My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 388

“Then I’m leaving now, should no one stop me? It’s okay, I still gave a bullet of half a million dollars. Anything is fine. Does anyone want it?” Li Shidao said with a smile, this kind of compassion Heart, irritated everyone present!
They were all trained by Karen Lee personally, and they will protect Chuck! At this time, Li Shidao actually wanted to kill the young master! Within five days!
This is torture the young master! !
“Go to you!”
A bloody big man rushed up, Li Shidao sneered, bang! At the moment when the big man moved, a bullet came relentlessly from a place!
Boom! Blood shot out!
The big man fell to the ground with cold sweat, extremely painful, he was shot in the leg.
Li Shidao glanced at him and waved his hand unwillingly, “Don’t come out like this kind of garbage, waste my half a million dollars, Chuck, and enjoy the last five days.”
Li Shidao is leaving!
“Master, let us kill him! We are not afraid of death!!”
“Yes, Master, we are not afraid of death!!”
These people around Chuck roared!
Chuck looked at them. He could see the black rose outside. It was possible to shoot ten bullets in one second. How could more than a hundred people, bare hands, be hit by this black rose?
The gun is a gun, and the human body can never be carried.
“Young Master.” Betty’s face was pale. She was shot and hurt. But it didn’t matter.
She had to protect Chuck.
Chuck shook his head. If he couldn’t fight this way, he might be dead or injured in half an instant.
Chuck could feel that the gun outside was so cold.
“It’s still smart. The shot method of Black Rose is unparalleled in the world! No one is an opponent! Whoever moves you, the bullet will be shot into your body!
Can it be carried? Ha ha,” Li Shidao walked out with a smile. suddenly!
He turned his head to stop because there was a gunshot outside.
Chuck heard it, Betty heard it, and everyone else heard it. All the birds were silent! !
Li Shidao’s eyes narrowed. Outside, on the wall where Hei Mei had just stood, there was a trace of a bullet!
Did someone attack the Black Rose with a gun just now?
Li Shidao has a cold heart, who is this person? Can black roses all suffer, this person is definitely not an ordinary person, is it Karen Lee? Impossible, she is still in the United States and has no time to come!
So who is this person? boom!
Another bullet hit the place of the black rose, and the black eyes of the black rose shot a cold light. This person actually found out where he was, which was a bit interesting.
She stood up at once, pulled the trigger, and the bullet hit another place! boom!
The bullet hit the wall, and the black rose and blue eyes stared, because the person opposite was actually a woman.
With a gun in his hand, it was very calm.
Black Rose became interested, and this woman was a little capable, and was able to do some tricks with herself. boom!
A bullet hit the wall next to Li Shidao, and the bullet shot fly ash, Li Shidao didn’t jump his eyes, turned his head and looked, “Oh, I thought who was it, it turned out to be you, it’s been a long time since I saw you, you are getting more and more Beautiful,”
This woman is Logan!
That’s right, it’s her. She knows Li Shidao’s movements and knows more about what he wants to do. So he came here and was really armed!
Chuck saw the outside, and he was touched in his heart. When did Aunt Logan come?
Could it be that Logan has been here, but he doesn’t know?
Betty was also surprised. Why did Logan come?
“I think I want to participate in such a good game,” Logan said.
“Oh, you want to participate, how do you participate?” Li Shidao smiled slightly, indifferently.
“You give Chuck five days, and I also give you five days. I killed you. Is this game fun?” Loganmei’s eyes appeared cold.
“Play with me? Ha ha? Is this a joke?” Li Shidao smiled naturally.
He knows Logan’s strength and can’t deal with himself!
“No, five days, not even today. You can go back and rest now,” Logan said.
Li Shidao frowned, “Black roses, a bullet of half a million dollars, I didn’t restrain you.” boom!
One bullet shot out, Logan squatted down a long time ago, the bullet shot empty, she pointed the muzzle to Black Rose, and the two of them shot like this.
