lee’s evaluation of Yvette is still very high, with a high talent, strong willpower, and, to himself Loved ones will be fine.
In this case, even though Yvette had to deal with Karen Lee, how could he take the innocent Chuck?
Also, she just watched the scene just now. When Yvette left, it seemed that someone had left at the same time. What does that mean? It means that Yvette may be controlled by whom, so he did this.
Betty analyzed here, and suddenly thought of a person, Li Shidao!
He likes to play people, so did he threaten Yvette and let Yvette come to set fire?
“Sister Li, what you said is true?” Chuck also wanted to understand that Yvette had to deal with his mother, but how could he be angry?
“Well, when I pushed to Yvette just now, I found that she couldn’t stand up. I didn’t use any force at all. The only explanation was that Yvette was injured just now.
Maybe Yvette saw Li Shidao before setting fire. Li Shidao threatened her with you, let her come to set fire, and let you break with Yvette, then Li Shidao would find the pervert interesting.” Betty said.
She analyzed these by herself and felt that Li Shidao’s idea was too disgusting!
Chuck felt sad. Just now she was angry with Yvette. She must have been very sad just now.
“I’m going to drive to Yvette.” Chuck was anxious. He didn’t want to do anything at this time, just wanted to hug Yvette and said sorry.
When Yvette was forced to set fire, it must have been particularly desperate.
So her emotions broke out just now!
“Then here.” Betty hesitated, the fire in the square was extinguished, all the things she brought were cleaning the scene, the fire caused great damage to the square!
“Yolanda!” Chuck shouted, Yolanda ran over.
“Immediately contact the person to clean up and repair. In three days, I want the square to be restored!” Chuck said!
“Good.” Yolanda will immediately contact, as long as it is rich, then everything is not a problem, find dozens of decoration teams to come, three days and nights are enough.
Chuck and Betty drive! The scene was handed over to Yolanda, and she has called to start contacting the decoration team.
The people at the scene were almost dispersed and burned so badly that this square is considered abandoned, and there will be no city square in the future!
Zelda hesitated, and Murong Qing also hesitated, but in the end no one chased it.
In this case, Chuck needs to calm down!
Lara and Charlotte did not pass.
Zelda and Murong Qing looked at each other, and neither of them spoke. Murong Qing turned away and took out his mobile phone. “Find me the best decoration team to come to the city square. I want the city square to look new in three days!”
Betty drove very fast, because Chuck was in a hurry! When he arrived at the place where Yvette lived, Chuck opened the door and ran down. He wanted to tell Yvette not to be threatened by others for himself, but also to tell Yvette that he loved her.

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