My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 387

Chuck saw Li Shidao, he was still laughing.
Such a smile, Chuck is too annoying, this person threatens Yvette, Chuck will never let him go!
“Sister Li, let everyone be ready to come in. I want to make him unable to escape!”
Chuck said coldly.
“It’s a young master!” Betty took out her mobile phone and told the outsiders that these people were all elites of the family. They were all trained by Karen Lee.
They were all well-trained. As long as Chuck ordered, he would definitely In ten seconds, all rushed in!
The phone is still in communication, and outsiders are waiting for Chuck’s order!
Betty is like a big enemy. This Li Shidao’s fighting is particularly powerful. Betty has never seen it, but feels that there should be no big difference from Karen Lee.
Due to the end of the auction, many people started to leave the scene, and a small number of people stopped here reluctantly.
Chuck’s cross-eyed eyes directly hit Li Shidao!
The results are to be separated today!
“Everyone went out!” Chuck said coldly, these slow people, too obstructed.
“What? Everyone went out? Who do you think you are?” Some Ballers screamed in exasperation!
In front of yourself, there are still such rampant people? ?
“I thought it would be great to take a picture, right?” Others are dissatisfied. Who are they? They are all invited. Are you an organizer? Why should you let someone out?
The people left on the scene, with a lot of anger, all pointed to Chuck. They are rich people, but they have never been driven out on this occasion!
Murong Qing was surprised, how could Chuck let others go out? What is he doing?
She came over, “What are you doing?”
She didn’t say anything. Suddenly she heard footsteps and many people in suits came in.
She was shocked, what is this situation? In a matter of seconds, hundreds of people came in!
The person who still scolded Chuck just now stopped talking. People are afraid of death. They saw that the young man was a little capable.
“Don’t you go out yet?” Chuck’s voice sounded again.
These people immediately went out obediently, and some ran out.
The atmosphere at the scene was frozen, and Murong Qing was shocked, “What are you doing?”
Chuck has been staring at a man, is this a fight? It must be!
“You go out too,” Chuck looked at her, his voice soft.
Murong Qing bit his lip, “whatever you want,”
She swayed her long legs and walked outside. So many people, she had nothing to worry about. She was going to check out.
“It’s such a big situation, it seems that you are very afraid of me,” Li Shidao smiled slightly, and he looked so calm, knowing that he was only one person! With so many people in the audience, he still didn’t change his face!
Chuck walked over and Betty followed him to protect him.
When Chuck approached, everyone also narrowed the encirclement, and surrounded this Li Shidao group. The average person was already scared of urine, but Li Shidao was still drinking. Chuck stared at him, even if he was as powerful as his mother, But it’s impossible. Have you played more than 100 well-trained people?
What’s more, there is Betty!
Chuck was sitting in front of Li Shidao. This man was about seven or eight years older than himself, but that kind of calmness, really Chuck admitted that he could not reach it. This requires great strength!
“Do you dare to play a game with you?” Li Shidao smiled.
“I don’t like to play games, I like to hit people.” Chuck stared at him, and the people around Li Shidao immediately approached, this is the atmosphere of siege!
“So, you are similar to my hobby, and I like to beat people,” Li Shidao said.
Chuck didn’t want to talk nonsense with him. What game did Li Shidao say, Chuck was not interested, and he stood up, “Sister Li, scrap me for me!”
“Yes, young master!” Bettybo burst into tears, tearing the dress, this dress is too hindering her, this is a pair of perfect long legs.
Chuck went to the background to swipe his card to check out, but Li Shidao smiled, “Really when I’m not prepared at all?”
Chuck stopped, Betty found something, she was shocked, “Master!”
Betty blocked Chuck. Puff, a fiery bullet hit Betty’s shoulder, Chuck was shocked, gun?
Blood spurted out and dyed Betty’s dress, Betty yelled, “Everyone is around, protect the young master!”
Everyone at the scene came to Chuckwei, and they used their bodies to block Chuck.
Chuck was anxious. Betty was shot. If it wasn’t for her, the person who shot was definitely himself.
“Sister Li, are you okay?” Chuck fired in his heart, where did Li Shidao get the gun from?
But Chuck knew the reason why he kept laughing.
“It’s okay, young master, be careful, there are snipers!” Betty’s experience told her that there are definitely snipers!
“Haha, it’s worthy of Karen Lee’s confidant. Yes, but there is Black Rose, the world’s first killer, why didn’t Karen Lee tell you?” Li Shidao sneered.
Betty followed the trajectory of the gun shot, she saw it, and found that there was a beautiful blonde woman on the opposite side. She stood up majesticly with a sniper rifle in her hand.
“Master, be careful, this black rose is a hundred shots!” Betty warned.
Of course, Chuck knew that the gunshot hit someone, either dead or injured. Today he has seen it.
“But Betty, you made me waste half a million dollars, because a bullet for a black rose is half a million dollars. I’m going to give Chuck the first half a million dollars. You can enjoy it, even if it is next time. Don’t argue with Chuck, because if you fight, you will die.” Li Shidao laughed.
Of course, Betty knows that this black rose is the first killer, and it cost her 10 million dollars to find her. Since her debut, she has only missed three times. One time is a family controller of the United States. The other is Karen Lee, black rose.
Kill Karen Lee twice, both missed.
But I didn’t expect that Black Rose actually followed Li Shidao now!
“This game, Chuck, you play the best, you have to play without it, you can’t help you!” Li Shidao said with a sneer. He came here, it was really boring, came and walked, and had to play games.
This is his fun.
“What do you want to play?” Chuck is not afraid. This black rose shot must be the same thing, but this time, what’s the use?
“What to play? Just play you will die within five days, what do you think?” Li Shidao smiled slightly.
Chuck’s face was ugly. He didn’t have as good an observation ability as Betty. He didn’t find where the black rose in his mouth was. But if this black rose really had a dark gun, then nothing could possibly hide.
“Dare you dare to kill the young master?” Betty was exasperated. This is her bottom line. At this time, Li Shidao actually stepped on her bottom line to kill the young master!
“I don’t kill him, what am I doing here?” Li Shidao asked back.
“I won’t let you kill the young master!” Betty said.
“This can’t help you, how is it, Chuck, is this game fun?” Li Shidao can’t wait to see Chuck’s kneeling begging for mercy, it must be very interesting.
“If I didn’t die in five days.” Chuck asked, he was still fearless. If he could kill Li Shidao in five days? Then you don’t have to die.
“This? Is this possible? I haven’t thought about it yet, and I don’t think so, so you will definitely die in five days. Think about it, not counting today, let you live one more night, I’m good to you Right?” Li Shidao smiled slightly, as if he was very kind.
Betty’s face is ugly. If this is the case, then the black rose is so powerful, maybe tomorrow he will find a place to fight against Chuck. How should Chuck hide? Black Rose’s gun is a hundred shots, not to mention that she not only uses the gun, but also has all the methods to kill people.
Karen Lee is not in China at this time, so how should I protect the young master?
Betty’s mind is full of thinking in this regard, and he can’t let the young master be in trouble if he dies.
“Enjoy life, you haven’t been in a few days, how long you can live, all depends on the mood of the black rose, she is in a good mood, let you live to the fifth day, the mood is not good, after tonight, let you die tomorrow OK.” Li Shidao smiled. He thinks this game is very interesting. Why is Chuck not happy at all? There is really no game spirit, Li Shidao mocked.

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