This is a real shootout, a hundred times more dangerous than in the movie!
In a blink of an eye, the two shot each other with more than ten bullets.
The people outside are already ignorant, what is this voice? Firecrackers? ?
Having paid the money, Murong Qing, who got the jade bracelet, came out. She was about to drive away, and suddenly saw a woman in the corner who was beaten up. Wasn’t this the lady who just bid with herself?
Murong Qing felt a little funny, and the mood was much better all at once, this kind of person should do this to her.
Murong Qing was about to leave, and suddenly heard the gunshot, she was stunned, what happened?
Logan is particularly serious. The shot of this black rose is so powerful that she can’t force her to do anything.
Li Shidao smiled.
“Master, we…” Someone seized this opportunity and wanted to shoot Li Shidao.
Chuckgang wanted to speak, thinking it was an opportunity.
Chuck asked them to shoot, but the gun fired again, someone was shot, fell to the ground with pain and hum, Chuck stared at the black rose outside, this woman is too powerful, he immediately made people stop, this black rose will seize the opportunity Put the dark gun.
Li Shidao said indifferently, “Logan, if you want to play games with me, I can accompany you!”
The shootout stopped!
“You can’t accompany you. You will die in five days.” Logan is an outbreak of cold. Li Shidao is so against Chuck, she wants to kill him now, but the black rose’s gun is at Zhang at the same time. Strategy!
If you shoot yourself, then Black Rose will also shoot Chuck. If she is herself, she will bet, but this is related to Chuck, she dare not bet
“Then wait and see!” Li Shidao smiled, “Black Rose, I invite you to drink, let’s go!”
Black Rose stared at Logan and said in English, “Don’t mess up, otherwise I will kill you first!”
Logan didn’t move.
“Relax, she is not willing to kill me, let’s go! After drinking today, then you will have to work, remember, five days.” Li Shidao went outside, Chuck stared at him!
Li Shidao left safely, as did the Black Rose.
Chuck asked the people who were shot to go to the hospital first. They didn’t need to go to the hospital. They had a professional team of doctors.
Chuckde asked people to immediately take out the bullets on Betty’s body. Logan brought a box and the gun was inside.
“Aunt Logan.” Chuck moved to the extreme, he wanted to hug Logan, but too many people, she should not be willing.
“Cer, are you okay?” Logan cared.
“It’s okay, but Sister Li.” Chuck saw Betty’s blood flow so much, Logan immediately took out the dagger, gave the needle, first anesthetized Betty, and then Logan took out the bullet for Betty, thanking the process is cumbersome However, Logan was too skilled and completed it quickly.
Betty’s face recovered a little, at least it didn’t hurt so much.
“Cer, Betty will protect you, and you must be careful.” Logan carried the suitcase, she was going to follow Li Shidao, otherwise it would be difficult to kill him in five days. If Li Shidao was killed soon, then Zhang The policy is safe, Logan must take the risk. For Chuck.
Just for him.
“Aunt Logan, what are you going to do?” Chuck pulled Logan away, Logan’s expression was very serious, Logan smiled slightly, “I’m going to kill, Ceer, stay with me, I won’t let you have a problem.”
“Don’t go, it’s very dangerous!” Chuck certainly won’t let it. How could a dangerous person like Li Shidao be killed so easily? Chuck did not believe in Logan, but worried about Logan.
If Logan is in trouble, Chuck will feel guilty for a lifetime.
“Cer, well, I’m going to kill Li Shidao, and you will be safe,” Logan said softly.
She is really like that, a simple good boy. Don’t want to be yourself?
“Aunt Logan, don’t go first,” Chuck felt that Loganfei had to do this, so he had to think long, otherwise it would be easy to have an accident.
“Okay, anyway, the game will start tomorrow. I haven’t played the game for a long time, but Ceer is assured that I will protect you when I play the game,” Logan smiled slightly, charming.

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